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  1. Half A Man came out with a different flip on Verve, the value is for the You're Lookin Good side, only on the Utopia label 45, AFAIK.
  2. I don't pretend to be a heavy dealer in soul records but I do try to keep on top of the market, as well as collect on my own, living in the US. Over the past 6 months, give or take, I am surprised at the number of standard, generally available soul records - from someone living in the US -that are getting auctioned by Manship and the other continuously active soul websites. Mary Wells and James Carr for two examples here. These are not rare by any measurement, nor do they have any kind of weird DJ frenzy price hikes (like "Salvation") happening. I'm sure the reason must be that these sites are not getting the heavy records I would have figured to be the typical auction records (Shrine 45s, etc) and in order to keep running consistent auctions, have to offer something. For me, the 'wow' factor is really dying out quickly and I find myself paying less and less attention and more attention to keeping up with stuff for sale here directly (and on Facebook).
  3. Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you - Spar, US original, see pic with Nashville stamp. Looks G+ to VG-, plays OK with an occasional light pop, $290 HOLD Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On / She Don't Want You - RCA 8980, demo/promo, VG-, plays OK with no serious scratches, listen to sound files. Label is a bit dirty, haven't tried cleaning it - $110 + postage from US SOLD Le Sabres - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag / My Girl - Rex no # - garage soul version of JB and Temps classics from Portland, OR - G, beat but playable, label tear and writing, get a record that is not common outside of the US west coast. $20 Sound file for Herbert - Sound file for Lorraine Sound file for Lorraine Sound file for Le Sabres
  4. This seller has quantity. I believe if you offer $800-$900 they would accept your offer. Will try to get one myself if I get some extra $
  5. Not that it is of relevance to me here in the US, but I would say that more garage type records (Aquamen, Strangeloves) that are not soul records at all will be brought into the DJ scenes in the UK and Europe. Get ready for more guitars.....
  6. Herbert Hunter reduced to $310
  7. Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you - Spar, US original, see pic with Nashville stamp. Looks G+ to VG-, plays OK with an occasional light pop, $310 Jimmy Jones - 39-21-40 Shape - Bell demo, VG, a little scuffed not scratched, plays fine, $50 SOLD $13 for one/two record postage added to international from US, paypal F&F, send PM or email Sound file for Herbert -
  8. Etta James - Seven Day Fool - rare white demo - about 200x rarer than the brown stock - nice Ex condition, just a couple light sleeve scuffs, really clean. flip side label has large magic marker X - $150 SOLD
  9. Henry Cosby, the co-writer of "Uptight", is not related to the now infamous Bill Cosby, much to the relief of Henry's family
  10. Group from Columbus, OH, included one or two members of the Royal Esquires ("Ain't Gonna Run"). I can message someone who knew them and get the details.
  11. Rob, yes, it is, will send you a PM
  12. I'm still wanting Jimmy Church, thanks, any chance your friend is back and has the record to sell?
  13. 7th Avenue Avaitors - You Should 'O Held On / Boy Next Door - Congress 255, original, promo, star on right side. Record is scuffy and dirty, "You.." plays fine after a little noise in intro, "Boy.." has some noise, G+/VG- $950 NOW SOLD PM or email Sound files
  14. Here's a recent sale, might be some help on the price
  15. Hello Howard, if you're still around here, could you tell me about the Betty Brewton record on Sue? You and Mel wrote both sides "Heavy Heavy Loving" and "Pershing Square". Was she from Toledo as well? The songs were copyrighted in 1968. I will also send you a message, thanks!