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  1. George G

    SAN Francisco

    Been discussed, here's a thread https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/383297-soulrb-nights-in-san-francisco/?tab=comments#comment-100011370
  2. George G

    US 60's Garage bands

    The Shades of Darkness were from Dunkirk, NY, on Lake Erie SW of Buffalo, NY
  3. George G

    US 60's Garage bands

    Regarding the Rare Breed and Ohio Express - The Rare Breed band did record BB&S first, released on the Attack label, which was a national distributed label but did not have the promotional strength of the larger labels. Some months after it was released, the producers (Kasenetz and Katz) wanted to give it another try. The Rare Breed were not interested in promoting it so they went looking for another band to use who would be able to play live, etc. They asked the manager of the Music Explosion, who had just scored a big hit with "Little Bit O' Soul" (produced by K&K) if he knew another band that could take the place of the Rare Breed - so a band named Sir Timothy and the Royals, from the same city (Mansfield, Ohio) were renamed the Ohio Express and the same recording by the Rare Breed was re-released on Cameo with the Ohio Express name. Later, a studio band (again produced by K&K) with Joey Levine as lead singer would cut songs and have them released as the "Ohio Express", while the Ohio Express band would do the live appearances, with band members trying to emulate Levine's vocals.
  4. George G

    Imperial Wonders, etc

    BUMP - still looking for these
  5. George G

    Three wanted

    Looking for good playing copies of these Donald Ray and Solid Sound - I Think About Love Appointments - Stepping Closer Sonny and Mary Reed - Look Into My Mind thanks!
  6. El Corols - Chick Chick - great copy, has one scuff that does not affect play, otherwise really clean VG+, check out sound file, $1000https://buckeyebeat.com/records/elcorols_cc.mp3 MVPs - Turnin' My Heartbeat Up - rare issue copy with Every Man For Herself on the flip. Unfortunately this copy has a couple serious marks that make loud pops - but it plays through. About VG- overall. $470 Hear the sound fileshttps://buckeyebeat.com/records/mvps_hb.mp3https://buckeyebeat.com/records/mvps_every.mp3 Johnny Summers - I'm Still Yours - VG- with a label tear as you can see in the pic. A little ballpoint pen writing on the other side. Plays with minor noise as you can hear $340https://buckeyebeat.com/records/jsummers.mp3 Shipping from US, paypal as friend or add 4%, thanks!
  7. George G

    Inmates - This is the day

    {SOLD} Inmates - This is the day / Gypsy Heart - records looks scuffed, say VG- (US grading) to be safe, no heavy scratches or loud pops. Record plays with a little noise as you can hear from the sound files. There is some purplish writing on both sides of the label, I tried to show this in the pics. Priced accordingly at $550. Sound files for both sides here: https://buckeyebeat.com/records/inmates_this.mp3 https://buckeyebeat.com/records/inmates_heart.mp3 Pay by Paypal friend/family, $10 postage added to UK/Europe. Must pay within 3 days, thanks.
  8. George G

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Have fun! Nice collection of WBEE, not as many for the others, although I recall seeing a bunch of WVONs somewhere, they were a big station. http://www.las-solanas.com/arsa/station.php?&it=31&s1=-1&q=chicago&ix=19&rs=1320 http://www.las-solanas.com/arsa/station.php?&it=31&s1=-1&q=chicago&ix=9&rs=2055 http://www.las-solanas.com/arsa/station.php?&it=31&s1=-1&q=chicago&ix=8&rs=2248
  9. George G

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Can't believe that no one has mentioned this website, 1000s of surveys here. You don't need to know the stations call letters, just pick a city and find the R&B stations http://www.las-solanas.com/arsa/index.php
  10. George G

    Four Seasons 'The Night' USA 45 release?

    This has been listed in discographies going back to the Stak O Wax books. AFAIK it's never been proved to exist, in some other reference book (the Reg Bartlette Motown one maybe?) it was listed as assigned a number but never pressed. Interesting how these old discographies got these listings for never released 45s. From company logs? Old trade mags? Of course there's always the chance one could surface, like the Jimmy Hart on Blue Rock. However, since Frankie was well known artist on which any record would have got attention, gotta be certain by now that there were none made.
  11. George G

    soul/R&B nights in San Francisco?

    There's events constantly in SF and Oakland. Not sure if you are in SF or 'the bay area' but plenty to do. Silver and Black Soul Club, Alcatraz Soul Club are two more in addition to Sweater Funk. There's a big event the first weekend in June "Break It Loose Bay Area Soul Weekender".
  12. These appear to be the same as the standard versions that came out on real labels. They aren't soul records, they are psych/rock from c. 1969. I think they range from $50 to $100+ for the labelled copies, these would probably go for less.
  13. George G

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    The Chris Montez version of "Call Me" was a huge hit in the US, 1966. I assume that Eddie Bishop was done in response.
  14. George G

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    Rentzel and Joey were married. The song title is almost funny considering he exposed himself to a couple young girls, costing him his marriage but not his football career (although he was traded to another team)


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