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    Obviously soul music & Leeds Utd !
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    When you're gone - Al Hudson & Soul Partners

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  1. Still looking for a copy of Lonnie & Curtis “Here to stay” on Churchill Records. Please pm with condition & price if you have a copy to sell. Cheers, Dave
  2. I assume you’re not interested in selling it ?
  3. I’ve seen that label sticker too. Doesn’t seem to be on all copies though. Cheers.
  4. Yes, sadly quite short, but quality! You had me going there, I thought that was an offer coming in!! cheers
  5. i take it you've seen the one on Discogs ?
  6. Looking for a copy of Uptights Band - Devil’s on the run / mirrors don’t ever lie (Uptight Records) Please pm with condition and price if you have one for sale. Cheers Dave
  7. Three great doubles from the sales box... The Volumes - a way to love you (Inferno) NM. £50 Wee Gee - In the rain (Earwax) NM £50 The Gaslight - Just because of you (Polydor promo) EX £70 U.K. post - £2.50 Overseas at cost PayPal friends please. Cheers Dave
  8. Still looking for a copy of “Finess - Have it your way” on Brown Bomber. Anyone with one to sell, please pm me with condition & best price. Make an old man happy this Christmas...! Thanks Dave

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