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  1. simonb

    Big List Of Trades

    Just to keep everyone upto date. I've had over 50 emails so far, I need the weekend to go through everything. Cheers me dears Simon #-o
  2. simonb

    Big List Of Trades

    Big Mix of Soul/R&B/Jazz/Funk/Ska etc..... Sidney Joe Quails - Don't Do this/ Johnny Robinson - Gone but not forgotten (Winsford 3rd anniversary 45) Jackie Milton - Little by Little (DE-VEL) The Monster Orchestra - Hanging Out/ Adrop in the bucket (GNP Crescendo) Owen Gray with Sonny Bradshaw Quartet - Come on Baby (CHEK) UK Dee Dee Sharp - What kind of lady (Gamble "playing cards design) D Nate Edmonds - I don't need no 45 (ARMAN) The Chantels - Indian Giver (Verve) - Candidate for the ugliest copy ever! But plays Clean, Great DJ copy. Bob Hines Trio - Dahsheka - (Grit & Gravy). The Three Sounds - I was a very good year - (Blue Note) Aalon Butler & the new breed band - Its got to be something (PKC) Archie & The Fugitives - Rich Man Poor Man/ Funky You (Sandman) The Metros - Funky City (Ra-Sel) Helen Smith & the Racketeers - Thrills & Chills (Lloyd) Soul Bros inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye 80's press) Little Eddie & the Grants -Rudy's Dead (President) UK Graham Bond -Walking in the Park (WB) Little Sherman & the Mod Swingers - The price of Love (Sagport) Frankie Coe - Gotta see my baby (Big City) Chet Poison Ivey - Shake a Poo Poo (Tangerine) Bill Doggett - 25 Miles (King) The Knights - The Hump (Trager) Wilmer and the Dukes - Get It (Action) UK Soul Toranodoes - Go for yourself (Magic City) Pee Wee & The Prophets - Fat Woman/I'm so tired (Raven) Seven Souls - Got to find a way/Groove in (Venture) Rickey Vee - Pretty Girls/T'aint no big thing (Jet Stream) Benny Gordon - Last train to south Carolina/Don't play it no more (Estill) Jimmy Hughes - It aint what you've got (Atlantic) Johnny Jones & the king Casuals - Soul poppin' (MCA) UK London Fog & the Continentals - Easy Mover (Gold Star) York Wilborn's "Psychedelic Six" - Finky Football/Thank you (True Soul) Little Sonny - Stretchin' Out (Revilot) Justin Hines - Rub up Push up/ The Ark (island) UK Detroit City Limits - Ninety eight cents plus tax (Okeh) D The Newcastle Blues - Walking the Dog/Cotton Mama (Alley) Del Simmons - Buckey's Theme (Parrot) Synergy - More People than Me (JBP) Chuck Jackson - The breaking point (TOP RANK) UK Ronnie Marks - Some Lonely Heart (Fania) Darrow Fletcher - What Good am I without you (Jacklyn) Soul Duo - Cant nobody love me (Shiptown) Yvonne Baker - You didn't say a word (Parkway "west coast") D Bobby Sax - I've got some place to go (Deplace) The Channels - I've got my eyes on you (Groove) The Stony Island Band - Stony Island Band (Glades) The Martinis - Bullseye (USA) Sons of the Kingdom - Modernization (KOG) Carolyn Sullivan - Dead! (philips) Gil Scott Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane (Flying Dutchman) Willis Jackson - Jive Samba (Prestige) The Montclairs - Hung up on your love (Paula) Lionel Hampton - Greasy Greens (Glad Hamp) Brother Jack McDuff - Talking 'bout my woman (Prestige) Dave Hamilton - Pisces Pace/ The Deacons (TCB) Tobias Wood Henderson - Color Blind Man (Pulsar) Duke Payne - The Bottom/Reaction (M and M) Gary Brown - Spoiled Child (Brownie) AllSpice - Slipped Away (At Home) Unlimited Touch - In the Middle (Prelude) Fist-O-Funk Orchestra - The Feeling (Fist O Funk) Candy & the Kisses - Out in the Streets Again (Scepter) Emmett Gardner - Check out what you've got (Maxwell) D The Intrigues - In a moment (Yew) Sebastian Williams - Get your point over (Ovide) The Modern Times - Stompin' crazy legg/Happy Man (Golden World) Naomi Davis - Forty First Street Breakdown (Desco) 5 Miles Out - Super Sweet girl of mine (Hotline) D Reggie Craven Quartet - Uptight (Jond-Or) Money Studies MS 001 (936/1000) Sugar Hill - Whats the matter baby?/Wome Can Do it (Down Home) Gunga Din - Crabcakes/Snake Pit (Valise) The Gaylads - Looking for a girl/Aren't you the guy (Fab 62) UK Up setters - Man from M.I.5 (Upsetter) The Lost Family- Blow my Mind (Music Bag) Honey and the Bees - Love Addict (Arctic) Larry McGee - The Burg (Boogie Band) Ellis & Cephas - I'm gonna miss you girl (VON'S) El Anthony - Sweet Jo-Ann (Star-Vue) Liz McCall - Double Determination (Mr G) Teddy & the Finger poppers - Soul Groove (Arctic) The Rumbles - Boss Soul (Downey) Baby Little - Big time playboy (Watts Way) Tommy Neal - Goin' to a happening (vocalion) UK No PM's email Mods57 at hotmail dot com
  3. I'm gonna love you just a little more, baby - kellee patterson - shady brook 11750 refosoul The 5min cut - Soul Funk perfection
  4. simonb

    Pls Help Me Id This ?

    Did you know this is reissued: http://store.daptonerecords.com/index.asp?...D&ProdID=98
  5. simonb

    Lou Pride "your Love Is Fading"

    I think This is a mans world is the better track
  6. There is a new Justin Timberlake track coming out DAMN GIRL! It samples a good chunk of JC Davis - A NEW DAY (New Day records). Mr Davis has been rewarded well apparently. I can listen to it, but its not my cup of tea. I bet Mr Davis is happy as larry though!
  7. simonb

    In The Rain

    What about The Wooden Glass - Instrumental but more soulful than a lot of vocals GENIUS
  8. simonb

    Sales - Cheapy's

  9. simonb

    Aguilera Sample

    Its is the Moon People & Dave Baby Cortez - But Happy Soul with a Hook - the instro to Hippy
  10. simonb

    At This Very Moment I'm Listening To

    Gwen McCrae - Your Love CAT Leon Thomas - Thank you baby DON 5 Miles Out - Super Sweet Girl of Mine - HOT LINE Bit of Disco, Raregroove and Funk? Just great Soul music
  11. simonb

    Whats Your Definition

    Loving my Bsides Gabriel,
  12. simonb

    Whats Your Definition

    Andy, I'm not talking today's R&B either! Rock n Roll - wasn't this more a white hijack of rocking blues? R&B progressed into Boogaloo which then progressed into Funk. Not necessarily song, more rhythm led music for the dancefloor, based on primitive, sexual musical patterns. Would you not say that Do-wop followed by soul music - took their own path, with the roots in melody rather than rhythm (I know that this is a generalization with so many crossovers). Perhaps that's how it took of in Europe, where melody, traditionally, is generally favoured over rhythm.
  13. simonb

    Whats Your Definition

    I would say R&B fits more with 60's FUNK than any other genre on the scene...period. Simon
  14. simonb

    60's Soul 45's Bargain Prices

    Lovely record this - But it aint 60's


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