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  1. Goodtimes - Brookfields

    Gaz, attended brookfields earlier this year,one of my mates was guesting,on handing over to the next dj (a big name) he remarked what the crowd were responding to on the floor.the reply was "i'll play what i want" On another night at prime time i watched an...
  2. Nuneaton Co-op A Must Go To Venue

    Just like to add to this thread.If you're into oldies,a superb venue and dancefloor with a real head tingling atmosphere,like being made welcome.Then this is the place to be.you won't be disapointed.Our crewe (Stourbridge) sum it up like being a smaller versi...
  3. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    Ok Russ,i'll check it out. sorry i took the bait. Apologies to all i upset.
  4. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    i rest my case
  5. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    i have tried burnley, bidds, middleton,and life line,some of they stuff they play i can;t even tap my feet to let alone dance..tell me a monster classic discovered in last ten years.
  6. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    I thought you had got your coat. Tosser
  7. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    Good don't come back.
  8. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    lowest form of wit springs to mind.
  9. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    Sorry i don't conform to your ideals. been on the soul scene for over 40 years.support all promoters in the westmidlands areas every friday and saturday night. Didn't realise it was a crime to be an oldies fan.
  10. Wigan 35th Anniversary

    When the nostalgia scene dies so does the soul scene. seen it all happen in the late eigthies.
  11. Stoke,kings Hall

    Travelled up with a large crowd from the west mids to the" biggest oldies alnighter in the world" as this is definately our bag. 1600 hundred people can't be wrong and up until around 3 30am it was spot on. A few records into sean chapmans set and he went...
  12. Casino Photo

    Rachael and lorraine .
  13. Casino Photo

  14. Prestatyn Wristband Available

    I have one wristband available no accomodation for the Prestatyn weekender. anyone interrested 07939657337

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