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  1. jasonion


  2. Clydie King- Missing my Baby?
  3. Title: jimmy robins - i cant please you - impression issue Artist: jimmy robbins Track: i can't please you Label: impression Record information: issue
  4. In that case, was the Sue Lynne- Joanie Sommers?
  5. Title: ruby - what about me Artist: ruby Track: what about me Label: soul-tbc Record information:
  6. Guessing i've got one of these then. Just flipped it over & it's playing Eddie Holman- Night to remember. . .
  7. If anyone hasn't seen chasing rainbows, Virgin media are now showing all 7 episodes on its t.v choice, on demand service. Under 'entertainment'. Episode 7 has the Stafford footage. Very clear picture.
  8. Hi Martha. Yeah it's The Diplomats- I can give you love- Dynamo
  9. Title: show stoppers - shake your mini - showtime Artist: showstoppers Track: shake your mini Label: showtime Record information:
  10. Title: diplomats - i can give you love - dynamo Artist: diplomats Track: i can give you love Label: dynamo Record information:
  11. Title: king williams - patience baby - mgm Artist: king williams Track: patience baby Label: mgm Record information:
  12. Title: sammy taylor - dont lie kiss tomorrow goodbye Artist: sammy taylor Track: don't lie kiss tomorrow goodbye Label: enjoy Record information:
  13. Title: audrey akins - down came my tears - petal Artist: audrey akins Track: down came my tears Label: petal Record information:
  14. Title: tony owens - wishing - waiting - hoping - soulin Artist: tony owens Track: wishing waiting hoping Label: soulin' Record information:
  15. No problem. Hadn't heard it before. Guilty (once again) of not flipping stuff over...

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