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  1. Less than a day to go on these, thanks for looking:
  2. Shipping is only $10 (and FREE for your 2nd and 3rd 45s), assuming you're outside the U.S. Trying to keep things feasible for everyone. Check the link here: As usual, soundclips for everything. Lots of quality mid-range titles in here, and a couple very obscure/unknowns for good measure.
  3. Ending in less than a day!
  4. Got some nice tunes up on ebay right now, all with soundclips. Keeping shipping costs low, just $10 outside the U.S., and free shipping for your 2nd and 3rd 45s if you win multiple auctions! Have a look here:
  5. Speaking of this Fluorescent Smogg reissue, just got my copy and the labels are reversed on the 45. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Just curious, which tune by the Sylvers?
  7. These end very soon! Thanks for looking:
  8. Yeah but you had the listing as only shipping to the U.S., so if anyone registered outside the U.S. wanted to bid they were unable to, it seems. Oops.
  9. Got some nice northern soul, funk, mod r&b, modern, etc. up at the moment, along with a few choice garage, psych, surf & rockabilly 45s. As usual, low start prices and soundclips. Auctions all end on Tuesday. See them here:
  10. Nice post Greg. I haven't ever come across this one, hope I find it someday. What a refreshing change of pace to hear a modern soul "new discovery" that actually sounds good!
  11. Both sides, I thought, were all treble. I remembered having to turn the bass all the way up and the treble way down to make it sound OK.
  12. Do all the pressings sound like trebly shite? Don't get me wrong, I like the music alright, but always thought something went terribly wrong in the engineering booth.
  13. See them all at this link: Also, as you're probably aware, international postage costs have gone up recently but I am willing to take a loss so I am only charging $10 for one to three 45s!
  14. Just a day left on these, thanks for looking....
  15. Lots of quality soul 45s up for auction at the moment. All listings feature sound clips. You can see them at this link:
  16. I came across an Alco test press recently with the songs "Tree House" and "I'll Be Free" but no artist listed on the label. Based on the writing on the label It looks like this could possibly be Icepac-related but couldn't find any matches following that lead. Anyone know who this is and whether it was released? Also curious to know if this sound does it for anyone? Soundclip:
  17. These are all ending in less than a day, with plenty of bargains still to be had:
  18. 300 45s up for grabs, everything starts at $4.99 and has a soundclip. Condition on most of this stuff is great. Lots of 60s and 70s promos and unplayed stock copies. Link:
  19. Have a lovely Excellent condition copy of this modern soul gem on LAX records. Very light surface mark is all that keeps this from NM. Plays great. Asking price is $1500. Will have to be sent express mail from the US. PM if interested. thanks
  20. Got lots of decent northern soul, modern, xover, r&b, mod, etc on auction right now: All start cheap ($5.99) and have soundclips.
  21. I've got some nice LPs up right now, including the Ultimates on Graxam International, The Royalettes on MGM, Roscoe Shelton on SS7, Satisfaction Unlimited. Also a mega-rare funk LP in Del Jones Positive Vibrations. Check them at this link:
  22. I wonder if the Bonnie Brisker that appears in this civil rights photo is the singer? I would guess so.

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