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  1. Ending Tuesday, about 11 hours from now! Thanks for looking and all the best in 2021!
  2. Hi folks, I currently have more than 500 45s up for auction. Loads of good northern soul, modern/crossover, r&b, etc. Nearly all start at $5.99 and include soundclips! Most are in great shape and have been VPI-cleaned. Link: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persuasion
  3. Last day to go on these! Thanks for taking the time to look! Link: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persuasion?LH_Auction=1
  4. We're closing out the month with more than 500 45s, all with soundclips and all starting at just $5.99! You'll see lots of rarities and obscure/unknown titles, as well as plenty of harder to find classics, spanning the full spectrum of genres. Most are are in great shape and have been VPI-cleaned! Shipping in the US is still a flatrate of $4.50 no matter how big the package is and I've also been able to reduce my international shipping rates, to $12 for 1-3 45s (see a listing for further details). Shipping times seem much improved recently too! Link: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persu
  5. Ending Soon! Thanks for taking the time to look: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persuasion?LH_Auction=1
  6. Hi folks, I have more than 475 auctions up right now, all ending this Sunday. All auctions start at just $5.99, have been VPI-cleaned and include soundclips! I have also been able to reduce my international shipping costs to $12 for 1-3 45s and also better rates if you're buying quantity. Have a look here: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persuasion?LH_Auction=1
  7. These end today! Thanks for looking: https://www.ebay.com/sch/kidinquisitive/m.html
  8. Some great 45s up for auction right now, all with soundclips and all meticulously cleaned! Have a look: https://www.ebay.com/sch/kidinquisitive/m.html
  9. Just a reminder that these will be ending in a few hours! Thanks as always for looking: https://www.ebay.com/sch/kidinquisitive/m.html
  10. This month's 45 list means business, with serious northern soul rarities from the likes of Arin Demain, Othello Robertson, The 5 Royales, Steve Karmen, Joe Tex and loads more. If you want funk 45s, we got 'em, with rarely seen sides from Lee Moses, Magus, PI-R Square, Heart (not that one), Dave Cortez & Moon People, and Joann Zachery, to name a few. Plus the usual calvacade of great blues, Latin, gospel, surf, rockabilly, power pop, doo wop, modern soul, boogie, disco etc. So please click on the link below to see them all. Everything starts at $7.99 or less; to save on shipping please cons
  11. Last day to go on these! Thanks as always for taking the time: https://www.ebay.com/str/Soul-Persuasion?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  12. Just a couple days left to go! Still plenty of time to peruse the list though... did I mention all auctions include a sounclip?
  13. This month's 45 list is bursting at the seams with quality, including a heretofore unknown northern soul treasure by Ernie Carter, not to mention coveted sides by Joanie Sommers, Dean Parrish, The Incredibles, Lenis Guess, Jillettes, Thee Midniters, Danny Wagner, The Millionaires, Trade Martin and lots more! We've got things covered on the funkier end of things too, with killer tunes by Dee Edwards, Gil Scott-Heron, Roger & The Human Body, RAMP, Rhoyia Hope Crozier and Eddie Kendricks, just to name a few. 1950s R&B and Popcorn is in the house as always, including Little Willie John's p
  14. Last hours to go on these, thanks for looking! https://www.ebay.com/sch/kidinquisitive/m.html
  15. I'm back on eBay with another nice batch of hard to find 45s! You'll find tons of soul, r&b, Latin, funk, boogie, popcorn, rockabilly, doo wop, rap, surf, garage, power pop, exotica and more! All auctions this time start at $7.99 or less and all feature soundclips. Most 45s are also VPI-cleaned! Consider bidding on multiple items to take advantage of combined shipping discounts. All auctions end on Monday, the 13th. https://www.ebay.com/sch/kidinquisitive/m.html

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