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  1. Not much to say except I’ve had it almost 20 years, and it was a random flea market find....
  2. https://cvws.icloud-content.com/B/AXV8u90wvZDH7_SDloHLmse6sykzAY05eL3-61CGCDT85A46CMTJcFEP/IMG_1461.TRIM.MOV?o=AgWLqRA-tNlK3Fcr5VD6v67u8-DshZxt6vDKRXBC1HXx&v=1&x=3&a=CAogtSTA9LoBGBaGtxI0QIvHPUmfUnQvGNnOS6TpNi9B9ZMSJxCvuNi1jS4Yr8jTiZcuIgEAKggByAD_bC4CXVIEurMpM1oEyXBRDw&e=1586742223&k=VPreoOXpr6kJ1kw7z6CH2A&fl=&r=277103A2-1C04-4977-8C9A-7BDEE1648131-1&ckc=com.apple.largeattachment&ckz=D4884FBD-FE7F-4BB7-8478-212622D9AE20&p=24&s=YQqRDNH7_-xSj9qOG3jyV0d_tx4&teh=2
  3. Had this for years, always thought it was Jim Ford. I shots vid of it playing but it’s not the correct format. Stay tuned....
  4. Trailoff markings triangle 9989 4-X 803-B Az monarch stamp triangle 9989 4 803-A Az MR (no monarch logo) This is the test press I mentioned earlier.
  5. There is a test press of the mam 45 without the -RE-2 in the trail off that has a very different mix. I have one going to Utretcht in April.
  6. First offer of 5000 pounds gets it. Deadline Sunday night, then it’s off the market.
  7. Thank you Rick! This list looks accurate. it is definitely not any of the 1982, and “Go back baby” is on it.
  8. I’ve never had a proper list of the tracks, sorry, they are not written anywhere on the disc, this older thread says all I know.
  9. You read it right, one of only 50 pressed in 1975, most of which were scrapped. Needs no introduction or history lesson, and has not been offered on a public sale to the best of my knowledge... It was not acquired from the Pittmans (of Carmelita fame), but a Monarch employee many years ago. The Pittmans have lost their copy and there are no more available. The disc is close to M-, still in the original white sleeve it was first stored inside from 1975. Please feel free to Pm sensible offers, I’m hoping there’s no need to auction it if someone comes in strong and fair here on the site. Ive sat on it for long enough, and being a family man of late, a nice chunk of income would be beneficial for life round the home. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy it for a few years more, no hurry or worry.. All the best, Mike
  10. Close to dead stock issue of tough Chicago classic, very conservative Vg++, both sides, looks unplayed. Serious offers, please.
  11. The local LA TV news did a headline story on this, what a shame.... https://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/crime/man-arrested-killing-elderly-woman
  12. http://www.hollywood.com/general/forgotten-soul-singer-betty-willis-murdered-in-new-years-eve-street-attack-60709242/

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