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  1. I believe the first came from a local Los Angeles record collector that gave it to a local collector/dealer to sell for him. The second (also from LA) was from a person's own collection that i believe was originally purchased in the 80's. I will leave names out but i'm sure everyone on here knows who i'm talking about. The two recent copies, my copy and another that went to Lew Stanley somewhere around 15 years ago makes the only 4 copies I've personally seen come out of Los Angeles in my lifetime. That's not to say there haven't been more, that's just my experience with that record. Anyway, i doubt copies have surfaced. At least not because of the recent copies that have turned up for sale. Hope that's helpful - George
  2. Don't know which came first, but Orange seems to be rarer over here. Most that come up here in the states are blue (and trashed). Have only personally seen one on the Orange.
  3. Prices in USA Dollars HB Barnum " hurts too much to cry" complete with picture sleeve. Vinyl and play is ex+. Small tear on label. See photo. $145 Bobby Williams "I've only got myself to blame" vinyl and play is ex. Slight label wear. See photo. $200 records shipped from the US
  4. also noticed 2 different cuts. one with the words "come on here Jack and blow" right before the sax solo. Anyone know which cut is on the original soundville copy?
  5. Thanks Bob Is the stamp on both sides? or just one? can you tell me what else reads in the deadwax?
  6. Anyone know what the deal is with the copies on ebay are about. one listed as a test press. With Simon Soussan having done the boots in the US, wondering if that's what the guy found. I stayed away from those auctions because I don't have that one down right. I've heard everything from people saying that there are boots that also are machine stamped to originals having slight different recordings. Anyone know what the real one looks/sounds like?

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