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  1. UK Decca F.12559 wanted please. A side is Mother Ferguson's Love Dust.
  2. test pressings or promo may not incur tax because technically, they are not for sale.
  3. any idea how much one of these goes for?
  4. Anyone got a copy of this they want to move on? - Polydor BM 56026 cheers
  5. I'm after a copy of this rob, are you selling? phil
  6. Anyone got a copy of this on the roulette label for a sensible price?
  7. yeah i see what you mean. i feel guilty now so will have a word with the polaks i know and see if they can dig something up. there's quite a few round here who are vinyl mad. not sure they have good taste though. Mark, cheers, we've had a bit of a ding dong via email but now he's starting to talk sense and be reasonable. looks like he's examined the facts and realises he's in a bit of a lose situation.
  8. yeah, i've just had a reply from him and he's saying no refunds. will let ebay/paypal decide the outcome. Sillicone spray makes sense, like what is used on 80's car bumpers to bring them back to black. i've had this before. Bought a Fleur de Lys 7" a few years ago and he's done the same. record played fine though so didn't mind. this record however is well worn. bg hiss throughout. sounds not to bad on a mono player, on a stereo one, awful. graded ex FFS.
  9. Evening received an bay purchase today which cost me over £100. was described as ex but certainly isn't. what has annoyed though is the fact that the seller has coated it in some sort of black shiny polish. I've seen this before but don't know exactly what it is these dealers use. it comes off with a wipe of a record cloth though to reveal the true state of the record. which was horrible. anyone else had instances or come across this practice?

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