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  1. Very nice too

    Someone at work keeps bees Chris. When they sell out they point me here. There is a difference between good honey and processed sweet stuff - even from a taste point of view. Pete
  2. Very nice too

    Ha! That reminded me of Oatmeal Man by Gil Scott Heron. Ive never been able to master the art of cooking with tofu. Someone at work regularly cooks crispy tofu with aubergine in chilli sauce. I find that Absolute Vodka helps me sleep. But, a...
  3. Very nice too

    Sounds very nice Dave. Pete
  4. National Curry Week

    Yep. I’m a dab hand too. I was taught to cook Punjabi food by my friend Surinderpal. Lots of green chilli. Sunny always preferred his food with a bottle of Barcardi.
  5. National Curry Week

    Too much to choose from - I love Indian food. It would have to be something hot - maybe a King Prawn Jalfrezi, with extra green chilli, some Aloo Gobi and a nice garlic and coriander naan. Or maybe a hot Bengali fish curry or maybe a ............................
  6. Days in the old cafe

    Tell tell signs that you were a shit pin ball player. 1. You grunted every time you used the flippers. 2. You were unable to use one flipper at a time. 3. You always had your tongue sticking out. I was a great player. Loved all the differ...
  7. Very nice too

    Here you go mate. Bought on line. https://www.therawhoneyshop.com/products/raw-greek-pine-330g-in-jute-bag-beech-honey-dipper?gclid=CjwKCAjwpfzOBRA5EiwAU0ccN92t79GQ3BG1Ojxrna5N8AGkwvtTrXTDD_qcs4igRPDB5A8zjLQ1cxoC1-4QAvD_BwE&variant=40990636425
  8. please help me find this!!

  9. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    I think it's an awesome record. Are you feeling lonely mate? Just a tad?
  10. Very nice too

    Them were days Kegsy old lad. If anyone had come within six feet of me with a kebab - or any other foodstuff for that matter I'd have smacked them!
  11. Very nice too

    Yah, I know.
  12. Very nice too

    I need a large doner!
  13. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Crying - Daryl Carter. Don’t get much sadder than this. Great record.
  14. Very nice too

    Just had three slices of brown toast with Lurpack and Greek honey, and a nice strong brew courtesy of Yorkshire Tea, also known as Taylor’s of Harrogate. Very nice indeed.
  15. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Let’s get ready to rumble!