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  1. Hi Gaz I paid £40 for a white demo recently. I was happy with that = great record. Peter
  2. I am so sorry to hear that. Always liked Winnie's posts on here. I think we were SS mods together on Current Affairs for a while. God Bless you Win. Peter
  3. Good luck with that one Darren Its a great record. I had it on wants for over a year on here and got one about six weeks ago. P
  4. I cant remember that Tony. Iconic record, in my top ten. Pete
  5. From the Master - Harry Hippie. One of the best videos I've seen - oh, to have been there. Absolutely beautiful, stunning.
  6. Was just looking at the credits on another 45 and was reminded of this. Love Starts After Dark by Gene Page. This had some plays in the early 80's - not a great record, but one that had me dancing back then. (although I( used to dance non stop all night) Anyone else remember this - any views?
  7. Hi Mike The site is not letting me "like" posts - it says I cant submit any more remarks today and I haven't done any yet! Have a good Christmas with your family. Appreciate the site as much as ever. Thanks Pete
  8. I was a real late comer to the genius of GSH. Lovely choice mate. Pete
  9. Thanks Steve I know Chris from his radio shows and his presence on here. P
  10. Linda Jones for me - far superior vocals. I do like the funky arrangement on the Escorts but the vocals are pretty poor. Innit. Pete
  11. Hi All I'm short of cash, and thinking of selling my very, very humble collection. The problem is that I haven't a clue what I've got, and cant be arsed going through them. So, any genuine ideas on how I may approach this - or should I just give up and keep them. Serious replies please. Pete
  12. Mm, I'm not sure that it was one of Dickies Chris. It was played as a new release - maybe Steve Mannion, Sean Hampsey - I really cant remember. Yep, 12s are shite! LOL

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