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  1. How the hell is this not massive??

    That’s a sure fire rock and roll tune. Right up Martyn’s street. Pete
  2. How the hell is this not massive??

    Absolutely Len. That is horrible, nasty, filthy. That should never have been massive - anywhere. Its an affront to human decency. Round my parts Guy and Keb, that 60's mafia sound, were known as Guy Dustbin and Keb Garbage. Obviously, not mesen like. Par...
  3. soul food

    Dont steak it out on this world. Adams Apples
  4. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone. May the New Year be peaceful. Peter
  5. soul food

    Yep. I can’t sleep mate. Insomnia - had it for years. It’s tiring and draining at times.
  6. soul food

    He wanted seconds!
  7. soul food

    You promised you'd never tell anyone. The shame of it!
  8. soul food

    That’s good coming from someone who puts gravy on his fish supper!
  9. The Last DJ Spot.

    That May as be the case. Like I said I think it’s shite.
  10. The Last DJ Spot.

    Are you saying that the Rainbows record posted above was a Chris King spin? I’m sure you’re right but it’s not sinthing I remember. Probably ok for the majority of prople on marching powder.
  11. The Last DJ Spot.

    I'm sitting on the fence on this one. If anyone thinks that record is great then they need their ears syringing.
  12. Strange Paypal carry on.

    Here you go Roburt. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/first-dispute
  13. Strange Paypal carry on.

    I've reset mine. From now on I'm paying in;
  14. The Last DJ Spot.

    That Rainbows things is orrible. Absolute shite.
  15. The Last DJ Spot.

    Yes. What record is being discussed invisibly!