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  1. Yep, well done Rob. You've been hard but fair taskmaster at times but have kept the sales forum relatively problem free. All the best mate. Pete
  2. Yes Dave. Where I grew up. Albert Gray owned a really nice set of gallopers, the big wheel and a dodgem track.
  3. As a kid I worked on a set of gallopers for about five consequetive summers - weekends and school holidays. Became great friends with the Showmen family who owned them - the Grays. They really looked after us - doing little but important things like making packed lunches for school trips when my mum was in hospital (which was often). My dad was dead and we were really hard up. I wasn't used to such posh snap! Pete
  4. Cheers mate. I spent quite a lot of time there and on the Isle Of Wight where they build the fabulous boats. Had a few great times taking a B Class Atantic out and bombing round water between Portsmouth and the IOW. I was a fundraising manager for them - also went out of a few rescues on the East Coast in a Mersey Class - Skegness and a Trent Class at Spurn Point. Atlantic Mersey Class Trent Class Ahoy me shipmates!
  5. I could be mistaken but is that the RNLI national headquarters in the background. I've been there many times - I used to work for the RNLI in the early 90's. Peter
  6. Poetic justice at it's finest.
  7. Indeed he has. Good to hear from you Philippe. Any good French top tips are always welcome. All the best. Peter
  8. Nice pick. Scroll down to to see my pick which is culled from a Capitol compilation featuring this track too. I'm sure I have posted before but the two go together. Najee, with Janice Dempsey on vocals. Its So Hard To Let Go.
  9. Training Day was great, as was Mississippi Burning, LA Confidential. Gladiator was awesome on the big screen - that first opening battle scene was stunning. I also like French films a great deal - they're very different from British and American films. I like Daniel Auteuil and he's great in 36 and lots of other things too. Nordic Noir films are fantastic too - the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy is smashing. The British remake with Daniel Craig is crap. The Deer Hunter is a stunning film with Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep amongst others. I have a life long crush on Meryl - great actress and very beautiful. These are not my top five - that would be impossible, just a few off of the top of my head. Pete
  10. Thanks Steve At least I know I'm up to date then. Cracking series. Best wishes mate Peter
  11. Thanks mate yes I have Netflix - I've watched the film but only thought there were two seasons of the series on there. I check later.
  12. No problem mate. Didn't used to care for this Marie Knight offering but it's grown on me over the years. Certainly a big, big spin in its day.
  13. Thanks. I'll do a search later. Might not be on in the uk yet.