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  1. Russian Spy

    The local government electorate. Strong and stable May. Innit.

    In flation in it. For any deflation there would need to be a retriangleination of the spherical strategy accros the global nation.
  3. Russian Spy

    “Frankly Russia should go away and shut up.” Statesman like comments from Private Pike. Anway, with local elections round the corner, and predictions of labour gains in traditional tory London boroughs (and elsewhere), you just can’t beat an internationa...
  4. No need to underline stuff. In my simple world that gives me the impression that you are either a little irritated, you think I'm an idiot, or both. Despite that its quite unusual, although not entirely unheard of, that would be buyers set their own price for...
  5. Hi Steve How are you pal? Yep, it’s a bargain if it’s a sale! p
  6. Apologies. Is this a want or a sale? Pete
  7. Mothers Day tunes....

    C M Lord - Oh Mama
  8. Homelessness

    Hello Bri If you see someone homeless on the street maybe stop and have a chat - being homeless can be a terribly lonely experience for many, buy them a hot drink and a sandwich. Alternatively, you could make a small donation to a homeless charity - only...
  9. The innersection

    Because your pissed again!
  10. The Mighty Bub - Would Have Been 60 This Year

    That's a lovely reminder Derek. Thanks Peter
  11. Homelessness

    Thank you my friend.
  12. Homelessness

    Bless you mate. Some people who are not homeless do beg. However, in my experience they are a minority. They do a disservice to genuinely rough sleeping by aggressively begging, but more importantly, government and some agencies use it to mask the issue my sa...
  13. Homelessness

    It’s ok mate. We’re in members only freebasing. If you ever need any advice just pm me and I’ll give you a call. Universal Credit is a nightmare. All the best. Pete. Another one of our clients hung himself last week. It’s distressing.
  14. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Smashing photographs Steve and Martyn thanks for sharing. Has anyone been watching Hugh’s Wild West? Nature programme based around the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley? Superb viewing with lots of camera craft. Pete 🙂
  15. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    How much is that piggy in the window The one with the crackling nose nice pictures Russ.

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