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  1. Peter99

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    That's fair enough - I didn't intend to paint them as romantic, lovable rogues. They are however, the most discriminated group of people in the UK. Incidentally, my dad who was a wrong un, and dead by the time I was eleven years old, had us evicted and made homeless, for stripping lead from church roofs. He wasn't a traveller, I'm not really sure what he was. He did die with a Rosary in his hand.
  2. Peter99

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Just to be a slouch of a pc twerp, but, its not just effing "pikeys" is it. Plenty of other thieving miscreants out there robbing. I actually know quite a few traveller/showmen families. I had the honour of speaking at a close friends funeral recently - I was the only speaker, and thought I might bottle it, but I didn't. Not, great speakers my friends, but they are fiercely loyal. One of my friends prefers to complete business ..
  3. Peter99

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Those marbles reminded me of this - really good hobby as a kid. We had a couple in our house. I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet.
  4. Great stuff Sean. Hope you're well. Guaranteed class with George Jackson on credits. Just ordered my copy. Peter
  5. No worry Dean. I'm sorry that you'e fighting that nasty fucking illness. Keep fighting mate, I will pray for you. God Bless Sir. Pete
  6. Yeah but not £80 PayPal fee?
  7. Artistic are slowly catching up.
  8. Peter99

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Watched this last night and really enjoyed it - best film for a bit. Wind River
  9. Peter99

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Thanks Steve All Good here my mate. Hope you and Lou are good. Loved the picture of your Grandson. pete
  10. Peter99

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    This is no way compares with some of my far more skillful pals in terms of quality. But, here are two pictures of my brothers rescue dog Betsy. I think she's a Belgian Shepherd. My brother has had her for about a year now. The first photo is when he chose her at a rescue centre - she had been so badly beaten and half starved. Whenever a human went near her she was so fearful she weed, whimpered and cowered. The second picture is of a..
  11. Peter99

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Fantastic Johnny. One of the the things I appreciate about this thread is seeing posters gain in enthusiasm and professionalism in their craft. Great stuff. Pete
  12. Peter99

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    I've posted this before - but hey, the suns shining, get up, dance, be happy! Awesome dance track from the early 80's - massive back in the day - and soo cheap.
  13. Peter99

    Dolly13. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dolly Pete
  14. Peter99

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Please you posted the seven John. The 212 goes on and on and...................................................... Nice track - on the seven. Pete
  15. Artistics - smoother, deeper vocals. Easy call for me. Pete