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  • Birthday 05/12/1957

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    60 in Dec. Started listening in late 60s and went to Wigan July 74. Been all over. Now a collector and sometime DJ.

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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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    Steve Foran

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    07901 677760

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  1. I nearly always end with Donna King. FYI John Manship said somewhere that he had loads of Gerri Hall compared to DK.
  2. I was invited to dj at The Printworks Manchester HUGE Soul alldayer. I am told 22,000 people attended over the day. This is the 5th such event for The Christie Cancer Hospital. Manchester. A truly great day and for a wonderful cause. I was a guest dj in the Bierkeller. Our title was Wigan Casino all day long. So here was my contribution to records that were played at Station Road. Yum Yums Gonna be a big thing ABC Yvonne Baker You didn't say a word Cameo Parkway Rita and The Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Adams Apples Dont take it out on this world Brunswick Bernie Williams Ever again Bell Kenny Gamble The jokes on you Arctic Mel Britt She'll come running back FIP Professionals That's why I love you Groove City Mr Soul What happened to yesterday Genuine Frank Beverley If that's what you wanted Gamble John st John You cant mean it GTA (Italy) Billy Woods Let me make you happy Sussex The Brothers Are you ready for this RCA Reuben Howell You cant stop a man in love Motown Frankie Karl You should have held on Philtown Yvonne Vernee Just like you did me Sonbert Ray Agee I'm losing again Soultown Harold Melvin Get out Landa Fidels Try a little harder Keyman Dena Barnes If you ever walk out of my life Inferno Pookie Hudson This gets to me Jamie Donna King Take me home Hot Line I hope you all enjoyed it. I know that I did. Cheers all Steve Foran
  3. Dont know how many but it is quality and I think it would be around £1200 to £1500 now.
  4. Been a Spurs fan all my life. 61 now! I have been to most of our significant games in the past. Watched this through my fingers last night here at home. Bloody hell I cant believe how this week has panned out. My phone nearly exploded after the game last night. One or two soul lads, mates home and abroad even my Liverpool supporting brother. Finally eldest son who is working in Frankfurt with a load of Ajax fans in a bar. Ringing me all the way through. BLOODY HELL. I need a lie down.
  5. Ha ha not Lou Roberts LP. Richard Searling left the Len Barry LP Its that time of the year on his car roof and drove off.
  6. I was asked to DJ at Marple Con Club. Stockport for the charity all-dayer in aid of The Christie Cancer Hospital. Thanks for asking me here is my list in the order I played or similar. Yum yums Gonna be a big thing. ABC WDJ Frankie Karl You should have held on Philtown Luther Ingram If its all the same to you babe. HIB Rita and the Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Terry Callier Look at me now Cadet Mel Britt She'll come running back Fip James Fountain Seven day love Peachtree Ray Agee I'm losing again Soultown Pookie Hudson This gets to me Jamie Larry Laster Go for yourself Loma Jackey Beavers I need my baby Revilot Christine Cooper Heartaches away Parkway Mr Soul What happened to yesterday Genuine The Professionals That's why I love you Groove City Peoples Choice Savin my lovin for you Palmer Reuben Howell Cant stop a man in love Motown Eloise Laws Love factory Music Merchant Bettye Swann Kiss my love goodbye Atlantic Gerri Granger I go to pieces Bell Bernie Williams Ever again Bell Lenny Curtis Nothing can help you now HIT Nolan Chance Just like the weather Constellation Yvonne Vernee Just like you did me Sonbert Cecil Washington I dont like to lose Prophonics I am told over £800 was raised well everyone.
  7. Paul just arrived thank you very much. Regards Steve
  8. Really sorry sold last evening . Steve
  9. Lou Courtney I watched you slowly slip away. Japan Picture sleeve. This is a real odd one. All Japanese sleeve notes fantastic cover and well worth a punt. Label is called GROOVY DONUTS. The cover sleeve is in Ex condition. The vinyl is also Ex. It is a 2018 press. I am sorry but I cant tell you anything more about it. £40 if interested £3 p+p. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  10. Nice set. I must make the effort again. When is the next date please?
  11. I could never spin without getting dizzy FFS! There were many like Vernon, Gethro, Danny (RIP) and my old mate Pete Wickham from Hemel.
  12. I would speak with Keith Williams or Pete Smith. Both are on here I think or Facebook. Decent honest guys who will not rip you off.

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