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  • Birthday 05/12/1957

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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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    Steve Foran

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    07901 677760
  1. Steve Foran

    Liverpool v Spurs tickets wanted

    Ha ha very good.
  2. Good afternoon all, I am trying to get hold of 1 or hopefully 2 tickets for Liverpool v Spurs on Sunday 31 March 2019. My mate is coming over from Germany that weekend and he is a big Liverpool fan. I thought I would try to get a ticket for him if possible. Two tickets would be ideal for obvious reasons. We are both 61 so hopefully you can see we are not nutters. Any help or offer of tickets would be much appreciated. Happy to pay no problems. I hope some kind soul can help please? Many Thanks Steve Foran please PM me if you can help or have any tips.
  3. Steve Foran

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    I thought the same but was not certain
  4. Steve Foran

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    Not sure I always thought he was an LA actor called James McEachin or something similar. Not sure the link has ever been confirmed.
  5. Steve Foran

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    Same tune also done by Tommy James. Peter Jarrett version was definatly played.
  6. Steve Foran

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    I think it is Peter Jarrett Run run baby run to me.
  7. Steve Foran

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Talking of great cover versions and gorgeous in every way.
  8. I think from memory Sherrick did a very good version around 1988- 90
  9. Steve Foran

    Haven’t heard this for years!

    Afternoon of the Rhino springs to mind Joey
  10. Steve Foran

    Haven’t heard this for years!

    Pete Smith recently sent out a load of live tapes from WC. Various years one of them opened with Al D'lory the clapping was brilliant and the atmosphere could be felt again. Fantastic. You DID have to be there to fully appreciate it.
  11. Steve Foran

    Bob and Gene -Frankie Crocker

    Yes very similar could be right.
  12. Steve Foran

    44 years hard labour

    Congratulations mate. Best wishes to you both. xxx
  13. Steve Foran

    Sue lynne don't pity me

    Try Pete Smith mate.
  14. Steve Foran

    A Maurice Williams record

    It is Being without you by Maurice Williams on Deesu


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