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  1. So sorry to hear this news. Really nice guy Jim!
  2. Ok folks Bull Bygones NOW SORTED thank you. Billy Prophett What Can I do still wanted.
  3. Afternoon all, I am hoping to track down a couple Bull - Bygones - Bell SORTED NOW Also Billy Prophett- What can I do - Sue STILL LOOKING Happy to discuss prices please PM. Thanks Steve Foran
  4. Noticed a couple of Utd banners one with Northern Soul United etc. But the funny one offering Zlatan his wife if Zlaten stayed at Utd. Took the camera a while to register the wording. Funny!
  5. I recall it from Kettering All dayers from around 75. Not sure if you was a DJ there Rick. It was around the time of Get Out I always think of them together. Likely Peterborough Wirrina as well. I lived down there then so went to P,boro, St Ives and Kettering.
  6. Yes same here. I feel so bloody angry over this. Bloody kids leaving a concert???? Fantastic human effort from my fellow Mancs. I keep hearing the sirens today. My hospital is 5 minutes walk. I know it is involved. Really feel upset.
  7. http://Sick sick bastards. Bloody fanatics. String them up How did that get like that? I really hope and pray I don't know anyone involved. I live 6 miles from the Arena. I know loads of folks around town. Sick sick evil bastards.
  8. Anyone got a copy of Unique Blend Yes I,m in love on Eastbound please? Thanks Steve Foran
  9. Hi all, I was invited to guest at Esquires for Geoff Ware and Hammie at the mini all dayer before Geno Washington was on stage later in the evening. I am an old Bedford boy but moved to Manchester in 1979. Really good to see some old mates. Here is what I played and those I can remember. All ovo. John St John You cant mean it GTA Italy WDJ Yum Yums Gonna be a big thing ABC WDJ Silhouettes Not me baby Goodway Sandra Philips I wish I had known Okeh WDJ Fantastic Puzzles Come back Old Moon WDJ Wil Collins Anything I can do Bareback Bobby Womack Cant you hear the children calling MCA LP track Tutu Jones I just cant leave your love Carver cut from 1998 CD only Teddy Pendergrass Be Sure TSOP LP track Ernest Moseley Stubborn Heart La Cindy Yvonne Vernee Just like you did me Sonbert Edwin Starr My kind of woman Ric Tic Rita and Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Edwin Starr Your my mellow Ric Tic Mr Soul What happened to yesterday Genuine Gene Toones What more do you want Simco WDJ Timmie Williams Competition Mala Nomads Somethings Bad Mo Groove Sam Dees Lonely for you baby SSS Steve Foran Ooops forgot Frankie Karl You should o held on Philtown
  10. Ditto Steve dreadful news. All round good guy as well it seems! ALSO NO LONGER INFECTED.
  11. Regarding Fats Domino I clearly remember that Richard did the final set BUT on a Fridays Oldies Nighter. He played Fats Domino It keeps raining as the last tune. Not sure if Richard finished every Oldies night BUT I can say he definitely did play it when he did the last spot. He also played Soul Source, Evie Sands, If that's what you wanted, Nolan Chance on Bunky, Job Opening and The Belles on NZ Action. All at Oldies nights.
  12. Good luck. Had a dose of cancer myself 5 years back. Still here to tell the tale. Sorry you have to sell up. Regards Steve Foran
  13. 4 Tops Shake me wake WHAT A TUNE. The line when Levi sings "And as the tears rolled down my face" Goosebumps just writing it.
  14. I hope this is the correct place to post this. I am guesting for 2 hours at 6pm till 8pm tonight on on Paul Kidds Keeping the faith show if anyone is interested. Hope this is ok? Many Thanks Steve Foran
  15. Advert for Arla milk.