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    Tape swappers fav
  • Birthday 05/12/1957

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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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    Steve Foran

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    07901 677760
  1. Steve Foran

    earliest youth club memories

    Jay and Techniques Apple peaches pumpkin pie Isleys Bros This old heart Newbeats Run baby run Four Tops I cant help myself All around my home village in Bedfordshire and my school town St Neots.
  2. It was end WC Rod for certain.
  3. Steve Foran

    Some history on this one please.

    I had it on a tape from Rob Marriott in 1980 BUT never heard it out at that time.
  4. Yes it was a Richard spin at WC. Around 1980 from memory. Much around a similar time to his Chris Bartley I go out of my mind and Mr Soul / Al Scott What happened to yesterday . For my money 3 Top class tunes all mid tempo. Lucky me owns 2 of them after years of wanting.
  5. Steve Foran

    Seven souls

    I have it on Italian CBS with Picture Sleeve.
  6. Steve Foran

    Seven souls

    Which label??
  7. Steve Foran

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    I was actually asked for The Snake a few weeks ago whilst Djaying. Mmmmm!!
  8. Steve Foran

    how-to tell original records

    Pete Smith, Keith Williams and John Manship are really good honest guys who know their stuff. Make a point of asking or buying John Manships Guides. www.raresoulman.
  9. Steve Foran

    Marple Charity Alldayer Stockport

    On Easter Monday a Charity All-dayer was arranged for The Christie Cancer Hospital Manchester. The organiser was Pete Waggett with his lovely partner Jean Lyster and ably assisted by Stockport Sole Man Alan Haughton. So far £1500 has been raised well done to all who made the effort. It was a good turnout and I really enjoyed my day. Here is my spot for 6-7pm slot. All OVO. In roughly the right order. Frankie Beverly If that's w..
  10. Steve Foran

    England world cup

    Just been reported that during the Russia v France game last night Monkey chants/noises were made against Pogba and Dembele. I think we boycott it personally.
  11. Steve Foran

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    Found a Stella Starr demo on Yellow Piccadilly in a local junk shop.
  12. Steve Foran

    Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    Prices have been hiked for the semis.
  13. Steve Foran

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    I don't like the way it gets so personal when certain people get involved. Happier place without it for me.
  14. Steve Foran

    Spurs fa cup semi final and wembly

    Makes me laugh. If you recall Spurs had a "Wembley" curse at the start of the season. Now we have "home" advantage. I do agree that the FA have no clue and that both semis should be elsewhere. It seems unfair that Utd fans have to travel all the way to London when Villa would be far fairer for them. I bet it will be a crap kick off time as well!!

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