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  • Birthday 05/12/1957

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    60 in Dec. Started listening in late 60s and went to Wigan July 74. Been all over. Now a collector and sometime DJ.

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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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    07901 677760

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  1. Thanks to Steve for the reply. Anyone else able to assist please? Cheers Steve Foran
  2. Cheers Steve fingers crossed.
  3. Still hoping for someone to give me the nod. Thanks Steve
  4. Wrapped around your finger Original Please!
  5. Afternoon does anyone know how to get tech help with Facebook please? Yesterday Facebook was fine. Today on my laptop I cannot get access. Funny though I CAN on my phone? I have tried entering my log in details but nothing works just the red warning that user name and password not recognised. So I then try the recovery text code to be sent to my mobile and despite 8/9 attempts NO TEXT. So anyone got any ideas please OR a contact for help? Thank You Steve
  6. Thank you just being nosey.
  7. Sharonettes Papa ooh mow mow TOTAL shite
  8. I know what you mean BUT you had to be there. Amazing at the time.
  9. I saw Gloria Gayner there maybe 1975??? Not listed though unless I have missed it!
  10. Still seeking. Got next door neighbour's membership etc but says sold out. So thought I might try again. Cheers Steve
  11. The first page picture is Dave Portway on the left and Barry Payne on the right. Two top St Neots lads.
  12. Just for Monny1916 the bigger picture is a good friend in Germany follows Liverpool. He wants to watch this game if possible hence my post. He is not a member of either club. Nor am I , I am a Spurs fan. However I thought I would try this and FB to see what is out there. I have managed tickets at Old Trafford a couple of times as I have better contacts there. I also noticed a few empty seats at City on a regular basis SO thought I would ask. Nothing ventured etc!

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