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    60 in Dec. Started listening in late 60s and went to Wigan July 74. Been all over. Now a collector and sometime DJ.

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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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  1. It has been reported that under FA/PL rules that the clubs can be kicked out of the PL if they get involved with any outside competitions? So maybe it will just be a Euro Super League. Next it will be games being played say between Liverpool v Real Madrid in Dubai!!
  2. Regarding the Super League. I think it is obvious that this would happen. In the USA the NFL have signed a 10 year deal for over $100 billion. The NFL is watched by mainly Americans with a possible TV audience of around 300 million. Footy is watched by maybe 5 billion worldwide. TV will get involved. JP Morgan are huge financial backers. Pay per view will increase. German clubs are 51% fan owned but may try to join. However this pure money income and sod the grass roots. I think it is a bargaining tool at the very least. The invention of the Premier League started it and I reckon it will
  3. It was played at Yate as a cover up. It was 77/78 as I remember the car I had then. Not sure who was the DJ. I did a bit of stuff for Black Echoes and it was in the column. John Harvey (Kojak) was involved at that point.
  4. One I like very much is Bobby Womack - Cant you hear the children calling. from the Womagic LP (Could be 80's)
  5. Sad news Dave was in and around us Bedford lads in the 70's. RIP
  6. Bobby Thurston Just ask me Mainline LP. (I think)
  7. Hi Steve, how's it going, all the best, Crimmit.


  8. I have wondered if this maybe Jackie Beavers from the Nation label just another spelling? I think they are both Chicago? No firm evidence just a thought?
  9. A story I heard was that L Allen was first. It was then redone as Larry Allen for a reason? If you notice the green is differing shades on either version and John Manship thought this was simply a case of not being able source the same ink. This would fit in with the earlier post saying it may have been recut by someone other than the original label owner using the original plates? MAYBE?
  10. Yep top one is real. The bottom one has too much time at 2.43. Also it looks wrong!! The yellow points of the "star" do not meet the edge!
  11. I was the second bidder I think that was a reasonable price to pay. Well done to the winner.
  12. Bugger I should have bid on the Contemplations forgot!!! Damm!!!

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