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    Tape swappers fav
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    Steve Foran
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    Various, I breed German Shepherd Dogs, my kennel name is Mirrwood. Google for the website.
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    Yvonne Baker You did,nt say a word

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    Steve Foran

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  1. Steve Foran

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    The father is Garret Tilford it states.
  2. Steve Foran

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    On you tube someone mentions it is their father.
  3. Steve Foran

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Maze The look in your eyes Live at New Orleans. WHAT A TUNE.
  4. Steve Foran

    Harry kane

    Part of the Kane conundrum was that at Spurs he has better players around him than with England. Erikson would be an ideal type of provider like at Spurs. Since Gazza we have not really had a truly great player. Scholes could have been but he was on the margins with Sven and retired from England as Sven had him as a winger (almost). Gerrard and Lampard somehow did not gel. The positives I took were we exceeded expectations. Trippier, Pickford and Maguire. Souhtgate helped by being sensible and did not get swept up in the manic coverage as we gained momentum after the Panama gain. The reasons why we got knocked out were it was on ITV, my neighbour put up a flag AFTER the WC started and this fantastic hot weather.
  5. Steve Foran


    Hi Larry money sent. Please post to Steve Foran 8 Hampstead Lane. GT MOOR. Stockport SK2 7PS Many Thanks Steve
  6. Steve Foran


    pm sent
  7. Jesus totally 16 again at Station Road. The clapping wow!
  8. Steve Foran

    earliest youth club memories

    Jay and Techniques Apple peaches pumpkin pie Isleys Bros This old heart Newbeats Run baby run Four Tops I cant help myself All around my home village in Bedfordshire and my school town St Neots.
  9. It was end WC Rod for certain.
  10. Steve Foran

    Bobby Smith

    I had it on a tape from Rob Marriott in 1980 BUT never heard it out at that time.
  11. Yes it was a Richard spin at WC. Around 1980 from memory. Much around a similar time to his Chris Bartley I go out of my mind and Mr Soul / Al Scott What happened to yesterday . For my money 3 Top class tunes all mid tempo. Lucky me owns 2 of them after years of wanting.
  12. Steve Foran

    Seven souls

    I have it on Italian CBS with Picture Sleeve.
  13. Steve Foran

    Seven souls

    Which label??
  14. Steve Foran

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    I was actually asked for The Snake a few weeks ago whilst Djaying. Mmmmm!!


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