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  1. One I like very much is Bobby Womack - Cant you hear the children calling. from the Womagic LP (Could be 80's)
  2. Cheers Steve fingers crossed.
  3. Still hoping for someone to give me the nod. Thanks Steve
  4. Wrapped around your finger Original Please!
  5. Thank you just being nosey.
  6. Sharonettes Papa ooh mow mow TOTAL shite
  7. I know what you mean BUT you had to be there. Amazing at the time.
  8. I saw Gloria Gayner there maybe 1975??? Not listed though unless I have missed it!
  9. The first page picture is Dave Portway on the left and Barry Payne on the right. Two top St Neots lads.
  10. Morning all I was asked to guest for this successful regular soul night. Here is my offering. Thanks to mine host Dave Stubbs. Blue Sharks These things will keep me loving you Gran Prix Sillouettes Not me baby Goodway Mel Britt She'll come running back FIP Rita and the Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Lenny Curtis Nothing can help you now HIT Timmie Williams Competition Mala Gene Toones What more do you want Simco Rueben Howell You cant stop a man in love Motown Eloise Laws Love Factory Music Merchant James Fountain Seven day lover Peachtree
  11. Hi mate have you still got Tamiko Jones please? Cheers Steve
  12. Weird world we live in. After Grant (RIP) gave me the link I made contact with Lenny (Jimmy Mack Harrison). He is married to Darlene who is the sister of a member of the Tams. They all appear to be in music. Jimmy and Darlene are living in Charlotte, N Carolina. They record as Jimmy and Darlene. They feature in the local music charts and perform locally. They recut Nothing as a duet last year. Nice version! They are aware of the Northern connection and were interviewed by Kev Roberts a couple of years back. They send me their latest CDs and I think they are really good! FYI.
  13. I nearly always end with Donna King. FYI John Manship said somewhere that he had loads of Gerri Hall compared to DK.
  14. I was invited to dj at The Printworks Manchester HUGE Soul alldayer. I am told 22,000 people attended over the day. This is the 5th such event for The Christie Cancer Hospital. Manchester. A truly great day and for a wonderful cause. I was a guest dj in the Bierkeller. Our title was Wigan Casino all day long. So here was my contribution to records that were played at Station Road. Yum Yums Gonna be a big thing ABC Yvonne Baker You didn't say a word Cameo Parkway Rita and The Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Adams Apples Dont take it out on this world Brunswick Bernie Wil
  15. Dont know how many but it is quality and I think it would be around £1200 to £1500 now.
  16. Ha ha not Lou Roberts LP. Richard Searling left the Len Barry LP Its that time of the year on his car roof and drove off.
  17. I was asked to DJ at Marple Con Club. Stockport for the charity all-dayer in aid of The Christie Cancer Hospital. Thanks for asking me here is my list in the order I played or similar. Yum yums Gonna be a big thing. ABC WDJ Frankie Karl You should have held on Philtown Luther Ingram If its all the same to you babe. HIB Rita and the Tiaras Gone with the wind Dore Terry Callier Look at me now Cadet Mel Britt She'll come running back Fip James Fountain Seven day love Peachtree Ray Agee I'm losing again Soultown Pookie Hudson This gets to me Jamie
  18. Really sorry sold last evening . Steve
  19. Lou Courtney I watched you slowly slip away. Japan Picture sleeve. This is a real odd one. All Japanese sleeve notes fantastic cover and well worth a punt. Label is called GROOVY DONUTS. The cover sleeve is in Ex condition. The vinyl is also Ex. It is a 2018 press. I am sorry but I cant tell you anything more about it. £40 if interested £3 p+p. SOLD SOLD SOLD

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