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  1. Anton L

    House of Bamboo Soul Club, West Norwood

  2. Anton L

    House of Bamboo Soul Club London

    Thank you Tony, glad you enjoyed it. If you are the guy who asked for Lou Courtney, it's in my box for Feb 2nd
  3. Anton L

    House of Bamboo Soul Club, West Norwood

    Got some new tunes to spin and some new 60s purchases to play. looking forward to the 2nd
  4. Anton L

    Hal Frazier after closing time reprise

    If you're still looking I have one
  5. Anton L

    Soul Guardians - Royal Star Event - Maidstone

    Ill try to get down to this with our lad
  6. Anton L

    1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms One Venue (King Power Stadium)

    May have to get along to one of these and bring some with us
  7. Anton L

    House of Bamboo's Christmas Soul Extravaganza

    Looking forward to this. My son loves it
  8. Anton L

    Sunday Shakedown Reunion at The Water Rats, London

    Got our ticks
  9. Anton L

    Anton L

  10. Anton L

    SOUL GALORE Northern & Modern Soul 5 Room Weekender


    Me and Jozef have booked hotel and will be down on Saturday
  11. Anton L

    Great Big Kiss in London

    Its my son 17th birthday and he wants to a soul night. Will he get in ? If he can a few of us will be there
  12. Anton L

    Soul Shoes @ Bishopstoke Memorial Hall

    Looking forward to this. car full up so here we come.
  13. Anton L

    Soul Shoes @ The Riverside Club Southampton

    Any B&Bs or hotels near by Gary ?
  14. Anton L


    Looking forward to this one, a fair few of the old crew going
  15. Anton L

    Thee Midnighters for sale

    I have a copy of Thee Midnighters - You're gonna make me Cry. on Whittier label £800 PM if you're interested
  16. Anton L

    Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter

    Might come up for this as it's very close to my Birthday. I could deffo be tempted
  17. Anton L

    PURE SOUL Hartshill Sports Club

    We hope to be there from the start, leaving London at 12
  18. Anton L

    PURE SOUL Hartshill Sports Club

    I am hoping to getup to this, just got to talk the wife in to it
  19. Anton L

    SOUL Session, Hassocks Golf Club.

    I think we be paying you a visit if only just annoy Mr & Mrs Banks !!!
  20. Anton L

    BRIGHTON GOT SOUL ALLNIGHTER (10 tickets left)

    Great night, IMHO I don't think you could have got much more of a selection Youth club tunes, Classic oldies, Latin, R&b, 60s, 70s, and more, even better herd some belters I'd not herd before thanks to Yann and then Craig Simpson add in a good dance floor and sound system. What else would you want from a nighter . Thank you Rob & co for a brill night And home in just an hour !!!!
  21. Anton L


    See you there Mark
  22. Anton L


    Any DJ times yet Brent?
  23. Anton L


    How many 65Th birthdays can Sam have !!
  24. Anton L

    6TS 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    See you in the pub
  25. Anton L

    swinton feb


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