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  1. munchkin

    united sound of soul

    Second attempt... New venue, Emporium, Station rd (A54) Holmes Chapel...... One mile from junction 18 M6
  2. Any one have andy kilicks email address or contact number thanks kev
  3. as you say mandy what a great lineup......
  4. Soul Renaissance Presents a "Break The Boredom Factor"! All Niter (9pm - 7am) Evening Session (9pm - 2am) £6.00 !!!!! Saturday 24th June 2006 Melody's Club Kings Norton, Birmingham B30 3NU Dj`s Arthur Fenn Dave Welding Chris Anderton Jumping Joan Carl Hurd Ted Massey Dave Shaw Paul Cross Also introd
  5. Dave from Reading (Scottish accent, worked on the railway) .? dave barker by any chance remember him well used to meet up with him at wolverhampton then go up to wigan then back to locarno on sunday, also remember neil self, mark sargent from oxford kev spittle
  6. im looking for a tyrack for a friend lewise bethune, on chi town info sound bite plkus if anyone has the vinyl for sale pice and condition thanks munchkin
  7. munchkin

    steve smith's mates

    wagsy and on of the twins looks like it could have been taken at the vic, wolves kev s
  8. munchkin

    rick from bognar

    feffing ell rick kaye before all the metal works ........... kev s
  9. Do you remember a guy called Pat from the Birmingham area, i used to meet him at Birmingham new street every week on the way to the Casino, i met him again at this years Prestatyn with black Simon from your neck of the woods. Garv.
  10. this time - ray pollard - shrine kev s
  11. thanks billy was hoping it was a £40 sound lol
  12. need a little help please just love this tune Faye and hi lites does anybody know label, price, availablity kev s
  13. just add a few more sabastian williams - too much / hometown boy (Sound of soul) gino washington - Ill Be around/ like my baby (atac) volumes - i just cant help / one way lover (amer arts) andy mack - later than you think / do you want to go (chess) royal robbins - something about you / rollercoaster (tru glo town) mousie and traps - its all in the way / how about you (toddlin Town) kev s
  14. few more tunes to identify please, i know all these records but cant for the life of me remember title etc. its even worse when i find the odd one in my collection. mis-spent youth etc thanks for the help kev
  15. thanks ste thought youde be busy at work this time of year kev s
  16. thanks very much the list is slowly getting smaller kev s
  17. still got a few more that i havent got any details for any help gratefully recieved kev s
  19. never played this side will have to flip it next time i get my records out kev s
  20. Mack Starr & Mellows - Drifting Apart - Cub Great piece of mid-tempo, often overlooked side to Oh My Love which I included on my swap cd. Oh My Love did get plays at Stafford and during that era, wonder if this side did cause I don't recall hearing it played out although could be wrong there as memory worse than a goldfish :-) Certainly sounds like something that could have been given a try. hi chalky i remember it for drifting apart, and bought it for that side too, sold it to carl w approx 5 years ago. still a nice tune (both sides) kev s

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