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  1. thanks for that will try to find a different photo for JM
  2. Sad to say that Clifford Frazier passed away Tuesday 6th October (2020), Clifford was just 19 when he was with Walter and the Admirations, Clifford also wrote Man o Man and Life of tears. Later as a member of Velvet Hammer he co wrote happy another Northern great.. REST IN PEACE Clifford..
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The story of Willie Weems ...inc The Dontells, 4 Brothers, Sam & Kitty, The Turks and more View full article
  4. William Herman Weems was born in Brookhaven-Lincoln County, Mississippi, to young, single mother Evelyn Weems, on 2nd August 1941.Brookhaven was an old Railroad town with a population of just over 6,200. Evelyn was just seventeen and had found work in the service of a white, southern family some 800 miles away in Virginia; she was young and uneducated and so did what she had to do to survive. With mum away, Willie, who was an only child, was cared for by an older cousin during those formative years. At the age of 2 ½ yrs., Willie was moved South to be with his grandparents Ezekiel and Leo
  5. Very interesting Read.. think Dave Flynn compiled a list of current rare tracks, many years ago on an old forum, would like to compare.. Thanks Mark enjoyed the read..
  6. Just a quick thanks to everyone that supported us last night that also braved the Arctic conditions in the club.. musicly i hope you all found it to your liking all sets bringing something different to the dance floor.. ps that fire was a god send even though it was next to useless... again thanks..
  7. DJ Times 8.00 till 8.45 Pete Best 8.45 till 9.30 Curt s 9.30 till 10.15 Calvin Lee 10.15 till 11.15 Martyn Bradley 11.15 till 12.15 Ian Cunliffe 12.15 till 01.15 Phil T 01.15 till end Chic hope to see you all there...
  8. and all this just for a £5.00 otd
  10. 80s memories for me
  11. not played this in years... # wonder if curts picked it...
  12. sure we could sort that between you n curt
  13. Dj`s Pete Best, Curt , Calvin Lee, Martyn Bradley, Ian Cunliffe, Phil Threlfall, and addition of Chic.... 8 till at least 2.00
  14. Dj
  15. looking to be a great nite of great records..

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