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  1. Hope above helps clear things up, Photo below is Mr Willie Weems and myself when we met up in 2022.. willie is now in his 80`s and is a carer for his mother who in her late 90`s possible now 100..
  2. Kitty Grove AKA Stewart is the lady on the right side, on above photos, below are a few photos of Kitty at various ages including first photo with willie Weems.. Edith Brown was a neice of Jack Daniels, Kitty is still alive and living on the outskirts of Atlanta.. Kitty still visits chicago for family events, her brother is on facebook, both are still in contack with Willie Weems
  3. Great Job Jordon, very informative, and for you the love of the chase must of been exciting...
  4. Martyn Bradley`s spot at B ilston Town hall
  5. LeaManor in the mid 90`s before its sad demise..
  6. Now have a 1:30am finish..
  7. We have managed to secure a great venue in the West Midlands, and have been given the opportunity to revisit the type of venue that was Lea Manor Albrighton with regards music policy .. Original Promoter Martyn Bradley has been thinking this idea through over the last few months and now it has come to fruition.. We are hoping to use many of the original djs that frequented the event at the time. DJs for the first event will be Cliff Steele, John Pugh, Paul (Harpo) Harpin, Martyn Bradley, Paul Cross and Pete Best.. Great Dancefloor and Great Venue.. Plus dancing till 1:30 to some of the best sounds from the era and and beyond..
  8. Deffo Geoff Oakes And Atlas
  9. Robb, Eugene (Ronnie) is still with us, hes now known as Abu, after a change in religion
  10. Yes His Niece (Toni, rob Reccos Daughter) called me, early monday morning. He had been ill with Parkinsons diesease, for a number of years.. but hadnt been to well over the weekend, he refused to go in hospital has he was due to go in last wednesday for a follow up procdeure to a prostrate problem.. Al will be sadly missed by all who knew him..
  11. thanks for that will try to find a different photo for JM
  12. Sad to say that Clifford Frazier passed away Tuesday 6th October (2020), Clifford was just 19 when he was with Walter and the Admirations, Clifford also wrote Man o Man and Life of tears. Later as a member of Velvet Hammer he co wrote happy another Northern great.. REST IN PEACE Clifford..

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