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  1. cck

    Rising Sun on Suncut

    The Rising Sun "One Night Affair" b/w "Do What You're Doin" on Suncut seeking a clean copy, thank you!
  2. can anyone help me on this one? Thanks! cameron.kowall@gmail.com
  3. cck


  4. love the O'Jays version too, not sure which i like more
  5. cck


  6. cck

    Norman Scott on Chi

    Looking for this 70s single from the same artist on the Way Out label out of Cleveland. Please PM or email, thank you cameron.kowall [at] gmail [dot] com
  7. auctions ending on Wednesday, thanks for looking! mix of gospel, soul and funk 45s, http://www.ebay.com/sch/edwardlacy/m.html
  8. cck

    YOUNG MODS who you gonna run to

    for a second i got excited but remembered i was in the wants section. even my grandma wants this thing, best of luck
  9. cck


  10. cck


  11. that is pretty rad, i'm sure RL's high bid was infinity though
  12. Looking for a VG or better copy of this Ohio 45. Please PM with details, thank you! cameron.kowall [at] gmail [dot] com
  13. cck

    Dewey Jeffries - E&J

    worth a try here i suppose.


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