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  1. Can you send Creators audio clip please.


    Thanks dallas

  2. Dejazzy1

    June Evans Hardly Need To Say

    Nice clean copy no pops cracks or hisses. Reply here and dejazzy1@bigpond.com Thanks
  3. Dejazzy1

    The Topics Booking Up Baby

    Nice clean copy no pops cracks or hisses please. reply here or dejazzy1@bigpond.com. Thanks
  4. Dejazzy1


    Nice clean copy wanted no pops cracks or hisses. Thought I had one but sellers not come back so looking again. Good price paid please note I live Australia so we have a 8 hr time difference for mail or. Intact me on messenger thanks.
  5. Dejazzy1

    Ike Strong

    I sent message 425 after that I’m out. I’m going bed now it’s 10.30pm let me know. Thanks Dallas
  6. Dejazzy1

    Ike Strong

    I uped to 400 plus postage to Australia let me know please. Can pay today
  7. Dejazzy1

    Delilah Moore It takes Love

    Nice clean copy no pops cracks or hisses. PM please I’m in Australia so 8hours time difference. Thanks.
  8. Dejazzy1

    Ike Strong

    Hi I sent offer of 350
  9. Dejazzy1

    Ike Strong

    Your love keeps me dancing. No pops cracks or hisses please
  10. Nice clean copy no cracks pops or hisses Thanks
  11. Looking for a copy east end records I think? Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Want M&M Ultimate Mix cheers
  12. Dejazzy1

    Ila Van

    Wanted Ila Van and Business before pleasure "I'm in the prime of love" Stang records nice clean copy cheers
  13. Dejazzy1

    Jeff Floyd 7"

    Best of Friends Big J Nice clean copy no pops cracks or hisses.
  14. Dejazzy1

    TJ Williams Baby I Need You

    Josie records nice clean copy please no pops hisses or clicks . cheers.
  15. Dejazzy1

    Energy Records out of Italy

    I'm looking for the the full set if 12" issues or demos. PM please. Cheers D


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