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  1. Getting spins up front by the likes of Richard Searling, Patrick Forge, Gilles Peterson, Kev Beadle, Dom Servini... Reference Point Records release two tracks from the rare album 'Home Base' that came out in a small pressing run back in 78'. April Fulladosa - Side A. "Tell Me", Side B. "Here We Are" RP Records 001 seven inch single. Pressing run of 350 picture sleeved copies, no repress will be done. Out in mid October in certain shops, available direct from today for £16.99 + postage. Contact Mark GV at https://www.facebook.com/rp.referencepoint/ for enquiries about the original album purchase, or for the limited 7" release purchase...
  2. One of the most famous one's from the 70's that became a hit, always hits the spot along with "Jo Jo"...
  3. Woolie Mark...On a similar vein to the above track... https://hearthis.at/tdgghx3r/down-in-brazil-mix-for-noncollective-site/ Mark GV
  4. Only just come across this topic after not logging in for a long while! Use to love the first couple of hours at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens when Poke would be playing all the latest new promo stuff he'd picked up from Soul Bowl. I'd slowly over about an eighteen month period got more and more into the new stuff, and even later on realised the Northern stuff I liked the most had that polished early to mid 70's new production, lush strings with rolling percussion behind, as opposed to the more stomping late 60's Detroit sound. Stuff I was into at Cleethorpes that Poke was spinning was stuff like Double Exposure : Ten Percent, Love Committee : Cheaters Never Win, LaSo : La So Square, Ripple : The Beat Goes On, Evelyn King : Shame, Marsha Hunt : The Other Side Of Midnight, John Gibbs : Trinidad, Cameo : It's Serious, Francis McGee : Delirium to name a few. Then in Spring 78' went on my own to my first Ritz All Dayer, it was the 3rd Anniversary if i remember rightly! Musically a big day for me, noticed how the folks from the disco/jazz-funk crowds were having a good old time, some of the guys actually dancing with girls in some cases (doing the bump), some folks with whistles and other musical instrument stuff. Vibrant clothes as well they were wearing, all exciting stuff! LOL Then the music, so infectious!!! Ashford & Simpson : Don't Cost Ya Nothing, George Benson : On Broadway, EWF : Runnin', and a few more like Joe Sample : Many Stops Along The Way, Lee Ritenour : Fly By Night that became ingrained in my head. Colin Curtis was the man that day, and still to this day one of my all time favourite DJ's. I quickly became involved more and more with the Disco / Jazz-Funk scene to the point by late 78' I'd stopped attending Northern Soul events altogether. I started going to the Leeds Central every Friday night for Dewhurst & Schofield's night, some Saturdays over to Manchester for Rafters with Colin Curtis, and the usual Blackpool Mecca and Ritz All Dayers. I occasionally came down to London as well for The 100 Club Saturday afternoon session and other weekend club nights happening around central London. Wonderful days that along with my start on the Northern Soul scene from 74' gave me the foundations for a musically rich life to date. These days musically, I jointly run a monthly night called 'Reference Point' mostly in the central London area (sometimes in other spots like Leeds and Asturias in Spain as well) since 2013 playing Soul, Jazz, Library/Soundtracks, Disco, AOR, Brazilian & Balearic musical sounds. I even ended up becoming friends with Alex Malheiros the bass player from Azymuth (one of my all time favourite jazz fusion bands) and hanging out at his house just outside of Rio De Janeiro, as well as visiting Ed Motta and becoming friends. Met my wife while on one of my record digging trips in Brazil in the mid 90's, compiled a Brazilian comp for EMI / Blue Note Records(Blue Brazil 3) back in 2000, and in the last few years compiled the 'Americana - Rock Your Soul' Volumes 1 & 2 for BBE Records together with a friend (Volume 3 out this coming summer). All this happened due to those early foundation days of following the music of the Northern Soul and Jazz-Funk scenes back in the 70's... Mark GV Taylor
  5. What bothers me is that most things in the U.S. (petrol, food, clothing, housing) are cheaper than here in the U.K. & most of Europe, so how come their postage charges for International are among the highest of 1st world countries!!! It cost's about half the price to mail stuff over to the U.S. from U.K., and It's cheaper to get stuff mailed from Japan these days that it is in the States, some kind of con going on somewhere with the standard U.S. Mail Postal prices (not couriers).
  6. Big spin for Richard Searling on his Rare and Well Done hour on Solar Radio this week, and one of his fave discoveries for 2016. Have a listen at the 15:52 mark : http://www.solarradio.com/show/richard-searling/ ARTHUR : 'JOY' Have a few mint sealed copies left, first come first served before they have all gone. £100.00 + £5.00 Special Delivery Postage. A seller on U.S. Ebay put one up for sale in VG condition a couple of weeks ago with a sound clip of the track Richard played on his show (8 Bids). Here's a link to the Ebay sale on the sellers page from a few weeks ago... http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEGA-RARE-Bay-Area-AOR-Modern-Soul-Funk-LP-ARTHUR-Joy-CHANTERELLE-Hear-mp3-/172420458731?hash=item28250f68eb:g:CmwAAOSwal5YNOPn Contact me at: msttaylor@virginmedia.com
  7. ARTHUR : 'JOY' Recent spin for Richard Searling on his Rare and Well Done hour on Solar Radio. Seller on U.S. ebay has recently put one up for sale in VG condition with a sound clip of the track Richard played on his show. Have some sealed M copies for sale at £50.00 plus postage. Here's a link to the Ebay sale and soundclip "So Close To You" on the sellers page... http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEGA-RARE-Bay-Area-AOR-Modern-Soul-Funk-LP-ARTHUR-Joy-CHANTERELLE-Hear-mp3-/172420458731?hash=item28250f68eb:g:CmwAAOSwal5YNOPn
  8. One just appeared on Ebay.com in only VG to VG+ condition, comes with a sound file if you wish to listen to the track. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEGA-RARE-Bay-Area-AOR-Modern-Soul-Funk-LP-ARTHUR-Joy-CHANTERELLE-Hear-mp3-/172420458731?hash=item28250f68eb:g:CmwAAOSwal5YNOPn
  9. Played by Richard Searling on his 'Rare and well done' hour on Solar recently. Arthur : So Close To You. (Rare Private Press Release) First come first served, already a few gone after folks heard it on his show and contacted me directly. £50.00 + £4.00 first class postage.
  10. Anyone have a copy of this mellow cut in VG+ to M- condition they might wanna move on? Nothing like his in demand "I Believe In Miracles"track, more of a mellow AOR vibe to it...
  11. Anyone have a copy of this mellow cut in VG+ to M- condition they might wanna move on?
  12. Have a friend who's played in Jakarta and in Bali a few times, but that was more on the garage house soul tip!
  13. I buy from Japanese dealers on the usual selling sites, and also from a couple of the shops every couple of months. To date always smooth transactions, and the records are always exactly as described condition wise. Mark
  14. Could be they are incorporating the 4% fee that they will get charged by Paypal when the money for goods is paid into their paypal account!
  15. Fond memories of Cleethorpes All Dayers taking place on Sundays in 77 & 78 These tracks always take me back to the Wintergardens and that lovely dance floor... Mel Britt : She'll Come Running Back. Don Thomas : Come On Train. Jobell & The Orchestra De Salsa : Never Gonna Let You Go. Love Committe : Cheaters Never Win. The Montclairs : I'm Hung Up On Your Love.

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