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    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!!!<br />Bit of Ska & Reggae....and of course my beloved Northern Soul!
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    King's Lynn
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    Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You

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  1. Soul-Slider

    The Servicemen

    Surely it's a version of Billy Butler's 'My Heart Is Hurtin'....????? In fact someone on another youtube clip is saying The Royal Imperials were Billy Butler & The Enchanters! I'm confused, different writing credits too!
  2. Hi Michael, My Larry Williams, bought from Soul Bowl in the late 80's has a stick on label. I think you're right and there are 2 sorts, pretty sure that is the case with some other Okeh 45's.
  3. Larry Williams, I wouldn't think that was booted? I'll dig my copy out and see if it's stick on label, I can't remember. Here's a link to a listed copy that looks like moulded label but the video looks like styrene stick on... http://www.45cat.com/record/47259
  4. Soul-Slider

    curtis lee

    The 'Rojac' guy.
  5. Soul-Slider

    Reel to reel + Other Old Junk!

    My junk...
  6. Soul-Slider

    Reel to reel + Other Old Junk!

    I've one in the loft which was my father-in-law's, complete with loads of 1960's pop recordings. I even managed to find a proper release on Motown at a car boot about 15 years ago...
  7. Soul-Slider

    US 60's Garage bands

    Good one. Lead singer deffo sounds black!
  8. Soul-Slider

    US 60's Garage bands

  9. Soul-Slider

    Margie Mills - Who Was She?

    This thread has just been linked by someone over on 45cat so I thought I'd put my two-penneth worth in. Another of he Northern type 45's is 'What About Mine' on Groove, and here she is...
  10. Soul-Slider

    You baby

    Just remembered another version that I actually have in my box by Colin Cook, and it's not a bad Aussie take!
  11. Soul-Slider

    You baby

    Ah yes, I forgot about Linda Scott (on Kapp) good version!
  12. Soul-Slider

    LP soul winter warmers

    I'm a massive fan of the 'LP Only Tracks' and put together a few CDs for myself recently. Mine are more 1960's Northern though to be honest.
  13. Soul-Slider

    You baby

    Jackie Trent....best version. Len Barry close second. Lovin' Spoonful better than the other lame versions, at least the Spoonful's got a bit of Soul. Disappointed in the Sonny & Cher version, thought they'd do a better job because the backing track on 'Good Combination' is great and 100% Northern.
  14. Soul-Slider

    You baby

  15. Soul-Slider

    You baby



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