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  1. Bob Relf, Bob and Earl, Bobby Garrett

    I believe this is a legitimate release, I have the same one and sources say all originals carry the 'circle with the V' stamp.
  2. Obscure foreign 70s 45s wanted.

    I been a collecting a few myself Neal, good place is discogs for foreign releases, had some rare one's for good prices. John (South)

    Agree, pointless! You can hear it now... "I have the bootleg, but it's a demo"
  4. Motown experts required!

    It's working! I can see the Sharon Soul 'aliases' on discogs have been removed
  5. Motown experts required!

    Here's another Discogs faux pas, I added the photo of Sharon Soul which is correct but look at the aliases they've listed, in particular 'Susan Phillips'...click on that name and you can clearly see the difference!! https://www.discogs.com/artist/1596493...
  6. Motown experts required!

    This where my confusion came....both links saying the white guy is Hal Davis who worked with MOTOWN!!!! https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/18907 and... https://www.discogs.com/artist/160523-Hal-Davis
  7. Motown experts required!

    So who's in this picture....? Sources say it's Frank Wilson, Chris Clark and Hal Davis. Also, this one say's it's Marc Gordon, Marvin Gaye and Hal Davis... BUT and this is really the question, I thought THIS was HAL DAVIS....?????????????
  8. jimmy hughes slipping around uk atlantic or fame

    Sean Chapman got one for £40.... http://www.chapmanrecords.co.uk/shop/index.aspx?searchType=artist&search=jimmy+hughes
  9. A few for sale.

  10. Debonaires--- Headache in my Heart

    Wasn't that SH105? a bootleg with the Pat Lewis - Warning flip?
  11. Gene Woodbury that's not half bad/everybody can't ...

    No joy, I had a look but I can't find it at the moment. I can't remember selling it so when/if it turns up I'll PM you straight away ok.
  12. Gene Woodbury that's not half bad/everybody can't ...

    I'll take a look later for you ok.
  13. channels

    I'm sure I have a nice copy, I'll dig it out later and let you know condition ok
  14. Where do you guys buy your sleeves from?

    I know what you mean about the 5mm gap at the top, these are usually the USA sleeves. Personally I try to keep USA sleeves with USA records and UK sleeves (usually cover the whole 45) with UK records, but that's just me being pedantic
  15. Blue-eyed Soul?

    What about Kelly St.Clair?