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  1. Louise Lewis - Let It Be You Babe

    I always wondered if she was the actress....? http://www.aveleyman.com/ActorCredit.aspx?ActorID=10306 She appeared in a few films including some Horror flicks, she also had a 45 out on Skyway called 'Monster Bride / Monster Miss'
  2. Al Williams?

  3. How the hell is this not massive??

    Only 45 of theirs missing from my collection, superb group.
  4. How the hell is this not massive??

    This is massive! In my house anyway Good call. I'll nominate this one...
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Yeah, I like them, I have a couple of their 45s (the other one on Parlophone and a solo one on Decca) but they are fairly tough to find. I do collect the British soul stuff too, some great unknown 45s to seek out! EDIT: Bizzare! A copy f this popped up...
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    One of the best!
  7. Mirwood lp draw list - Winner draw

    Me too! I know the Mirwood 45 of 'My Sugar Baby' only exists as a bootleg. A bit of info here... http://www.45cat.com/record/mw5551 On the youtube clip Sherlie actually comments so it is deffo her.
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    I think that Rick Reardon is the main connection to the 2 groups Benji, 7 Dwarfs came first then Rick and maybe 1 or 2 of the others formed The Ambassadors (possibly!). Rick Reardon is lead singer on the Ambassadors 'Whole Lotta Soul' side, he was in the 7 Dw...
  9. Mirwood lp draw list - Winner draw

    Well done Stu. I Remember a similar LP way back in the 1980's ..... Side 11 Richard Temple - That Beatin Rhythm.2 Jackie Lee - The Duck.3 Jimmy Thomas - Where's There A Will.4 Sherlie Matthews - My Sugar Baby.5 Olympics - The Same Old Thing.6 Bobby Garre...

    I've just posted a photo of the group on ABTS 'Blue Eyed Soul' thread.
  11. Blue-eyed Soul?

  12. Al Williams?

    Just came across this photo on the net 'Al Williams & The Assembly Of Soul' ...so, is this the Detroit (La Beat) artist? I've never seen an actual photo of our Detroit guy. BTW: This is the site I got it from.... http://www.williamsl...
  13. There is a version of the Nooney Rickett track 'Sad Tomorrows' on a Trini Lopez 45 (Reprise 0328) 1964 and on an LP 'The Love Album' (Reprise 6165) 1965
  14. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Just doing some digging and I found out that The Majestics / David & Ruben '(I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me' (Linda 121) were actually The Romancers (also on Linda) with David & Ruben Robles. More 'brown-eyed Soul' rather than blue as these were Mex...
  15. Import duty?

    I have just sent for 3 45's from the States and asked the seller if he could record a smaller amount as I don't want to pay customs as it's a rip off here in the UK. His reply was "Well, I have complete worldwide customer satisfaction wherever I post to...