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    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!!!<br />Bit of Ska & Reggae....and of course my beloved Northern Soul!
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  1. The Monzas - You know you turn me on 45

    post deleted
  2. Lucky Charms Tied To Your Heart How Much ?

    Doh! I just realised
  3. Lucky Charms Tied To Your Heart How Much ?

    They are blue-eyed. The group on the pictured LP are from Schofield and on 'Starfire' records. These are the Georgia group mentioned earlier.
  4. Track ID please

    'Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers'? Sounds Detroit????
  5. Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases (merged)

    Car boot find 25p. No great shakes but Northern and the other side is a good Mod type beat track...
  6. I've Got Another Version Of Like The Lord Said

    I think the instrumental is by the M.S.R Band and on an M.S.R label LP, possibly one of the 2 I posted.
  7. I've Got Another Version Of Like The Lord Said

    These are all the ones I know with the same backing: Like The Lord Said Gloria I'm A Man If You Don't Like It Don't Knock it Don't You Tempt Me (BTW Manfromsoul I just ordered Spi-Dells and Casinos from you ...oh I love a bit of ...
  8. outside influences

    Royal Jesters - 'Lady Sunshine' (Optimum) fairly similar to Main Change - Sunshine is Her Way.
  9. Freeman brothers "my baby"

    Do you mean 'My Baby'?
  10. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Yes I agree Mike, as tomangoes said, it's run it's course. Been good though
  11. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Nice one, I got it on US 'Date'. This one is also good by him...
  12. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Best LP of hers is this one, got all the Hickory Northern tunes on....
  13. Blue-eyed Soul?

    I knew he was a Latino, all the artists on 'Optimum' are (Royal Jesters are one group), also most on the 'Linda' label too. ...and this one that reminds me so much of Main Change - 'Sunshine Is Her Way'...
  14. Blue-eyed Soul?

    She's also 'Gail Kelly'.

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