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  1. Blue-eyed Soul?

    One of my favourites back in the day! Diamond was an actor and was considered for the role of 'Robin' with Adam West but at 21 was feared too old. The strange world of Northern Soul!
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Pesci, second from left...
  3. Local car boot find

    Are you serious? If so that's got to be one of the best car boot (UK) finds ever! I got this for 60p.... ...and this for 25p....
  4. Local car boot find

    Well done btw
  5. Local car boot find

    Popsike suggests around the £50 mark.
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Just picked this up, LP only track. The group mostly use Linda Tillery as vocalist and she is African American but the rest of the band are white. This one can be classed as blue eyed soul as the vocalist is Paul Fauerso, nice rendition of the Four Tops...
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Here's a rare photo.... Apparently these are also The Ambassadors (Pee Vee).
  9. There's one on Discogs now for £30.....think I'll take my chances at the car boots / charity shops
  10. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Another rare one and a great Northern dancer....
  11. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Not the same group Benji, these guys had to change their name to 'The Rubberband' shortly after this release because of the other guys on Eastern/Dial (who are great btw). The other Mag 7....
  12. Blue-eyed Soul?

    I do sometimes wonder how a great Soul track like this.... ...can come out of a group of teenage Frat boys like this...
  13. Blue-eyed Soul?

    This one pretty good too, pop with a dab of soul certainly, bet the Aussie Mods dug her!
  14. Blue-eyed Soul?