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    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!!!<br />Bit of Ska & Reggae....and of course my beloved Northern Soul!
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    Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You

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  1. Soul-Slider

    Rodd Keith - 'You're Groovy'

    Rodd Keith - 'You're Groovy' M.S.R. (366)
  2. Soul-Slider

    johnny curtis-our love's disintegrating.

    Great record! In my collection. UK Parlophone only I believe? From 'Frankie & Johnny' fame.
  3. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

    Nice one, it's the flip of 'Motown Feeling' which I only have on the CBM compilation on Ember. It's virtually all JA Soul but oddly titled 'In Reggae Time'? Nice cover
  4. Soul-Slider

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    Had to laugh, really, at this quote from Alan Hazan (producer of some of Dora's records). You can imagine it.... In any event, the music background really turned out well and all the musicians were anxious to discover who the singer would be. I could see the disappointment on their faces when Ms. Hall walked into the studio and took her place behind the vocal mike. Jack Nitzsche looked especially disappointed. We had really come..
  5. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

    Yes quite right. I have used some of their tracks for my JA Soul selections, including on my latest compilation...
  6. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

  7. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

    Here's the next 5 CD's I did. This isn't a sales pitch just showing off some of my collection as all these tracks are recorded off 45's or LP's that I own. I appreciate some may not be 100% Jamaican Soul (as opposed to UK Soul with British singers of Jamaican descent).
  8. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

    I'll post up all the track listings (as photos) on here tomorrow ok.
  9. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

  10. Soul-Slider

    Jamaican Soul

    Long before Trojan did their 'Work Your Soul' CD I was doing my own Jamaican Soul compilations. This one was my first and I used to dish them out when I ran a Ska/Reggae fanzine, many people had copies and it was very popular, you can see by the track listing it was fairly similar to the one Trojan put out.... I've since done 12 volumes of the stuff so there's plenty out there!!
  11. Soul-Slider

    Unissued Court Davis Acetate

    I must have missed when Court's brother visited this site so, after listening to 'Phoenix' I gather Court is white? I'd never have guessed years ago when I heard 'Try To Think...' but did start to wonder when I found a copy of this 45 on a boot sale....
  12. Soul-Slider

    Some history on this one please.

    The band are actually Cashman, Pistilli & West (and obviously some tight rhythm section). 3 white guys who had an album on ABC and various other 45's on's an example from 1968...
  13. Soul-Slider

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    Some of her tunes were arranged and conducted by H.B. Barnum....pedigree right there!
  14. Soul-Slider

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    Reminds me of the kind of thing Rodd Keith was doing! Must admit, I do like 'It's All Over' and 'Pretty Boy'.
  15. Soul-Slider

    Majestees / Volumes on Twirl

    What's the story of the Majestee's 'pressing with the typo'? I got my copy from Soul Bowl about 20 years ago and it has the spelling 'Majjestee's' (double j). EDIT: Doh! It's ok i've just found the topic/thread on it on here....and I was part of it!!!! Old age definitely setting in