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    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!!!<br />Bit of Ska & Reggae....and of course my beloved Northern Soul!
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    King's Lynn
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    Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You

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  1. Soul-Slider

    Help Required

    Al Wilson...Now I Know What Love Is? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Sounds like 'Back In My Arms Again' or lyrics say "back . back, back in my arms again"?? Anyway, excuse to post a good tune....
  2. Soul-Slider

    Cheap & Cheerful Cheapies At £3.00 Each

    Ronnie & Joyce Andy Butler Billy Prince Please
  3. Soul-Slider

    Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases

    Malaysia.... India...('B' side is 'I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving')
  4. Soul-Slider

    Articles: Pete Lawson 1984 Letter To Blackbeat

    Yes you're right. Pete Lawson say's 'Sammy Sevens' on Swan is white. Sure I read somewhere it was Chubby Checker using a pseudonym??
  5. Soul-Slider


    Sorry I was just pointing out in case you didn't know that it never came out in the US.
  6. Soul-Slider


    UK or Italian only on United Artists, no USA 45?
  7. Soul-Slider

    The Poets (Scottish)

    Looks good too, at a snip of the price of an original...
  8. Soul-Slider

    The Poets (Scottish)

    I know this isn't much help and you probs already know but it was re-issued on a Decca 45 from 'Circles: Mod Box Set' (I bought one myself). https://www.discogs.com/Various-Circles-The-Mod-45s-Box/release/4899055 Great record!
  9. Soul-Slider

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    As a Marvel comic book collector (vintage silver age 1962 - 1975) as well as a record hoarder I just love these 2 albums, both featuring striking art by Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby (famed Marvel artists for the uninformed) and both in my collection. One Jazz, the other Prog Rock....
  10. Loads of small USA independent labels do not carry a stamp at all, just scratched in numbers and letters.
  11. Soul-Slider

    Pictures of Us

    Always selling something that geezer! I just remembered, called himself Kyp Highbury and I think I've just found him on Faceache
  12. Soul-Slider

    Pictures of Us

    Yeah, that's it. Do you know him? I ain't heard from him for years!
  13. Soul-Slider

    Pictures of Us

    Did you by any chance know a guy from Nottingham called 'Kip', think he was half Greek? Fairly big fella always one for a laugh. I used to knock about with him during my visits to Nottingham Soul nights.
  14. Soul-Slider

    Pictures of Us

    Yeah me too but mainly Nottingham, Leicester, Peterborough, Cambridge, Norwich, Boston (Lincs) and St.Ives in Cambridgeshire. I don't go to many nowadays.
  15. Soul-Slider

    Pictures of Us

    Are you from Nottingham mate? No Pete, originally from London (Hackney) now living in King's Lynn...but I been to Nottingham All-nighters loads of times during the 70's/80's and early 90's...maybe you've seen me in one?


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