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  1. Thanks Paul and Kristen for including my take on ‘Soul with a message’ this weekend.

    The platform you’ve created is really interesting and some amazing selections from those who’ve contributed so far, lots more to come hopefully.

    Listening to all the mixes so far and taking time going through my own small collection to find recordings I felt fitted the project has reminded me again how vast the number and range of records out there and an insight into how the artists and their families, communities may have felt about various struggles then, as now all these decades later.

    I look forward to hearing more of the mixes this year and reading more too.

    Thanks again, take care all. Steve

    Link again here for anyone who’s interested to listen:


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  2. Thanks for taking the time to type that..really interesting read and has made me pull out and re-listen to all the Hit and Run 45s I’ve bought over the years, without knowing much at all really about the label and stories behind it..until now. Keep it going, as so many wonderful CD albums and certain tracks getting missed or forgotten about. Cheers and keep well at this uneasy time👍 Steve

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  3. Stumbled on this great interview and info / photos today when searching for something on Marvin Smith.

    I’d forgotten all about this and also the great CD of 4 unissued tracks until I found it when having a tidy up today...shame that never got issued to wider audience, would make a tidy pic-sleeve EP on 7 or 12.

    Can’t believe this was 5 years ago already...Thought worth re-posting the link here, otherwise might also get lost, as far as I can see being in events at the time rather than a featured article:

     Cheers, Steve

  4. 17 minutes ago, Richard said:


    pre release orders on this now. Both sides are nice 👍 

    First time available on 7” - yellow or black vinyl to choose from

    and the flip


    Thanks for reminding me about that...listened to the CD loads when it first came out in ‘94..shame he didn’t go on to record more, or maybe he did?

  5. Summer at last! Here's an hour of various soul for lazy days and long nights, mostly 70's 45's...The Futures, The Florida Spiritualaires, The Master Plan, Rosey Grier, Carl Hall, Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis, Michael Wycoff, The Vibrations, Linda Clifford, Phillips Mitchell, A Brother's Guiding Light, Lynn White, Bobby McClure, Weldon Irvine, Charles Drain, Clausel.





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