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  1. Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    Sorry can't make this one fellas..hope it's a great day & night up there! Seriously good soul & beer for anyone who's not been and thinking of popping over
  2. Happy Birthday Len

    Happy Birthday Len! See you soon

    Only my second time to Bury, really like the venue and all three rooms, slightly different from last year & better for it I thought. Always a good sign walking up and seeing lots of people outside early on and once inside soon got busy in all rooms, more than I thought it would for the time of year but just right with nice ebb & flow on the dancefloors + not too loud, which some places can be to my ears. A fair few familiar faces from Northants and Beds etc also had a good night.. and a good hard dance judging by how many changes of shirt I clocked one or two people made! Apart from sneaking out for some chips I spent most of the night dancing and nattering in the Kenwood Suite, nicely that bit darker, great spots by everyone in there and also from all djs in the main room and modern room from what I could hear and see. That main room dance floor is just lovely and great bar in there too + upstairs. Thanks everyone and to Len again for sorting the hotel, very handy that, right next door. Cheers. Will be back next year for sure

    Looking forward to a blast out at Bury with Len & Co this weekend and no rush back the next day either ...that's LEN & Co, not Legs & Co...though I'm sure I had a good dream about that idea once after seeing them on TOTP as a young teen
  5. Low Rider Scene

    Spotted this beauty at Santa Pod here in Northants last weekend. Would be a nightmare to drive & park on UK roads
  6. Thanks as always to those who came along and to Brian + each the guest DJ's this time: Dave Halsall, Sid Clayton & Gilly. We'll be back there again on Sunday 24th Sept for anyone interested in popping along and in the meantime I'll kick off with a fe...
  7. The Sunday Soul Sessions, The Stanwick Hotel, Northants

    Looking forward to welcoming back some of the regulars and seeing anyone else who fancies it for a few hours of soul this coming Sunday eve from 6.30ish..Free entry as usual but please note we'll be in the main bar this time, on the left as you walk in near reception and which also opens out onto patio area...closer to the bar!
  8. fanzines and soul books

    Hi Rob, I'll be very interested and grateful if you have the Soul Harmony Singles book (Jeff Beckmann) and/or Voices from the Shadows issues 20&21? Thanks. Steve
  9. Happy Birthday Scotters

    Ahh thanks guys. Had a good day with family today / tonight and looking forward to some great soul nights out again and seeing you all soon! Cheers
  10. Unity & The Downbeats - Love Dream

    Couple years on, so thought I'd throw this out there again to see if anyone might have a copy for trade(s) or sale sometime. No rush Cheers, Steve
  11. Thanks so much to DaveK for selling me issues 1-6 of Voices + some other really great reading material...much appreciate Dave! Paul...I'll be very happy to take issue 21 off your hands if you still have that please and if anyone else can then help me with...
  12. Soul Ones - This is my prayer - Deal

    That matrix matches the one on my black vinyl copy Andy (ending S-1 on the Soul Pot side / S-22 on the Prayer side). I can't recall who I bought it from, when or how much paid, but looks near mint so wouldn't surprise me if this is a recent reissue or somethi...
  13. ...Anyone? I'm happy to pay £10 for each one if in decent condition. Thanks
  14. Please let me know if you've spares or willing to sell any of issues 1-6, 20 & 21 of this brilliant series of soul mags from the 80s/90s. Many thanks, Steve
  15. Peterborough-Carl-Fortnum-Steve-Jay-Caliente

    A few of us looking forward to this Friday for a night of SOUL and banter. Couldn't make the anniversary special in April so hope someone recorded it?! Looks like it's gonna be a warm one! Cheers, Steve