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  1. Mix of a few dance floor friendly soul releases from the last several years to spark a fading memory or two being out and about somewhere soulful. It's been too long.
  2. Pt 6 of these fortnightly mixes, giving more thanks to all those who dig to find previously unreleased / unissued / alt-takes of SOUL. Continuing from a fortnight ago with another 50 mins of sub-100 bpm laid back soul. 60's & 70's head nodders, foot tappers, heart warmers and heartstring tuggers. Hope you enjoy, keep safe and well.
  3. Get a spring in your step with Easter special of 25 uplifting (mostly!) US soul 45's with yellow labels from the 60's & 70's. A sprinkling of medium rare sides among some quality cheapies too. Hope you enjoy, keep safe and well.
  4. Giving more thanks to all those who dig to find previously unreleased / unissued / alt-takes of SOUL. Following on from the mostly 60's mix a fortnight ago, moving back to the 70's and early 80's for this one and dropping the tempo again. Opening and closing with lovely imminent new double-sider from Carman Bryant / Doug Payne & Carman Bryant on Super Disco Edits. Also including wonderful new previously unreleased dancer from Bernadette Bascom out this April on Izipho Soul Records. Another real treat from Marvin Smith's Unissued Masters CD from the Wilton in 2014 (a concert Marvin sad
  5. A dozen new and recent 45s with a couple from the last several years, mid to down tempo soul. Cheers.
  6. Have used the store a couple of times now and wanted to say, very good prices, superb fast service and solid packaging. Layout of the site is really good, smooth using iphone with instant soundclips and I like how you’re adding and featuring more range, including CDs and now review options. Cheers!
  7. Giving more thanks to all those who dig to find previously unreleased / unissued / alt-takes of SOUL. Lifting the tempo from the slower sides of a fortnight ago. Some firm personal faves in here. All 45's again, though a handful of the tracks were first released on CD comps some years before finding their way onto vinyl for the first time. Hope you enjoy, keep safe & well.
  8. Another week ticked off and another Friday night unwinding with JD, a change of tempo from some of the recent slower mixes. Serving up a warm starter with a fiery chicken main and some rare steaks on the side. Hope you enjoy, keep safe and well!
  9. Giving more thanks to all those who dig to find share previously unreleased / unissued / alt-takes of SOUL. Going deep this time for a Sunday, not for the faint-hearted. All from vinyl releases, some only recently released for the first time, some from over the last decade or so. Recordings by The Valdons, The Lovers, The Truths Inc, Brief Encounter, Gold, Marvin Smith, Otis Clay, Ike Perry & The Lyrics, Eddie Parker, The Diplomats, The Lyrics, Lee Moses, Frankie, The Exceptionals, Brenda Varner, The Masqueraders. Hope you enjoy and keep safe & well.
  10. Couple of 45 min mixes here for anyone interested, giving thanks to all those who spend so much time & effort to find & release previously unreleased / unissued / alt-takes over recent years. Soul that might otherwise have been lost forever. These two mixes are on the more mid-tempo side from 45s and LP across various labels. Some more uptempo mixes to follow in a few weeks, some slower sides too. Hope you enjoy and keep safe & well.
  11. Some slower and lower contemporary soul releases, recent and decent from the last several months, mostly 45's with some digital pre-orders. Hope you enjoy. Keep safe and well.
  12. What a brilliant find and version, well done and thanks for making it available after all these years! I love the story, the tempo, so soulful....and now with Jesse’s amazing vocal. Both sides wonderful.
  13. Thanks Paul and Kristen for including my take on ‘Soul with a message’ this weekend. The platform you’ve created is really interesting and some amazing selections from those who’ve contributed so far, lots more to come hopefully. Listening to all the mixes so far and taking time going through my own small collection to find recordings I felt fitted the project has reminded me again how vast the number and range of records out there and an insight into how the artists and their families, communities may have felt about various struggles then, as now all these decades later. I loo
  14. Just under a dozen soul 45's from the last few years. Hoping for better times ahead. Thanks for listening if you do. Happy New Year. Keep safe and well, Steve

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