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  1. What a brilliant find and version, well done and thanks for making it available after all these years! I love the story, the tempo, so soulful....and now with Jesse’s amazing vocal. Both sides wonderful.
  2. Thanks Paul and Kristen for including my take on ‘Soul with a message’ this weekend. The platform you’ve created is really interesting and some amazing selections from those who’ve contributed so far, lots more to come hopefully. Listening to all the mixes so far and taking time going through my own small collection to find recordings I felt fitted the project has reminded me again how vast the number and range of records out there and an insight into how the artists and their families, communities may have felt about various struggles then, as now all these decades later. I loo
  3. Just under a dozen soul 45's from the last few years. Hoping for better times ahead. Thanks for listening if you do. Happy New Year. Keep safe and well, Steve
  4. Amazing performance that night, Maydie’s voice, stunning and the band too. What a night. Thanks for posting Chalky. Seven years ago already, hopefully more live performances and soul nights out again next year. Cheers
  5. Looks brilliant...and alongside Gilly’s book also finally due in a few months...Winter might not be so bad afterall! Well done everyone involved, I can’t imagine all the time and effort that goes into such huge projects.
  6. until

    Happy Birthday Len! Soon be back out there for real hopefully. Have a great Birthday weekend. Great show tonight as always everyone..Key Soul Workers during lockdown and ongoing. Thanks for taking the time to pull it all together each time. KSW
  7. Thanks. Glad you could listen. It’s by Dynamite Singletary - I really love you. Other side of that is great too! Cheers.
  8. Take care all and hope you enjoy this latest mix
  9. Join Jem B & guests for a one off night of Classic Northern Soul all on vinyl. Reliving and replaying some of the classic tunes championed at past events from The Pembo to Soul in the Bowl and more! Guest DJ's T.B.C soon. Event starts 8.00 pm finishes 12.30. Tickets £6.00 on the door
  10. Stumbled on this great interview and info / photos today when searching for something on Marvin Smith. I’d forgotten all about this and also the great CD of 4 unissued tracks until I found it when having a tidy up today...shame that never got issued to wider audience, would make a tidy pic-sleeve EP on 7 or 12. Can’t believe this was 5 years ago already...Thought worth re-posting the link here, otherwise might also get lost, as far as I can see being in events at the time rather than a featured article: Cheers, Steve
  11. Been a few years since I’ve been to Banbury... Len needs a driver so he can have a few beers and will be good to get some of the old gang together again, some banter, maybe even the occasional decent record now and then
  12. This pre-order might appeal to some who like the new/old records which sound like a dozen other familiar tracks rolled into one. Got me tapping me feet at lunchtime just now anyway. http://www.dalarecords.com/store/bobby-harden-amp-the-soulful-saints-runnin-to-get-to-your-love-vinyl
  13. Thanks for reminding me about that...listened to the CD loads when it first came out in ‘94..shame he didn’t go on to record more, or maybe he did?
  14. Enjoying the new debut LP from the Black Pumas which arrived in the post today. Think I already posted a track on the last thread (Colours) so here’s a couple of others.
  15. Summer at last! Here's an hour of various soul for lazy days and long nights, mostly 70's 45's...The Futures, The Florida Spiritualaires, The Master Plan, Rosey Grier, Carl Hall, Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis, Michael Wycoff, The Vibrations, Linda Clifford, Phillips Mitchell, A Brother's Guiding Light, Lynn White, Bobby McClure, Weldon Irvine, Charles Drain, Clausel.

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