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  1. Thanks for that Len. Great to hear you and others are also playing those sort of tunes in The Kenwood Suite at Bury All-Nighter Yes I enjoyed this one that Gilly & Nicola shared with us (alongside a couple of others I couldn't pronounce!) .. Eric Monty Morris, previously unreleased until a couple of months back I believe?
  2. Hi Kev..Cheers for your ongoing words of support mate. There's no doubt you, Pete & Gaz etc would enjoy the's the near 200 miles of tarmac each way that's the problem on a Sunday. Still, we've all travelled further for just 90 mins of football, so maybe one day In the meantime I'm sure Chris (or my kids) can get us trained up on that Instagram thing
  3. Yes, thanks very much as always to all the DJ's and everyone who came along last night, many having travelled a bit...much appreciated! We look forward to more of the same at the next one mid-July! Here's what I chose this time anyway. Cheers, Steve Fabulous Holidays - Too many times (Soul Junction CD) The Elements of Peace - Love came suddenly (Symphonical 45) Jack Montgomery - Beauty isn't born (Auston's 45) The New Gospel Stylistics - Someone who really loves you (Champ 45) The Up Tights - Look a little higher (Alley 45) Jimmy Jones - I'm so glad I got you (Deke 45) Marvin Smith - Peace (Unissued Masters CD) Brian Owens & The Deacons of Soul - Prayer for my children (Sweet Soul CD) The Itals - Oh Lord, why Lord (Punch 45) Alton Ellis - I dig you baby (Well Charge 45) Natural Impulse - She Went Away (Natural Impulse 45) Roy Robert - I know what to do to satisfy you (Tina 45) The Chapells - She needs Him (Bedford / Numero LP)
  4. For the last 4 or 5 weeks this CD has been the soundtrack to the start of my spring & summer whilst driving around or mooching around in the house. I'd only really listened to 2 or 3 of their recordings previously and this compilation together with fantastic write up & photos has been a real treat...that full length version of "Getting kind of serious", amazing. Well done (again!) and please keep 'em coming guys. Cheers, Steve
  5. Another weekend at last! Anyone thinking WHERE COULD I GO? THINK NOTHING ABOUT IT... and get yourselves over to the Stanwick Hotel this Sunday night. ...Just two of our fave tracks played previously by BG at this little gathering of like minded souls and another top line up of collectors / DJs for you again this time around. Its free in and doors open out onto patio area so you can enjoy a drink and natter outside while soaking up all sorts of soul, old & new, so there you go...hopefully see you there!
  6. ...and they're off Anyone wondering where to go this Friday, if you've not been to this venue yet in East Northants, it's a great room..wall to wall decent wooden floor, usually some talc down in the corners, nice n dark, great sound system and parking on site (if you get there's early enough, otherwise just down the road). Looking forward to a night of top Northern, plenty of dancing, drinking and banter...oh and Len's presence too of course! ...Why not make it a mini-weekender and pop back on the Sunday night too for Sunday Soul Sessions in the smaller room, 7-11 to keep Monday off your mind that bit longer and soak up some SOUL!
  7. I've not seen the yellow issue pop up for sale too often...guessing that carries a hundred or so premium over a demo in same condition? Was lucky to find one several years ago. Love it...everything about it. Interesting story behind the label I think I read on here a few years ago, will try and find the link. ...The power of Soul Source search! Some interesting links included in this thread from 2012:
  8. Agree probably fewer recently (assuming you mean previously unreleased 60's/70's) but I think there's still a decent CD release at least every month and some strong new download only tracks from iTunes, Bandcamp and CD baby etc. The Ace/Kent releases are quite consistent still I think. A very good CD comp on the way from Soul Junction soon featuring tracks from The Holidays incl some unreleased numbers and alt recordings. Several strong new download/CD releases from small independent studios such as Blue Lotus Recordings (great album from Roland Johnson last year & more recently Gene Jackson's "1963"). I noticed last week that the previously Jap only CD album from Brian Owens & The Deacons of Soul is now available on iTunes too, so hopefully more income for those guys and that interesting label. I'll be happy to learn of any more recent & decent CD's or downloads that others are enjoying. Cheers, Steve
  9. Watched this with my two girls tonight and all had to watch it again straight after...stunning vocals considering her age, well done that girl!.don't think I'll see / hear a performance like that from another 15yr old any time soon. Confidence & real talent in bundles. Good for her and her family..hopefully good for future new soul.
  10. Hi Mark, Yes he's ok..just couldn't make this one unfortunately, but out and about again and taking the p1ss / winding everyone up again soon I'm sure
  11. Not sure if anyone's still bothered with playlists these days but here goes anyway to share some Easter Soul. Brian Goucher unfortunately couldn't make it to Yarmouth this year so I was a reluctant (but grateful) sub in the famous Lounge...superbly relocated in The Burlington Hotel right on the sea-front....a fun few hours early on the Friday night alongside DJs Dave Halsall, Alex Subinas & Dave Grimes playing various genres and tempos in the company of a few dozen other like minded souls, not forgetting Mr Gregg Jackson in the room just hanging out and listening in / chatting to everyone before his performance in the main room on Saturday night and a couple of surprise songs in The Lounge on Saturday afternoon! Brilliant..well done again Pat & everyone involved Then opened up the Saturday session before sitting back to soak up several hours of amazing soul from collectors and DJs including Pete Mattock, Steve Guarnori, Andy Etheridge, Blake Helliwell, Tricky, Rob Hurcomb, John Farrell and Sid Clayton. Hopefully one or two of those guys might also list what they played as it really was a great soul session from 11am through to 8pm, sea views out of the window and bar only 10 yards away! Friday eve: Gene Jackson - 1963 (no relation to Gregg Jackson, so I'm told! Great recent release.) Lee Fields & The Expressions - I'm coming home The Michigan Soul Searchers - Where could I go Operation Faith - Saved by the King (feat. Pastor Harold Johnson) Brian Owens & The Deacons of Soul - Prayer for my children Durand Jones & The Indications - Is it any wonder Carmelita - Isn't it lonely F.J. Jones - Gone and found another Bernadette Bascom - I don't wanna lose your love Talmadge Armstrong and the Escotts - Give it up Natural Impulse - She went away The Lovations - (I keep singing) la la la ooh Cast of Magic Band - Don't say no Collaboration - Where is love The Fabulous Malibus - My love Little Gregory & The Concepts - Look and you'll see Dynamite Dyous & The Green Tree Express - You made my living worth while 2001 Black Essence - When you walk alone with love The Love Experience - Waiting for your love Carlos Wright with Purple Mundi - Man from the sky Saturday starters: Soft Touch - Look up, look down Billy Peterson Jr - Color one tear black Ivy Jo Hunter - Yea, yea, yea Curtis Wiggins - Can't buy love with money Veda Brown - Play Brother, play Sister Sandra Phillips - Hoping you'll come back Jo Ann Garrett - I've gotta be loved Gene Jackson - You're gonna get hurt Liz Vice - Empty me out Doug Harris & Vishun - Bright side Inez Andrews - Lord I love thee The Village Choir - Talk to me sometimes Jo Jo and The Outcast - Why baby The Demands - Let me be myself Harlem Meat Company - I'm not gonna be anybody's fool Blue & Ferris - It's your turn to cry Saun & Starr - In the night The Dontells - Move on down the line ...More of the same at The Sunday Soul Sessions on 14th May at The Stanwick Hotel for anyone interested. Cheers, Steve
  12. Good idea Mike. On the more uptempo side, this occasionally upsets the neighbours, nice n loud when everyone's out of the house, from 2004ish "Cycles"..
  13. Well typed there Kev! Must've taken you ages I'm glad you made the effort though as missed the first few hours and then as usual couldn't remember most of the records I heard or looked at through the night! Much amazing soul, beer and some JD soaked up over several hours in very good company + great to meet Jakob and Anthony too...sure looked like they enjoyed themselves double decking later on and no doubt be back if you keep it rolling. All the best and thanks again, Steve
  14. Please PM if you have one of these to sell or trade, on Q Records. Cheers, Steve