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  1. Agree with all your sentiments..except James Brown. Great music but he was a c$@t. I’m a huge Tammi Terrell fan and when I read about what he’d done to her..never played another James Brown record. His death not a bad thing in my opinion..weak man to physically abuse a woman... Again..agree with all the rest of your sentiments. best Matt
  2. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    It is pretty easy seeing Liverpool top cos they’re not gonna be there come the end of the season..they will “slip up”...just like every year for the past.... leeds..who the hell cares about them! city.. great football, great coach..corrupt to the core.
  3. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    Oh love it! So true, won more last year than most clubs but still a crisis, not far off top four but still a crisis..set the standard too high by being the best team in England for 20 years. Glazers are awful but at least they’re not corrupt Russians in cahoots with a murderous dictator like Putin or greasy oil Barron’s who deliberately avoid Finacial Fair Play rules by exaggerating sponsors money. May not like Pool but they at least play fair..off pitch at least.
  4. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    And that’s all the Glazers care about..money. Been draining our club for years. They hired the managers since SAF, they put Woodward in charge, they are to blame for where we are now. Doesn’t matter who comes in, they will always be chasing the $ not the silverware. Have read Solskjaer favourite to come in till end of season..failed at Cardiff but would love to see him in the dugout...would have us playing the way we should. Bruce would make the players play to their strengths and bring bit of joy back..but would it be enough with half the team not good enough to play for the jersey. Put some of the kids in.. Chong, Gomes.. couldn’t be worse than Herrera!
  5. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    Since living in Australia since 2000, I’ve got up all hours, in the middle of the night to watch the games live. It was getting to the point where I’d just rather sleep. Past few weeks kept saying well thats the worst I’ve seen them play...then they’d be worse next game. The Liverpool game was a disaster. Know I’m gonna get crucified by some but they’re not that good and we should be beating them if we had a different manager. City they’re good. Pool have Henderson, lovren & milner...how can they be beating us so easily? All down to the manager.
  6. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    Is Fergie gonna take over till the end of season? We’d win the title!
  7. DUFUS

    Mourinho Gone

    Was never the right fit for utd. The attacking flair for which we were known was never his style. His type of management has seen its day, grateful for the trophies but even when we won them it was ordinary to watch. Need a squad clear out next, can only dream of new owners! Who next?
  8. Long shot but looking for a copy..has to play well not bothered by looks..PM please with price. Thanks for looking Matt
  9. Anyone got a copy for sale? Must play well, not bothered about looks. Looking for an absolute bargain... But willing to pay going price!! Thanks Matt
  10. CASH WAITING Willing To Pay Going Rate.... Blues Busters Byron Lee And The Dragonaires "I Won't Let You Go" Kentone Betty Everett "My Life Depends On You / My Love" Cobra Wanted, must play well...no snap, crackle, pop..but not bothered about looks, original only. Thanks for looking Matt
  11. Soulsides.. loved the story of your son, no wonder you're proud. Just shows you, educate the kids and they will appreciate "proper" music not the drivel that some many are spoon fed. Surprised to see there's not many stories of breakages of scratched 45's.. Again thanks for all the views and replies..my wee boy is loving the responses.. Best Matt
  12. G'day all..was looking for a record in the boxes in my garage and came across Dottie Cambridge "Cry Your Eyes Out" MGM 2nd issue. Wondered what these go for? Looked online and it said about 40 GBP...is that about right? Needless to say I didn't find the record I was looking for... Thanks In Advance... Matt
  13. Thanks for the replies..my son also likes the "joker" cos of the laughing. Good to see kids have better taste than most adults I know. My son was also delighted to see the positive responses and now he's got a better reputation than me! Probably true that though..love to hear more..
  14. Hello all. My 6 year old son had his news/show & tell today at school. Other kids brought in transformers, a tooth that had fallen out and talked about holidays. My wee boy took his reissue copy of Rita & The Tiaras "Gone With The Wind My Love". He explained it was 50 years old, a soul record and one of his collection of 10, he also has a Coasters "3 Cool Cats", Sam & Kitty, Tomangoes Reissue & Billy Hamlin which I couldn't sell after he told me he loved it when he was 4! The teacher even showed the kids a clip of the record from Youtube and they all loved it! Hope yet! He often plays my decks, loves Sam Cooke (live at the Copacabana Album) and makes me thoroughly proud. So I'd love to hear any stories of your kids and records. Their favourite 45's..digging with the kids...accidental/purposeful breakages..anything really. Best Matt
  15. Just Giving this a Bump..still looking..thanks for looking.. Matt

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