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    67 yrs old,like all kinds of northern i.e oldies ,newies underplayed and r & b,Everton supporter

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    james houghton
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    darrel banks - open the door to your heart

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  1. Hi Dennis Jimmy Houghton here,Re Roger Eagle tapes,give Norman Killon a ring (0151 734 5473) he's got some info for you
  2. That was my thought exactly for every pop record that gets played you could play a chuck jackson ,betty swann or denise lasalle etc.etc.or one of many thousand real soul records
  3. I love lots of sixties pop records but when anything like this gets played its another northern record that gets missed out P.s don't know for sure that the D.j was from Radcliffe just what the promoter told me
  4. Ok first one was St.Helens soul club Haresfinch st.Helens .Sat just gone (16/3/19) was the soul barn warrington the D.J was a guest from radcliffe soul club
  5. went to a couple of different northern oldies nights recently and both times Petula Clark - "I couldn't live without your love" was played,since when has this been a "Northern soul" record .it had a few people up dancing. I know "pop" records do get played but most seem to fit in, but Petula Clark ? Whats that all about
  6. The sun doesn't make up stories. does it
  7. Marvin Smith - have more time Vernon Garrett - If I could turn back the hands of time
  8. Hi Tom,Type Fame recording studio into discogs,lots on there
  9. I've seen people recently at a "soul" night dancing just like that and wearing the same dresses
  10. Paul Kelly - Don't burn me and "the Facts of life - Sometimes (I think this has some Millie Jackson involvement)

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