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    Artistics - I'm Gonna Miss You

    From that summer, some Verve 45's follow the numbering system ... ... ..... ..... 100175, 100364 the Chantels), 101038, etc. WHILST OTHERS (mixed in among those above) have this numbering system .. 66VK299, 66VK325, 66VK260 (the Ambers), 66VK304 ... ...
  2. News: Ebony Affair Show Dvds

    I've seen quite a few of these clips too, they're good ... the show was on US TV in the mid 70's ... so '60's only' fans could be disappointed ..
  3. Veteran Motown Songwriters Hit Top 3 In U.K.

    Will they get their royalties in the post ??
  4. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    As much as I love his 70's stuff, it would have to be a 60's cut ... Love A GoGo, Uptight, I Want My Baby Back, Ain't That Askin For Trouble or Angel Baby I guess.

    JIMMY “WIZ” WISNER…The longtime arranger, composer and pianist –who was involved with so many soul tracks – died yesterday (March 14th) at the age of 86. Not much up on the net about it yet, but I expect some will be posted up over the next few hours.
  6. Going, Going ..... GONE

    By all accounts, Alvin was responsible for getting Shorty Long's music career started. It seems Alvin taught Shorty how to play the guitar & gave him encouragement that helped him land gigs at the Old Stables club in Birmingham (late 50's). Again how &...
  7. Going, Going ..... GONE

    I don't recall this being played here back in the 60's (am I wrong ?) ... Dr. John -- The Point (wonder if Alvin is mixed up in there on guitar) ...
  8. Going, Going ..... GONE

    Another quote from Dr. John that's on-line ... this was in the early 70's but he was talking about his time in New Orleans record studios at the end of the 50's & into the 60's ... I recorded some single records for Ace around '59, some of them was ...
  9. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    JOY was part of the President / Jay Boy set-up (their discount label). So, it shouldn't be a surprise that these NS comp 'KEEP THE FAITH' LP's (featuring many cuts already put out on Jay Boy) would have been put together & released by the company.
  10. Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    I know DG hated the way the Stones ripped off Irma Thomas songs ... meaning she had little or no profile herself in the UK. Much of their early success was based on them taking ownership of songs like "Time Is On My Side" & "Pain In My Heart" (adapted fro...
  11. Going, Going ..... GONE

    Alvin / Al / Shine continued to work with Dr. John (after the Zu Zu Band & Pulsar Records) and was in Dr. John's Gumbo band, the outfit that cut the tracks on his big selling GUMBO LP. Before (& after) the sessions that resulted in that album (wh...
  12. Going, Going ..... GONE

    Yep, the guys involved with the Zu Zu Blues Band project hooked up again & (via Mercury) got Pulsar Records going in LA. Of course, one of the 1st acts they cut was Alvin (in 69, after his Atco released 45 tracks had been put out). The Pulsar 45 was also ...
  13. Going, Going ..... GONE

    They weren't really mod types, just 'run of the mill' young Brits trying to break into the music biz. The shot above (& others taken the same day on Bognor Regis stn) were done by them & their manager. They'd decided on the style of dress as most of t...
  14. Going, Going ..... GONE

    Yep, more & more old stuff from newspapers & music mags is getting digitised & put online ... it's just taking so long for much of the stuff that interests us to turn up. That ad for the Granby Halls is great ......... Another gem of info tha...
  15. Going, Going ..... GONE

    I find it frustrating that there is much more documented info on the UK backing group (the Noblemen / Motivation) involved with these tours than there is about the soul acts they backed up ... but then, I guess their members are still around to ask - though w...

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