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  1. Mark B ... why do you think I put that emoji after my comment ... coz I was being sarcastic about it being a suitable venue.
  2. A pic from an earlier event @ the venue (unfortunately, of a pop group on the bill) .... nothing wrong with the place (as a niter venue) as far as I can see ...
  3. Roburt

    The blurred line...

    The NS scene played soul but also loads of crap pop songs that you could dance to. The MS scene played mainly class items, many having a much higher soul content than lots of NS (even if the backing on some was a tad on the disco side of things). The Disco scene played class tracks like Philly soul but mixed them in with pure shite from the likes of the Village People, Ritchie Family, Garys Gang, Boney M, Gibson Bros, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna.
  4. Roburt

    Up The Junction Crewe

    How the building looks these days + another soul act that played the club back in the day.
  5. Roburt

    Up The Junction Crewe

    A few of the regular UK venues for visiting soul acts back in the late 60's (Up The Junction being one of them) ..... Poor old Percy Sledge had been booked to play two gigs on a December night in 69 ... bet the roads weren't too good (snow, ice, fog or rain) ... AND THE TWO VENUES WERE MILES APART ... Wellington in Shropshire & Retford in Nottinghamshire. No doubt that was a dash across the Pennines to remember.
  6. Roburt

    Jerry O

    Also in November 67 ... over in DC ...
  7. Roburt

    Maxine Weldon

    The record company people who organised CBS's 1972 convention in London must have been a bit parochial ... seems they initially shipped in (from back in the US) just about all the sound & visual equipment for the event .... but obviously didn't seem to know that US equipment voltages / TV equipment were totally different here so their stuff couldn't be used. I bet there was a whole lot of scrambling about to get the right gear needed before the event kicked off at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. The Great Room at the hotel (where the convention was staged) has also been used (down the years) for many of the top UK award ceremonies ... it must have seemed a bit different for the black musicians who got to perform in the room back then.
  8. The Internationals toured the UK in the late 60's but had to perform as 'the International Showstoppers' as they were a 'stand-in' version of the real Showstoppers.
  9. Roburt

    Maxine Weldon

    Thought about posting this in the LATE 70's JAZZ FUNK SCENE thread but it also has ties with info in some of posts in Kegsy's ROYALTIES ON 2ND PRESSES thread ... so I decided to start a new thread. Maxine had a strange recording career ... born in Oklahoma, she moved to California where she finished her education. But it was performing that most interested her, so she headed off to Hawaii, the Philippines, Hong Kong (1963), Korea & Japan. Moving back to San Fran, she got some high profile club gigs there & then in LA. She also performed quite a few concerts with her sisters, some of these being quite political events. She hit the ground running with her recording career in 1970, cutting 2 decent albums for Mainstream Records (with members of the Crusaders backing her up instrumentally). Columbia Records liked what they were hearing & so signed her to a contract & started to showcase her to the music press. At the same time, they started cutting her on tracks but nothing emerged on record. She was kept busy on the live front by the label, doing club gigs & industry showcase shows. In fact, they had so much faith in her, that she was brought over to London to perform at CBS's big annual Convention in summer 72. They had her work with Jimmy Bowen (more famous for his stuff with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Nancy Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, etc). Eventually, a 45 escaped by her on CBS ("Maggie's Farm / Looking For The Answer" Feb 73) but the company only seemed to make promo copies available. Anyway, the 45 didn't take off (but with the A side being a Dylan cover, can't say I'm surprised the cut didn't get much R&B radio airtime). Seems CBS then lost interest in her (after having her on their books for over a year). She next turned up on Monument Records (who signed her in 73), with a 45 escaping in January 74 (her 2nd Monument 45 again featured "Looking For The Answer", her CBS 45 cut) and these were followed by a further 45 ("I Want Sunday Back Again") & 2 albums (released in 74 & 75) ... ... then everything went quiet (on the recording front) before she turned up on a Japanese Atlantic 45 release in 82 doing a vocal to a track which had featured on Jap TV in a Toyota car advert. That was pretty much it, though some later stuff did escape. For me, she cut too many standards / pop song covers and didn't really mine the main soul or jazz funk veins but everyone to their own I guess. She was certainly badly served by CBS, especially having been shown off as a 'star of the future' at their big 72 Convention in London (where incidentally the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Ramsey Lewis & Azteca also performed -- would certainly have liked to have been there to witness those shows). ANYWAY, anyone here have a fave from Maxine ??
  10. Roburt

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    As the thread seems to be drifting towards cuts that had appeal on both scenes (JF & NS) ... here's one that I didn't realise had fans from both genres ... BTW, just about to put up a post on this lady elsewhere on the site ...
  11. As I understand it, any monies (radio & club play PPL fees, artist & writers royalties) earned by a record released here by a US artist would just have gone into a big pot used by the UK music authorities UNLESS a specific artist / group had individual UK representation .... so about 80 to 90% of US soul acts would have got nothing at all from UK sales / plays. I could be wrong but think that's how it went back in the 60's .... Of course, if you had a UK pop chart hit, you'd most likely be one of the few lucky ones .... but how many of the acts we love got a UK chart hit, very few indeed. The likes of EMI would hold the rights to all the releases on many US labels (as would Pye, Phillips, etc) but lots of US / UK licensing deals were reciprocal agreements (you get to release our stuff there, if we can release your stuff here), many US acts wouldn't even realise their stuff was being put out in foreign countries.
  12. Roburt

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    Same song ...
  13. Roburt

    Jerry O

    Have you spotted this item in Record World (Oct 67) ... unfortunately it doesn't ID the cities that Karate Boogaloo was doing well in.
  14. Roburt

    Jerry O

    It's from Record Mirror ... a montage of Decca 45 ads from November 67 ...
  15. Had a good time in the company of Rudy Love on Saturday, so thought I'd put this one up ... RudyLoveMSTrack.mp4


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