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  1. Roburt

    CBS Pressing Plant, Aylesbury

    As stated earlier, the Oriole pressing plant building had once been a garage (Bakers), so it was quite antiquated (when compared to CBS's later facility in Aylesbury). Most people in Aston Clinton village knew each other, so the set-up at Oriole had a very informal atmosphere. Back when Oriole took over the London Rd building (1954) & set up their operation, most people got to work by bike or bus. So the workforce was just about ..
  2. Roburt

    Lowrell Simon R I P ???

    CHEERS. Of course, the title of his biggest commercial hit inspired the name taken by 2 soul groups (the Cleveland outfit & Sonny Daye's lot from LA).
  3. Roburt

    Lowrell Simon R I P ???

    Can one of the US based S.Sourcers pull up this Chicago Tribune story please ... it won't open for punters in the UK ...
  4. It has been posted on Facebook that Lowrell (Simon) has passed. Can't find anything about this fact on-line. Anyone confirm this sad info ??
  5. Roburt

    CBS Pressing Plant, Aylesbury

    Great story Pottsy. Hope you get more from the stash. I've made contact with some ex workers at the Oriole / CBS plants and they have told me what their work life was like there … I'll pull together the info & post it up here.
  6. Roburt

    If I Had The Time....i'd Set Up A Website

    I remember going to nighters at a Halifax club, mid 80's it would have been (85/86-ish). Think they only held a few & then they were ended. Was the place run by some local old Caribbean immigrants ? Seem to recall it was the same time as great soul nights were being staged on a regular basis at Rock City in Notts.
  7. Roburt

    Belles - Don't Pretend (Mirwood issue) price

    Go for a UK version; 12 to 16GBP ... much better value.
  8. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Two off their chart ..
  9. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Over to Detroit and WCHB .....
  10. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    A compilation of Schaefer Beer TV ads from the old days ... none of the many soul versions though (think they were mainly the radio ads) ...
  11. The soul club scene in the UK in say 1967 was starting to diverge between what was played in the north & elsewhere. Most clubs in Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Notts (Donny, Leeds, Barnsley, Selby, York, Hull, Goole, Lincoln, Grimsby, Newark, Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, etc) took their lead from the Mojo in Sheffield. BUT, I'd still say that they weren't yet NS clubs. Come 68 / 69, the playlists at clubs like the Wheel an..
  12. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Not heading off to Chicago area stns just yet ... staying in the New York thru to Baltimore area for this post .... Schaefer Beers ran a radio jingle contest in the 60's / early 70's and lots of soul acts made & submitted their efforts for consideration. The beer company turned it into an annual contest and announced the top entries each year. Lots of these were then aired on radio stns and a winner chosen. Would love t..
  13. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    The Gospel Pick of the Week cuts from above (Jan & Feb 64) ... the O'Neal Twins is a later version though ..
  14. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Various Baltimore radio stn bits ... radio show ads, radio stn DJ promoted live concerts, etc .....
  15. Roburt

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    This ones a bit different ... an article about an outfit who made radio jingles to go out on air to black audiences in the US ... The guy, Walter Grady, ran a number of labels; Witches Brew, Cobra, Linco & more ....