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  1. Good tale about the night the police raided the Cleggy Weekender in the early hours and how Bub then 'upset' them.
  2. A feature in yesterday's Miami Herald newspaper about the Overtown district of Miami (where all the top black clubs / venues were located back in the day) ........ https://eedition.miamiherald.com/ccidist-replica-reader/?epub=https%3A%2F%2Feedition.miamiherald.com%2Fccidist-ws%2Fmcclatchy%2Fmcclatchy_mia_newsbroad%2Fissues%2F59950%2F&fbclid=IwAR1zF743ZxY8da2ljIU2mbb37_X-a1e0ZtrgdeGZrXMXmPRY2_LYKRKnjSA#/pages/1
  3. Many 60's soul venues had live acts on a lot of the time. Whether those acts were visiting Americans or UK based outfits, they had to work 6 / 7 nights a week to make a living. So the Friday / Saturday / Sunday night gigs brought in the most money but to make touring pay, they had to work the mid week nights too.
  4. Back to the glorious 60's & a few shows staged in the Stoke area ...
  5. The early days of the London R&B scene ... 63 / 64 ... many clubs hosting R&B nights were mainly jazz venues the majority of the time ...
  6. What you needed with you if you went to the Flamingo niters back in 63 / 64 ...
  7. His grading system sucked; many of his G+ 45's were well knackered. I did get loads of gospel 45's off him cheap when he was selling up though; many of them were well under priced as he didn't really think much of that genre.
  8. Rudy's documentary is streaming online this weekend; ignore the guy who pops up 1m23secs into the trailer.
  9. There are quite a good number of great tracks that were made available by numerous labels on those 'LITTLE LP's' back in the 60's and early 70's ...
  10. If Diana hadn't had such an influence on Berry G, who knows what great leads Mary & Florence could have delivered for the group ... certainly we would have gotten a few more meaty outings from them .. R.I.P. Mary ...
  11. My son worked in New York & lived in Hoboken (across the river) for a few years either side of 2000 .... When visiting him, I'd always wonder into the Brill Building & 1650 Broadway but the door keepers were always quick to let you know you weren't welcome. Also used to drop in @ Colony Music Centre too, managed to pick up some decent (old) sheet music bits there.
  12. That's my head bobbing about right in front of Bettye on the video above (Eddie Hubbard is behind me).
  13. We used to (sometimes) shoot down to London early on a Sunday morning in the mid 60's. We'd head straight to the early morning street market on Petticoat Lane. This was just around the corner from the New All Star Club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL_NTDK_40o

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