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  1. And info on the actual events that inspired the movie (though the info that opens the clip contains errors of fact) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYyFR1GbDN4
  2. Another show worth watching later this week ... ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI ...
  3. Jesse J Lewis is a very interesting character & I believe he's still around. His on-line bio's mention very little about his record biz exploits though they do mention his long time business & entrepreneurial activities .... https://alafricanamerican.com/2013-honorees/jesse-lewis-sr/ Jesse Lewis Sr. is currently leading a charitable organisation helping those effected by Covid 19 in Birmingham, Al. -- the CAP 19 Initiative..... he's contactable via ... The Jesse J. Lewis, Jr. Foundation, 119 3rd Avenue West, Birmingham, Alabama 35204, US --- e-mail: admin@alcap19.
  4. Ady, the review of JB's UK 45 was in B&S 87 (end June 72). The 45 had actually been released a few weeks earlier (not sure of the time to print for B&S back then but it must have been 2 to 3 weeks). So I guess any article on Jean B would have appeared in a B&S between # 87 & 90. The Sir Shambling page on Jean B tells very little about her personal info. If there had been a B&S article on her, I'd have expected John (or one of his site's readers) to have made mention of this fact. Billboard mag only has a couple of mentions of her. Both just recommendations f
  5. Ike & the group appearing @ the Music Box in Cleveland back in the day ...
  6. Lou didn't get his own film finished, but he does feature in this one about Cleveland soul artists (film out next year) ... https://www.soulcitycleveland.com/
  7. Lou spent what would prove to be the last few weeks of his life trying to put his 'musical affairs' in order. Over the last few years, as well as working with the young in a neighbourhood recording studio, Lou also did lots of filming. He had the use of lots of video camera equipment and would film himself & others on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I believe time caught up with him. Although he had much of the footage he needed to form his intended documentary, I don't think he found the time to piece it together into anything like the finished product he desired.
  8. Charles 'Chuck' Brucato was the leader & song writer for Motown (Rare Earth) group RUSTIX. He has 29 different songs credited to him @ BMI. The group had 2 x LP + 5 x 45's released but they never enjoyed a UK release of any kind. "TIME" isn't a song that's credited it him by BMI but as his group had no UK releases, I can't think that someone at EMI UK would have used his name on the UK 45 promo by mistake as they had his name in mind from a different song / record. http://briefandtothepoint.blogspot.com/2010/01/rustix-great-band.html http://badcatrecords.com/BadCat/RUSTIX.htm
  9. Was the event staged @ Northcroft Leisure centre ?? ... if so, I went to most of those around that time.
  10. I don't think Bobby sang on any of their tracks (not lead anyway).
  11. John

    can you read your pms a reply be cool


  12. Seems we'll be getting to see this documentary later in the year. It's said to contain lots of rare old footage about the company & it's artists ... https://variety.com/2019/music/news/hitsville-the-making-of-motown-acquired-by-showtime-for-u-s-1203220309/
  13. Promoters, get em booked now ….. OHH, SORRY … they were taking those bookings here back in 69 …
  14. until

    Now in his 70's but still going strong … top Donny soul man (now based in Worksop) … Tom Sleight ... he's sure to be out on the dance floor @ this event …
  15. We are losing way too many of our hero's at the moment … so it was great to learn that Lou Ragland (now in his 80's) is still going strong. He just participated in a big Cleveland soul show and helped assemble a whole bunch of heavyweight Ohio soulsters …

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