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  1. MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    The other labels should have know about Keymen's MoSoul label, as it had a Soul Runners 45 on the US national R&B charts from January thru to March 67. In addition to the 45's chart status, it was getting lots of radio airplay and trade mags were featurin...
  2. No idea I'm afraid. The LP version may be a re-cut but they might just have used the master tape from the old 45 track (but not faded it out as early).
  3. Strange Paypal carry on.

    Many thanks for the replies.
  4. MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Two releases on the Ohio Mo-Soul label ...
  5. MoSoul / Mo-Soul Records

    Obviously, all the players involved with the various MoSoul labels were hoping that the similarity of their label name to 'Motown' would spark some record buyers interest.
  6. Anyone have any idea what was going on back in May 67 in LA and New York. A new label, Mo-Soul, was set up in New York by Tony Major (who produced tracks around that time that were released on MGM's Cub and Verve Forecast labels) and the label had signed...
  7. Strange Paypal carry on.

    Do Paypal get involved if an item was paid for using them ... but the item has failed to materialise (my ongoing 2 month old dispute is with Royal Mail).
  8. The Move 12" that featured one of Joey's tracks ...
  9. A bit of related info here ... https://www.discogs.com/artist/1457975-Joe-Dorgan He (Joe Dorgan / Joey Dee's) was in contact with Move Records in Edinburgh in the 80's ... one of his tracks was released on their 1st 'MOVE INTO SOUL' various artists 12". ...
  10. I've kept in touch with Gwen Owens over the last 10 years or so ... for some while, she'd worked in the LA office of the Holland brothers ... and they had been working on a musical play (a la Broadway type show featuring their music) for a good while ... In t...
  11. Cleethorpes Weekender

    As far as I understand, Ady in talks with proposed new team who'll run the event ...
  12. Al Williams?

    But is it(S) IN YOUR POWER (Capitol; 1969) to say he didn't use another name at times ??
  13. The song has more recently been released here by J B Bingham. This version is credited to H B Barnum as producer. The other side of this 45 features the song ALL ALONE BY THE TELEPHONE which HB cut on Checkmates Ltd in 76. J B's version of ALL ALONE BY THE TE...
  14. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Don't think these guys qualify as blue eyed soul ....
  15. Showstoppers-Houseparty/what Can A Man Do

    Group did better in UK for live & TV shows too than they did back at home. I know they were sat around back in Philly when they could have been playing live shows here in 68 (& a fake version of the group was fetched over here from NY -- the Inte...