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  1. Roburt

    Upcoming London Show 4 Rudy Love

    Everything seems to be progressing well in relation to Rudy's upcoming UK visit. The film festival announcement is made in the coming week & the promotion for his live show @ the 100 Club will follow soon after ... seems everything will come together OK for a big day on Saturday 29th September ...
  2. Roburt

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    A few more (cheating a bit here as some of these scans are of foreign rekkids) ... but still interesting items .. I've included the Moments French 45 as they sing their hit in French on this version.
  3. Roburt

    RIP Aretha

    The best female singer of all time, a true icon has left us ...
  4. Roburt

    Uk Street Soul - The Tsr Label

    Derek, After I moved south (1988 -- 1st to Northampton & then Abingdon), I used to make very regular visits to the various Rec & Tape Exchange shops in London. I'd always head to the cellars where they'd have box after box of old &2 & 12" singles. Lots was absolute junk (from our point of view) but white label 12"ers (luckily many still with the record labels promo info inserted into the sleeve on an A4 sheet. These 12's would be reduced in price till they reached 25p (originally 10p) each. I'd always come away with a big bag full of likely looking items. Get them home & spun em all ... lots would immediately go in the rubbish bin (rap tracks, electro cuts, etc) but many were good street soul items. Kept all those... only trouble is, 12" singles take up so much space & wirh a ton, so even some of the decent ones were eventually relegated to cardboard boxes in the garage ... have to sort thru em some time soon. . . . . ALSO ... re: Bristol music scene ... my daughter moved to the city in 1993 & was soon involved with local funksters. Her then boyfriend ran club nights on an old ship in the harbour (The Dug Out was the nite's name I think). So she got to now lots of the folk on the Bristol black music scene (including Banksy & many more of his ilk). That scene seemed to run on a totally seperate path to the NS / MS / mainstream funk scene down there back then.
  5. Roburt

    Upcoming London Show 4 Rudy Love

    Seems that everything is happening on Saturday 29th September .... the Raindance Film Festival folk (London) will be making their big announcement on the 22nd August.
  6. Roburt

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    A few more of my bits; UK 7" promo remix, US Atlantic acetate, UK CBS Spec Prods 7", Canadian 45's in DJU sleeves, BGP 45 from BBC Gramophone Library.
  7. Roburt

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    A few more of my bits; some of my High Energy (the group) 45's, 2 x picture cover foreign 45's, 4 x Italian jukebox promo 45's, 2 x 7" album samplers, a rare Caribbean Hi 45 (put out as Hi was going under in the US).
  8. Roburt

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    A few more of my bits; some US jukebox 7" albums, Billy Preston UK A&M promo 45 sleeve, London Rec Studio acetate (UK remix of US track), EW&F party invite 45, BBC Gramophone Library 45 & plastic sleeve (more to follow) ...
  9. Roburt

    Upcoming London Show 4 Rudy Love

    No trip up north I'm afraid. There was mention made of a live performance to tie in with the film screening but that would be in London too. BUT the team are over in the UK for a few days at the end of September, so if any enterprising promoter wanted to put him on, they should get in touch asap (no air fares to fund, live backing band for him here, full show being rehearsed as we speak; SUFFERING WRATH, GOOD MORNING LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL and more).
  10. Roburt

    Upcoming London Show 4 Rudy Love

    That's because it hasn't been announced publicly yet ... I'm part of the team that has helped organise the event ... it is 99% certain to happen ... Rudy Love, his family & friends are already booked onto UK flights, their film festival screening is organised ... .... . . . . . even the after-show party is just about fully sorted ... ....... so just accept it is happening & wait for the official announcement (& for tickets to go on sale) . I was given permission to post about the show ahead of the official news (by the organisers). I thought people would be pleased to get an advance heads-up. Below is another scene from the film; Rudy on stage with Funkadelic George (Rudy worked a lot with Sly Stone in the mid 70's, but I think Sly was indisposed when the film was being made).
  11. Roburt

    Upcoming London Show 4 Rudy Love

    A few of the people featured in the documentary film about Rudy's career ...
  12. Roburt

    Eddie Levert Collapses on Stage

    Seems that it is true .... Hope he recovers really quickly ...
  13. Roburt

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    This one always has an uplifting effect ... coz there's a halo around his head ...
  14. Roburt

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    An obvious one ....
  15. Anyone heard anything about the above ?? It is being reported on Facebook and I know the O'Jays had a concert in Atlalta last night ... HOWEVER.. there has recently been one of those stupid EDDIE LEVERT DEAD scam news stories doing the rounds & this just could be an extension of that rubbish.


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