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  1. Hello, I'm looking for this 45' in a M- condition! Thank's for help
  2. Hello young fellow It is in a top condition without crackles and pops and without visible marks?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for this 45' in a M- condition! Thank's for help
  4. Hello Soul-Boys and Soul-Girls, I'm looking for the 7' ''Nathan Bartell - Top Goin' Down, Goin' Up Fry.003'' in top M- condition Thank's for help, Cheers, Chris
  5. Yes, probably it is the right name from the dancingstyle ;-) Thank's, it is Roy Brown!
  6. Hello Modernsoulsucks, Yes, thank's a lot, it is 'Roy Brown'!!! cheers, Chris
  7. Hello, I'm looking for this 45' M- Condition. Thank's for help! Chris
  8. Hello, I'm looking for this 45' Magnum - Evolution / Your Mind (The Phoenix - 315) M- Condition Thank's for help! Chris
  9. Hello , I'm looking for this 45's : Garden Of Eden - Everybody's On A Trip / It Takes Two (French - GQE 2209) M- or Vg+ Condition Jah Lloyd - Bad Luck Knatty (Orchid - none), M- or Vg+ Condition Brotherhood - The Monkey That Became President (JB's Records - 2604) M- Condition Richard Rome - Ghost a go go/Soul Searching - (Fayette -1630) M- or Vg+ Condition Tall T. & The Touchers - Touching The President (Splash - 8064) M- or Vg+ Condition Reverend C. Coleman - Share It / The Dope Song (Brunswick - BL 7-196) M- or Vg+ Condition Explosions, The - Garden Of Four Trees (Gold Cup - 0905/0906) M- Condition Magnum - Evolution / Your Mind (The Phoenix - 315) M- Condition Please Without Writing on Label, Scratches, Sticker, Tesa on Label, Hole in Label, Edge Warp etc. Thank's for help! Chris
  10. Hello, I'm looking for this great 45'! Thank's for help! cheers, Chris
  11. Hello dear members, Someone want to sell this 45' ? Thank's for help! Cheers, Chris
  12. Hello, I'm looking for Richard Rome - Ghost a'go go/soul searching Label: Fayette 1630-G Thank's for reply, bye, Chris

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