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  1. This years 100 Club Anniversary single wanted PM me please SORTED Thanks
  2. I have the Independence release on issue and stamped original and it doesn't have 'not for sale' on the record
  3. If it has 'Not For sale' surely thats a demo and not an issue
  4. have the 101 on Penny
  5. Owner mislaid the record and has been reunited with said record.
  6. Thanks lads I am in the process of uploading things on to Discogs and hopefully getting them in the right category.
  7. Anybody know the release year for this, states 74 on the label but can only see 76 release date on discorgs. Matrix STA 31977-2 Thanks
  8. Was released in the Chess Box set volume 1 only official release as far as i'm aware.
  9. sorry got mixed up with the southbound release, however that's the first time i've seen that Warren design anyway thanks for that.
  10. have it on Lowton 3rd anniversary release with Doni Burdick Candle on the flip
  11. haha I know just thought I would give you the opportunity
  12. have a copy of The Ones - Don't Let Me Lose This Dream

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