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  1. @Chris Turnbull it says on the internet that Kim had Kidney failure, was on dialysis and waiting for transplant X
  2. Saddened to read that Kim English has died at the age of 48. Many will know her for singing Gospel, Soul and House Music X
  3. @mike yes that is correct Thank you, I meant to update it as already logged in my sister's file along with many other clips x
  4. for a moment I thought it was going to be the clip from 1966 you have? good all the same x
  5. @still diggin Hi Andrew, I'm also lucky enough to have seen The Invitations - They say the girls crazy (older sister collects footage) along with quite a few others First video John Jackson put on his yt channel included The Modulations which was posted in a previous topic but here is link to it for those who missed it first time around p.s He has over 400 clips x
  6. At last looks like they are going to be released on dvds :) Tap to view this Soul Source News/Article in full
  7. My sister is on holiday at the moment otherwise she would be doing this link instead of me. A while back John Jackson was looking for investors to put these shows on tv with the possibility of maybe doing dvds? Well it looks like it is going to happen Just found this on yt so I'm copying and pasting as he has wrote it "Published on Aug 22, 2017 PROMOTIONAL: DEMO "THE EBONY AFFAIR" Presenting the Best of Rhythm & Blues with top talent from the 70's, 80's & 90's. Get a list of free copies of DVD's. Get in contact with us on how you can get your free DVD without cost to you" I know this will interest a lot of Soulies on here and so have sent a direct e-mail to ask for further information, will update when John Jackson replies with details. In the mean time take a look at that list of performers scrolling down on the video.
  8. Thank you to all for the very kind comments on here x the 2 channels on yt belong to my older sister, I simply added links to the video feature along with clips that other uploaders have shared on yt that may interest Soulies to see xx ps Sorry for the big logos but she and other collectors are trying to stop those who were down loading them, putting on dvds and selling on to the public. Isn't really fair to profit from those who have a genuine passion to share with other like minded people for nothing when they themselves have paid quite a bit just for the screeners xx
  9. was saddend to read of his passing, I note some wrote how his son is Cuba Gooding Jr the actor, He was married to Shirley Sullivan who was also in a girl group who recorded under 'The Sweethearts' (Brunswick Records), The Lovables, Barbara J & The Silver Slippers x
  10. all great tunes and my sister has various clips of him performing those including Passport will see if she will upload on yt x
  11. can't answer that but I would have only been 1 yr old then, still love the tune and am always surprised what clips are appearing on the internet for us all to see x
  12. Hiya Steve, I was listening to it earlier and thought do a quick search on yt, was surprised to see a clip of her performing it, so much more to her than just Band of gold x
  13. cd2: guy on the left is Willie Hutch
  14. cd19: guy on the left Leroy Randolph & the group to the right are The Joneses cd16: yes it is Pic & Bill
  15. cd20: bottom right male Freddie Gorman.
  16. cd13: The male is Jimmy McCracklin.
  17. cd11: top left female is Varetta Dillard

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