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  1. Hi all, plenty of these in the States, but looking to score a nice clean one from the UK, if possible. PM if you have one to move on stating price and condition please. Ta!
  2. Hi all, Looking for a decent copy of this ‘in. Would prefer the 7”, but the 12” is just as welcome. PM please, if you have one to move on. Ta...!
  3. Thanks guys... I know the Anna King reply 45, but it's not that. I didn't know The Sweet Vandals version, but it's not that either, although I've just bought a copy, ta! Am really struggling here with this one...
  4. Was at a great event back in November and a female funk style version with some great Hammond of the JB classic got spun. Really, should have asked the DJ who did it, but it was my round and was stuck at the bar so missed out as someone else had taken over by the time I’d been served. Anyone got any clue who this could be? Am struggling, but would love to track a copy down...
  5. Little Jewel - I Want To - Tay-Ster Demo VG+ - £120 + P&P at cost Payment via Paypal F&F or add on the obligatory 4% PM if interested - ta!
  6. Joe Simon - Just Like Yesterday - Irral Visual grade VG, but plays just great - £35 + £2.50 UK P&P, overseas at cost PM If interested - Ta!
  7. The following for sale all in Ex condition. First class UK recorded delivery £2.50, please PM if interested. Sherman Evans - I Don't Care - Mango £75 Trudy Pitts - Bucket Full of Soul - Prestige Demo £60 Doc Bagby at The Hammond Organ - Mr Hippy - Tifton (black label issue) - £40 SOLD Cheers...!
  8. Hi all, Looking for a good playing copy of this 'un. Doesn't need to be a minter VG/VG+ will be just fine, PM with price and condition if you have a copy to move on. Ta!
  9. Hi all, Barbara Lynn - Money - Jamie Mickey Denton - Don't Throw My Toys Away - World Artists Don't need to be minters, just good playing copies and not trashed! PM please stating price and condition if you've got copies to move on. Ta!
  10. PM with price and condition if you have a copy to move on. Ta!
  11. PM with price and condition if you have one to move on, please... Ta!

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