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    most sports especially football & boxing plus relaxing in the sun with a beer and last but not least traditional stomping northern
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    corby northants
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    i still love you the superlatives

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  1. Hi folks, i don't like to bang on about any club but this place is so nice ,friendly and accommodating it just makes you want to go be there,, Stephen
  2. Hi sege can you also pay on the door.? Stephen
  3. While on the subject can I just remind everyone it is only half an hour away within a 25 mile radius, we are all so lucky living in a county that is steeped in NS folklore with so many clubs on our doorsteps but in MY opinion this long established club with resident DJ s totalling more than 100 + years in entertaining us and keeping the floor busy just SHADES it ,, so if you want a Saturday night ,,NORTHERN SOUL workout,,,,where better than THE ATHLETIC CLUB,,, and bearing in mind we could be home in our PJs with a cup of TEA or HOT TODDY by 1-30 am
  4. Whose that weird looking fella in the front with the dodgie tattoo
  5. For locals this is a MUST attend event,, only been a few times but very impressed, good club, good floor, good parking but most of all good good MUSIC,, STEPHEN
  6. Thommo from Nottingham,,, wow the guy could do anything,,Stephen
  7. Never been in a bad chemist ,, especially early 70s ,,DDD... Stephen
  8. Hi, L,, Try Bobby Womack -Home is where the heart is ,, think you might like it ,,,Stephen
  9. Just reading Damon Fox - Packing Up,, had to dance and it's 6am no need for the gym this morning.... Stephen
  10. I had a friend Geoff from St. Helens whose wife was a really good dancer,,, she just made it look so effortless,, Stephen
  11. I may come and visit ,,, I. never never know,, Stephen
  12. I know we all have different tastes,, all of the previous tunes picked are lovely tunes that I have and like but for me quote for me not for dancing ,,cheers Stephen
  13. Sorry quite the opposite they could make me come off the floor ,, TRY Turley, Bad weather inc, Alice Clark, Dynamics or Paul Anka ,,,,Stephen
  14. The young lady in White is the lovely SHARON from Nuneaton,,, Lovely dancer lovely person,, also her man TICH was a great mover himself... Stephen

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