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  • Birthday 18/07/1957

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    Stephen Monahan
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    most sports especially football & boxing plus relaxing in the sun with a beer and last but not least traditional stomping northern
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    corby northants
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    i still love you the superlatives

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  1. Will you be having a SALE happy birthday Roger
  2. Happy birthday to Dave Crawley have a great day Stephen & Christine
  3. Double sided tape ,,, but don't peel the backing
  4. until

    Surely has to be 8am
  5. Personally can't see the point of gloating about getting a thumbs up ,, but hopefully you will get more thumbs up Stephen
  6. Damon Fox - Packing Up ,, how can a piano get us so excited,, Stephen
  7. Happy Birthday Sandra I Imagine Dave Will Deservedly Spoil You Rotten God Bless ,, Stephen & Christine
  8. Bad Weather inc ,, I Never Never Knew ,, Stephen
  9. Nothing like a moderator sticking up for a friend
  10. Well said young man ,, not really for me but I respect everybody's choice as this journey is as much a trip down memory lane
  11. Hi rob , shirt arrived this morning very surprised quality is of the finest pure value for money cheers Stephen
  12. TURLEY RICHARDS ,, and the same tempo all night long ,, Stephen
  13. Isnt She Lovely , reminds me of my daughter Kirsty ,, also born in 76

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