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    Stephen Monahan
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    most sports especially football & boxing plus relaxing in the sun with a beer and last but not least traditional stomping northern
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    corby northants
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    i still love you the superlatives

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  1. monny1916

    Harry kane

    dele Ali is still McDons standard Henderson isn't and never was a footballer Kane ? some sitters? pub player sterling ran out of puff because he was the only one that ran bad team bad set up nice but naive manager no chance in 2 4 6 or eight years and counting the way it was hot for everyone
  2. monny1916

    Harry kane

    I think sterling was probably englands best player after pickford he ran hard created and tried and don't forget he is a winger not a number 10 out of the 23 the afore mentioned and McGuire can look themselves in the mirror and be proud of the way they played
  3. monny1916

    Harry kane

    Go lorois
  4. monny1916

    Harry kane

    Was harry Kane the worst centre forward in the World Cup apart from pens one off the heel that he knew hee haw about and a header against the mighty panama plus 8 sitters missed and 15 that came off his shoulder that he has asked FIFA to review he was still better than his team mates
  5. monny1916

    Fantasy football league

    How about England fantasising about winning the World Cup
  6. monny1916

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    Johnny Howard for me a bit more uptempo and very crisp lovely sax and still danceable for my legs
  7. monny1916


    I hope everyone else can make it the times I've been it's been a great night
  8. monny1916


    Ask El Tad or Chris King they maybe able to supply a bit more info
  9. Micky Gynn ,,, FA cup winner with Coventry city and a great player for Corby Town FC and a regular buyer on record sales
  10. monny1916

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    I think it's quite rude and inappropriate to call people (gimps) because they like to look smart and have a bit of nostalgia in their lives as I said earlier my mum and dad worked hard to bring us kids up and the provvy lady was a god send
  11. monny1916

    What, you’ve never heard this?!!!

    Are you for real please don't dress it up to be something good it and always has been AWFUL (ps get a haircut lol ) doing a great job by the way ,, regards Stephen
  12. monny1916

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    No nor me now I'm a 32 waist have to get the boots and gloves back on ,,, take care and god bless
  13. monny1916

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    A few years ago the Beatles split up nearly 50 years ago and don't forget Brutus another great shirt
  14. monny1916

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    We should be proud that Ben Sherman use our scene to sell shirts I can't remember who promoted them when my mum bought my my first one from George Alan's in Corby when I was 13 with a provvy, but did I feel good wow ..Ben Sherman & Levi's god bless you mum miss you