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    Modern soul DJ specialising in 70's and upfront new music.present a weekly radio show - Soul Unity every Tuesday 7-9pm on and DAB in Manchester 

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    Tony Shawcross
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    Anthony White - Hey Babe

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  1. Shawky

    Irlam Soul Club

    Looking forward to guesting at this great local event. Having DJ'd at some great events this year including weekenders etc, this one is close to my heart as it is on the Street where I grew up and fist got into soul music all them years back. Can't wait
  2. Shawky

    Whitchurch All- Nighter

    Looking forward to guesting in the modern room at this historic event
  3. Shawky

    Irlam Soul Club Launch Event

    Low I'll be there to support a great local event, and looking forward to guesting for you in September. Well done and good luck with the event
  4. Shawky


  5. Can't wait for this one Chris, awesome news and looking forward to doing a guest spot for you. Hats off to you sir!
  6. Should be yet another great evening of top quality soul music. For a preview why not tune into The Soul Unity show next Tuesday and every Tuesday evening 7-9pm co presented by Tony Shawcross & Mark Grice
  7. Next Saturday 21st March here we go. Soul, funk, jazz, from the 70's to upfront new release
  8. Only two weeks to go now. Get ready for take off!
  9. Wow, can't wait for this one. The buzz is building very nicely on this event which once again promises to play a selection of quality soul music with memories from some of the North West top soul nights. Plus a few surprises, some very nice early doors tunes, and some current up front tunes. Please be early as it could get busy.
  10. Wow, memories. Remember buying stuff like The Ringleaders, John Bowie - Your gonna miss a good thing for about a fiver before they went huge. wish I still had them today instead of selling them, ah well hindsight! Great shop and list for picking up so many tunes back in the day.
  11. Looks very interesting and good, can't wait to hear this compilation.
  12. The Brothers - Are you ready for this. Still packs the dance floors, it's almost a sing along instrumental. Another massive tune was Silvetti - Spring rain.
  13. Great pics, so many memories from the old place . Spent almost every Saturday night there .
  14. I am now confused as I bought my first copy in the 70's as a new release on the pink label. It was bought from HMV in Manchester.
  15. Shawky

    Soul Unity

    Only a week to go now for this great new night of top quality soul music. All ready for take off!

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