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  1. just a check in on this still playing it a week at a time here keeping us sane at least hows it going for you?
  2. thanks for posting An obituary can be read here ...“I’m Your Puppet” was the first, but not the only hit logged by the duo, whose other member, Robert Lee Dickey, Purify’s cousin, died in 2011. It was followed by eight further charting singles, none of which reached the top 10. Of those, the most successful were a raucous cover of “Shake a Tail Feather,” which reached #25, and “Let Love Come Between Us” (#23), both in 1967. Purify continued to work, as a solo singer, until 1974, when he teamed with Ben Moore, a veteran singer, who assumed the name Bobby Purify. They co
  3. topics about 'House Records That Would Have Graced Northern Soul best if try and follow that aye also while here a reminder regarding audio posts Please note to avoid performance problems ask all to try and avoid quoting video clips and posting more than one clip per post
  4. as always as soon as we shout about something on here... tumbleweed almost as if.... ah no worries, it's there if you wanna use it if not ... shrug
  5. thanks for your suggestions for topics though sometimes works best if the topics are started by members why not start 1 or 2 of the above and see how they go
  6. a similar situation, when on our way to a Dublin soul night and started thinking about customs check at the other end, decided to take evasive action think we got to Dublin 6 hours before the ferry...
  7. adventurous dj ? you for real? it was a top 20 chart hit uk wise get a grip mate
  8. Ok, putting a timer on this 24 hours left, so be quick...
  9. ok so where was that played then? the later cover was weak enough to my ears but surely no 'proper' northern venue would have allowed the herman h version anywhere near the decks.. am right yep?
  10. Paris Ford 45 stock status now most definitely updated
  11. 3 x sell outs back in our line up... Vivian Copeland / The Poindexter Bros - Chaos (In my Heart) / What I Did In The Streets - Soul Junction Paris Ford - Boogie On Down - Epsilon Records Showdown - The Complete 1966 RCA Recordings - Kenny Carter - Kent Records CD all ready for our letterbox friendly same day shipping Can listen and purchase via the below links... Source Store - Affordable quality soul https://www.soul-source.co.uk/store/
  12. a look back at Va Va's features on the Mancheter Evening news Website... The empty and unassuming Bolton building that was once a legendary northern soul club "If you went in now, you'd say 'there's no way a northern soul all-nighter would work here' but it did" https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/empty-unassuming-bolton-building-once-18521793
  13. just landed in our source store https://www.soul-source.co.uk/store/product/222-jesse-james-the-girl-in-clinton-park-soul-junction/ and sure avail in many others as well
  14. the mayberry movement take is interesting...
  15. New arrival to our store Jesse James - (The Girl In) Clinton Park - Soul Junction Just arrived and now available via our same working day letterbox friendly shipping https://www.soul-source.co.uk/store/product/222-jesse-james-the-girl-in-clinton-park-soul-junction/

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