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    llandudno,united kingdom
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    happy to be - jimmy ellis
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  1. mike

    fbook log in

    was some issues with the soul source fbook login feature hopefully now resolved thanks mike
  2. mike

    Prisoner Soul

    topics merged the old news article here has more info and current link etc
  3. mike

    20% Off!..20% Off!..20% Off

    you are replying to a 10 year old sales list best if check the dates before replying when looking thru old posts cheers
  4. mike

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    found the first of the BBCs new series Dynasties great viewing the other nite, recommended Dynasties Five extraordinary animals, each in a heroic struggle against rivals and against the forces of nature, fighting for their own survival and for the future of their dynasties In Senegal, west Africa, live a group of chimpanzees led by an alpha male named David. He has already been alpha for three years - a time when leaders here are usually overthrown. To make matters worse, David has no allies - no-one to help him defend his leadership. As the dry season sets in, the group are forced closer together to survive. But David is now surrounded by rivals who all want his crown and are prepared to kill him for it. David faces brutal battles, has his world engulfed in flames and has to pull off an extraordinary act of deception. In a story of power and politics, can David overcome the threats to his leadership and hold on to the alpha position long enough to sire a possible future heir to his throne?
  5. mike

    Kenni Lewis

    all a bit vague, but I do remember that it wasn't jazz fm so yep could have been that show and think the years about right loosely connected to your post and round the same time, does anyone remember how another known dj left a cd containing current various motown unreleased tracks inc 'baby a go go , he who picks a rose' etc etc in the cd player after an event and they all ended up being passed around on the internet almost the next day
  6. mike

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    serious follow-on discussion like the above is always gonna best suited for this members only forum rather than topics like this https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/forum/137-members-downtown/ cheers
  7. This weeks battle is courtesy of a suggestion via Mal aka @Mal C his intro follows below... It might be a short one but the Dale Warren song ‘what I want’ by the Precisions on Drew and later by Gloria Taylor on Selector Sound, two very different versions of a brilliantly underrated song, now! It’s not a massive sound but it’s an interesting vote on a lesser talked about but brilliant song The Precisions - What I want Gloria Taylor - What I want Could do with some more suggestions for the 'battle' list, so if you do have then as always feel free to pm me them Going again for a week long poll for this one, so voice your choice and post your view asp
  8. mike

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    anyone catch on Netflix the film "Outlaw King" all about Robert the Bruce etc was looking forward to it as was expecting a really good film but it just didn't do it for me... not sure why, anyone feel the same ?
  9. mike


    maybe sometimes timing can't be finalised to closer to the date? if they are not clear, then maybe work best if you ask via the comments or a pm?
  10. mike

    Kenni Lewis

    Story behind the first boot (x amount of years ago) as far as I can recall went something like this... Richard Searling was so impressed with the track that he got an audio copy from AR & RT and started playing it out, once while playing it on a radio show he forgot to 'talk over' it (to protect the track) and someone recorded it and a bootleg showed up very soon after... or something like that
  11. mike

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Cheers Paul though always gonna be best if pm me any suggestions as don't clock every post with this one there be just too many options to list for a version poll we have tried to list them all in the past.. that topic should be still knocking around somewhere
  12. Hi Mike this e-mail is still Ok so I don't understand why i need to change it ? please let me know. Regard, Pascal

  13. just a reminder type post you can view a 'look forward' to the next 24 hours on ebay page 24/7 on here via link https://www.soul-source.co.uk/ebay-listing-24hrs gives you a list of the most popular, ending soons, and highest priced ebay auctions ending in the next 24 hours its updated dynamically and always easy to find - its part of the 'more' section - see top menu
  14. As it says... a few improvements to the event guide RSVPs now show in members profile eg https://www.soul-source.co.uk/profile/28987-backstreetniter/?tab=node_rsvpevents_rsvpevents
  15. all over now as you can read below quite a one sided result with Howard getting the most selections Poll: Version Battle - I Watched You Slowly Slip Away I Watched You Slowly Slip Away This poll is closed to new votes 1. Which version does it for you? Howard Guyton 91% Lou Courtney 9% thanks to all who took part the next one be up soon!


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