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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Memphis Flyer website has just added a new Eddie Floyd feature written by Alex Greene The article is made up of quite a lengthy article/interview, taking in Eddie's career and his upcoming book. View full article
  2. The Memphis Flyer website has just added a new Eddie Floyd feature. Titled Knock On Wood! Eddie Floyd on Music, Life, and His New Book - Eddie Floyd and the power of positive thinking ' written by Alex Greene The article is made up of quite a lengthy article/interview, taking in Eddie's career and his upcoming book. Knock! Knock! Knock! on Wood: My Life in Soul. Along with images and such, A couple of clips... Eddie Floyd's attitude is contagious. After speaking with him for over an hour, what stuck with me most was the laughter. It's a beautiful thing, these little regional markets where you can have a hit, like the Carolina beach scene you write about, or Jamaica. Or the UK, where so many songs have taken on a new life. Oh yeah. And Northern Soul in England. They'll listen right away. And I know all the fields. That's the way I write, too. Sometimes I'll be thinking about them also. Definitely Northern Soul. You can do different styles, if you have an idea. 'Cause they're open-minded there! If it's got a groove, they'll get into it. You can introduce some new things to 'em, so they'll be eager for new grooves. It's an amazing area. Full article can be read via https://www.memphisflyer.com/memphis/knock-on-wood/Content?oid=23561958
  3. Another lengthy feature audit Gallery has had 2/3 days sorting all our gallery images been checked that they do indeed exist plus all thumbs etc rebuilt and so everything should be showing 100% that's all 74.78 GB worth of photos that's all 146,049 total Images that have had 6,471,8297 views and 8478 Comments as said all should be now 100%, let us know asp if not cheers! https://www.soul-source.co.uk/gallery/
  4. laughing here seems there was an issue with the checker routine I knocked up which left a few missing vids still on here sorted, so now all youtube 'missing in actions' should now be deleted, so can say..... yep we are now at 100% 1410 is the new running total ya....!
  5. current stats 1,429 Videos 1,407,482 Views
  6. Check out this @HoustonPress feature on Bobby Rush and the new album 'Rawer Than Raw'!
  7. Just had a lengthy audit of all the youtube sourced videos in our Video Feature as over time they do come and go Right now all our youtube sourced videos have been checked and all listed should now be 100% working Check it out 1000+ curated strong soul videos https://www.soul-source.co.uk/videos/
  8. Winner just drawn! The lucky lucky winner out of the soul source random.org hat was... the member twinroots aka @twinroots if the member can now drop me their name and address via pm a copy of this fine release will be on their doormat soonest! thanks to all those who entered, next comp coming up soonest
  9. now on iplayer Everything - The Real Thing Story The Real Thing were four working-class boys from one of Liverpool’s toughest neighbourhoods, who became Britain’s most enduring soul and funk act ever. With a string of hits, they dominated the international charts throughout the 1970s with iconic songs like You to Me Are Everything, Can’t Get By Without You and Can You Feel the Force. But the group’s meteoric success was also tempered with personal tragedy, drug addiction and racial prejudice. They were – and still are – The Real Thing – and this is their incredible true story https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000lj5v/everything-the-real-thing-story
  10. more you look the more ya find Gospel According To Al Green This looks at Green's transition from hugely successful soul singer to gospel artist and fundamentalist preacher. Filmed in concert in Washington, D.C., in rehearsal in his recording studio, in a service at his Memphis church, and in an extended interview, Green reveals himself to be an electrifying performer, whether singing love songs to women or spiritual ones to God. https://amzn.to/2BYICbW James Brown - Mr Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown Fans have a documentary befitting the "Godfather of Soul." Directed by Oscar and Emmy winner Alex Gibney, and co-produced by the singular Mick Jagger, "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown" digs into the career of one of music and culture's towering figures, using fresh interviews with band members and contemporaries, extraordinary historical footage, and rare archival. https://amzn.to/39YihaL Blue Juice 1990s uk film with a couple of northern soul related scenes see our video section for more info https://amzn.to/3gxqDZb
  11. videos -soul source feature ongoing clean up of 'expired' you tube videos started aim to either update or remove all 'non-playing 'youtube videos
  12. from Evan... On Behalf of Loveforce International Records, Bobby Jonz final record label, I would like to thank Mike, Soul Source and those who commented on the story about Bobby Jonz Passing. I am sure that Bobby is smiling down from heaven happy to know that he is still remembered in the UK.
  13. film playing on netflix now - a great film

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