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    currently caught up in a long running online affair with soul music <b>test

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    llandudno,united kingdom
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    happy to be - jimmy ellis

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  1. can you add the venue name to the address section just helps the guide work better thanks
  2. Mike


    hi can you add the venue name to the address bit thanks
  3. Mike

    Spinning wheel all--niter

    Mark can you add the locations and venue with your events just makes things easier
  4. events up up in our live section can talk, rsvp and all that etc etc
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Greyhounds - Left Turn - Digital Single Word about a new digital single,by Greyhounds, release blurb and audio follows View full article
  6. Greyhounds - Left Turn - CRED-153-Digital Single Word about a new digital single,by Greyhounds, release blurb and audio below Greyhounds - Left Turn - Digital Single Release Date: 9/9/2019 Musical Influences: Chester Thompson, Lonnie Smith Track Description: “Left Turn” by the Greyhounds is the most potent dose of organ trio soul you can pack into under three minutes. Organist and vocalist Anthony Farrell presents poised lyrics that remind listeners that life doesn’t always have to be scripted and that it’s OK to fly by the seat of your pants. His sentiments are echoed with a carefree, Dr. Lonnie Smith-esque groove laid down by Andrew Trube on guitar and Zack Littlefield. The end product is a perfect reflection of the signature less-is-more, straight-to-tape approach at Color Red inspired by a cooled down studio session on a hot summer day. Artist Quote: "It was a lot of fun to do a back to basics style session. We wrote the song in the studio, rehearsed it, and laid it down straight to tape. Organ, Drums, and Guitar. 1 vocal overdub. We are definitely fans of the less is more approach. When you confine yourself to 8 tracks, it forces you to commit and be more creative within those limitations." - Anthony Ferrell Credits: Anthony Farrell - Vox/Organ Andrew Trube - Guitar Zack Littlefield - Drums Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts Color Red Studios Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts Color Red Studios Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs Doug Krebs Mastering UPC: 194694837728 ISRC: QZFZ71980604 Release Date: 9/9/2019 Territory: Worldwide Genre: Blues - Soul - R&B Artist Page: https://www.color-red.co/greyhounds Hyperfollow: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/greyhounds/left-turn SoundCloud: Art Track Video:
  7. all a bit angry old man that Steve going beyond the 'rant', do you think we as a nation are?
  8. Britain a nation of litter louts? Britain is nation of litter louts, says Jeremy Paxman Clean Up Britain patron criticises ‘utterly useless’ ministers and ‘even more useless’ Keep Britain Tidy https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/12/britain-is-nation-of-litter-louts-says-jeremy-paxman interesting piece what do you reckon, are we?
  9. just a quick just so aware post Can find here details of all our "extra" features - directories, references, newsletter info, adverting and more https://www.soul-source.co.uk/more/
  10. Event Guide still ongoing - the venue name has now been added to the location form ask all promoters to please use the location as it does help your event , the event guide and the soul enthusiasts attending Ebay Newsletter improvements ongoing - https://www.soul-source.co.uk/newsletters/
  11. cheers Steve as said looking back at it all now, that period northern wise was all a bit odd anyone else thoughts on it all?
  12. currently at £1,854.00 (12 sept) I see that the description on JM site has changed since the original post was there ever a definite stand up explanation/version put out of just what actually went on...? given that this actual topic was part of it all, say not a hard ask?

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