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  1. mike

    next 48 hours....

    thanks for words, views and takes as said its all a bit chicken and egg at moment the main aim is to get everything re-built and working 100% once that is done can then switch over and pay more attention to layout, fonts etc cheers mike
  2. mike

    next 48 hours....

    ok the main part of the upgrade is now completed there's still some work on the layout side going on - hopefully complete in the next 24 hours all a chicken and egg sort of thing will post here when all complete cheers mike 🧐
  3. back online be aware that there may be some issues while follow on work continues
  4. just so aware am closing the site for approx 60 mins or so at this time to carry out an upgrade
  5. just have to mention this review... not only shared a few words and a rating but Tim aka @Timillustrator also shared with us what appears to be a drawing drawn on the night itself old school reviewing or what!
  6. mike

    next 48 hours....

    that time again a fairly major upgrade will be occurring over the next 24-48 hours will be some disruption, hopefully be only for a short period just so aware mike
  7. #fridayfeeling x 2 maybe 3!
  8. site be offline for approx 20 mins for an upgrade
  9. a previous topic Csc at Tonys 2001 (yep 17 years ago) sure there's a lot more good luck with the project Martyn!
  10. there be a fair few odds and ends scattered around the site over the years here's a few that showed up https://www.soul-source.co.uk/gallery/image/4084-blackburn/
  11. after a couple of weeks of this feel doesn't really work well so have switched the 'auto-post' of reviews off
  12. Just been upgraded new front index layout - now features the weeks trending videos have a go via https://www.soul-source.co.uk/videos/
  13. the news item gives an excuse for a dig round the old town part of soul source and two bits come up at first dig From 2003 - saw the very last one an account of that night can be had here while Pete Coulsons' Soul Essence' fanzine featured a review of the Allnighter by Big Mick way back in 1999

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