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  1. Ronnie Savoy - Big hand little hand [PHILIPS] - PROMO COPY EX, stunning copy of this popcorn anthem Asking 150€ + shipping registered from Italy (paypal as gift only)
  2. Don Hollinger - Where The Young Folks Go [YATO] > SORTED STILL LOOKING FOR THE OTHERS
  3. The Soul Merchants - Ain't Gonna Go For That [ROYAL CREST] > SORTED
  4. TWO R&B FOR SALE Wilson Pickett - Baby Don't You Weep [LIBERTY, Germany] Record: EX Sleeve/Label: VG+/EX Price: 130€ Tawny Reed - I've got a feeling [RED BIRD Promo] Record: VG+ Label: VG Price: 160€ > PM me for pics & soundclips > Please add registered shipping: 12€ for Europe and 15 for ROW / Paypal as gift only
  5. Hi soulies, I'm looking for these records, from r&b to soul and from gospel to boogaloo. If you can help me, please send me a message with price and condition. Cash waiting Thanks, Michele Billy Storm - Apologize [LE MANS] Jack Costanzo – Latin Percussion with Soul [TICO - LP] Frank Kinsel - Satisfaction [SUNDAY] Jim Preacher Ellis - Since I fell for you [CROSS ROAD] The Royal Five - The Boston boogaloo [P and L] The Hot Tamales - Chicken Backs [SUPREME] Bob Marlo - Straighten Up And Fly [RONCO] The Inn Crowd - Run Clarence Run [MICHELLE] Universal Jubilaires - Childhood Days [REDEMPTION] Dynamic Disciples - Satan [PURIFIED] Buddy Wilkins – Private eyes [TRI-ESS] The Soul Merchants - Ain't Gonna Go For That [ROYAL CREST] > SORTED Tito Puente - Hit The Bongo [TICO] Jason - Clear eyes [M-S] Don Hollinger - Where The Young Folks Go [YATO] > SORTED Rene La Rue - Bye Bye [CLASSIC] > SORTED
  6. SOME FOR SALE Shipping from Italy will be added, pay with PayPal as gift/friend. Fell free to ask me photos and audioclips Thanks Jamie Coe ‎– Cleopatra [BIGTOP] vg+ 120€ SOLD Irma Thomas ‎– I Did My Part [MINIT] vg 15€ Oran Ruffin Jr. And His Band ‎– Workin' On It [ILA] ex 70€ Al Martino ‎– Two Hearts Are Better Than One [20th FOX] ex 15€ Charlie Baker ‎– You Crack Me Up [LIBERTY] vg+ 20€ The Champs - Beatnik [LONDON Ita] vg+ 8€ Ray Charles - I don't need no doctor [La Voce Del Padrone] vg- and sleeve vg+ 7€ Jimmy Sedlar - Shorty's Got To Go [BIG M] vg+ 20€ Miss Lavell - Run to you [DUKE] vg+ 25€ Titus Turner - Hungry Man [ATLANTIC] vg+ 50€ Floyd Morris - Pompton Turnpike [SELECT] vg+ 10€ Varretta Dillard - That's why I cry [RCA VICTOR] vg+ 110€ Davey Jones - I'm in pain [APT] vg+ 25€ Wilson Pickett ‎– Baby Call On Me [DOUBLE L] vg(+) 15€ Little Bob - I Got Loaded [LA LOUSIENNE] ex 190€ HOLD Fausto Papetti - Febbre nera [DURIUM] ex 20€ Tawny Reed - I got a feeling [RED BIRD promo] vg+ 170€
  7. Killer Texas 45rpm that doesn't show up too often. Quite rare and still a big tune! Tommy Hammond - Devil on my shoulder [GOLDEN EAGLE] Visual grade: EX Play grade: EX 300£ + shipping from Italy (paypal as friend/family or add 4% for fees) Link from the actual record:
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  9. SOME FOR SALE 1. The Mystics - That's The Kind Of Love / I Really Love You (TEAKO) EX 120£ Only for reference: aside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDyjY054fz0 bside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rfJaO2nY-I 2. Old (M) Pressions - Right On (BROOKS BROTHERS) EX 30£ Only for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7JdV9It_p0 3. Bobby Caldwell ‎– The House Is Rockin' (PBR INTERNATIONAL) VG+ sol 15£ Only for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbkUNUL1RJk 4. Gary Ferguson ‎– Mama Come See 'Bout You Daughter (MOTHERS RECORDS & THE SNARF COMPAN) EX 35£ Only for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyy_1bsgqwY 5. Joe Simon ‎– Just Like Yesterday (IRRAL) VG+ 60£ My copy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbO1H_OaW_g 6. The Inspirational Souls - Jesus is going away (but he's coming back again) (CRUSADE) EX 25£ My copy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye5HF9wxloQ * Tracked shipping from Italy will be added, pay with PayPal as gift/friend PM me for pics and audioclip
  10. Hi soulies, I'm looking for the following records. If you can help me, please send me a message stating conditions & prices. Dynamic Disciples - Satan [PURIFIED] Universal Jubilaires - Childhood days [REDEMPTION] The Hot Tamales - Chicken backs [SUPREME] The Royal Five - The Boston boogaloo [P and L] Marv Lockard - Phantom lover [COUNTERPART] Bob Marlo - Straighten up and fly [RONCO] The Inn Crowd - Run Clarence run [MICHELLE] Cheers, Michele
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