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  1. Tamala Lewis , You won't say nothing . Marton E- labels clean £40 Gwen Owens, Just say your wanted . Velgo E- labels clean £40 Jimmy Mack . My world is on fire . Soul Galore E- labels clean £30 Paula Parfitt. Love is wonderful. Beacon ( solid center ) E- labels clean £20 Ambassadors. Too much of a good thing. Pee Vee.E- labels clean £15 Ted Ford, Your gonna need me . 77 E- labels clean £10 Lynne Randall, Stranger in my arms. CSP E- labels clean £10. Payment by PayPal ( F&F). Post extra. Thanks for looking
  2. Sandy Waddy , Everything is everything. Sound of Soul E- labels clean £30 The Legends , Fear not. Commonwealth vg++ labels clean £30 The Delcos , Arabia , Showcase vg++ wol. £30 George Jackson, That lonely night. Double R E- labels clean £40 Diane Ducane, Better late than never. UK Contact vg++ labels clean £10 Barbara Pennington, 24 hours a day . UK UA vg++ labels clean £10 Payment by PayPal ( F &F ). Post extra. Thanks for looking .
  3. Gene Chandler , Shes such a pretty thing. Checker vg++ labels clean £15 Jimmy Cliff , Waterfall . A&M vg++ labels clean £10 Admirations , Don't leave me . Onderful vg++ labels clean £15 Platters, Sweet sweet lovin. Musicor vg++ labels clean £10 Flamingos , Boogaloo party. Phillips vg++ labels clean £10 Paul Humphrey , Cool aid . Lizard vg++ labels clean £10 Bill Blacks combo , Little queenie. Hi vg++ labels clean £10 Al Kent , You've gotta pay the price ( inst) Ric Tic labels vg++ labels clean £10 Gerry & Paul , The cat walk .Fat back vg++ labels
  4. Dee Edwards , All the way home. Down E- labels clean £100 Eddie Hill, I can hear you crying . GeGe E- labels clean £50 Betty Lavette, I'm holding on .Big Wheel E- labels clean £50 Oscar Perry , Main String . Peritone E- labels clean £50 Larry Houston , Let's spend some time together. HFMP vg++ labels clean £45 Willie Brown , Get out and get it. Tri-it E- labels clean £50 Showstoppers, How easy your heart forgets me . UK MGM vg++ labels clean £10 Dooley Silverstone, Game players. Saville E- labels clean £10 Payment by PayPal ( F & F ). Post extra . T
  5. Chuck Jackson , I only get this feeling. UK Probe vg++ labels clean £40 United Four , She's putting you on .Harthon E- labels clean £70 Fabulous Apollos, Some good in everything bad. Valtone E- labels clean £50 Joy Lovejoy, In orbit . UK chess vg+ aside clean rear on b. No center £20 Junior Wells , I'm gonna cramp your style / you oughta quit that. Bright Star vg++ labels clean £20 Baltimore& ohio band , Condition red. Jubilee vg++ labels clean £20 Fascination, Girls are out to get you. Mayfield vg++ labels clean £25 Jerry Butler , Moody Woman. Mercury
  6. Bobby Paris/ HB Barnum . I walked away / Heartbreaker . E- labels clean £15 Johnny Jones / Fred Hughes . Purple haze/ Baby boy. Brunswick E- labels clean £10 Jimmy James . Help yourself. Miami E- labels clean £10 David & Giants , Ten miles high/ Superlove. Capitol E- labels clean£10 Julian Covey , Little bit hurt .Island E- labels clean £15 payment by PayPal( F&F) .post extra . thanks for looking
  7. John Roberts , I'll forget you . Duke d E- labels clean £75 Presentations , Call on me. AMM E- labels clean £60 Four Invaders , Making tracks baby . Bray vg++ labels clean £40 Junior Parker , Wait for another day. Duke E- wol £20 Al Haskins , You got me. Sureshot E- wol £35 Anthony & Sophomores, It depends on you . ABC VG++ labels clean £15 Danny White , One little lie .ABC labels clean £25 payment by PayPal ( F&F). post extra. thanks for looking .
  8. Dynells , Let me prove that I love you. Blueberry E- labels clean £150 Buster Jones , Baby Boy. Sure Shot d E- labels clean £90 The Gems , I'll be there . Riverside wd vg++ 2 tiny x on a side £50 Superiors , What would I do. Verve vg++ labels clean £45 Little Edith , I couldn't take it . Jessica E- labels clean £85 Virginia Wolves , Stay. Amy E- labels clean £20 Archie Bell +The Dells , There's gonna be a showdown Atlantic vg+ labels clean ( drill hole ) £10 payment by PayPal (F&F) post extra . thanks for looking
  9. Living color, Plastic people ( vocal/ inst) . Sophisticated Funk NM labels clean £150 The Triplett Twins , From the rooter to the tooter. Jay Pee NM labels clean £50 Sons of nature, Ride the vibe . Juldane NM labels clean £15 ( slight back ground noise for 5 sec at intro . payment by PayPal ( F&F) post extra . thanks for looking.
  10. Bob Relf , Blowing my mind to pieces / Girl you're my kind of wonderful. Trans American vg++ labels clean £225 Steve Karmen Band , Breakaway. UA wd E- labels clean £100 Eddie Holman , I surrender. ABC E- labels clean £80 Jackie Lee , Oh , my darling . Mirwood vg++ labels clean except for small silver dot on A side £70 Payment by PayPal ( F&F) post extra . thanks for looking

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