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  1. Lou Roberts , Everything you always wanted to know bout love.Sounds of Memphis ( MGM) wd E- labels clean £ 200 Tojo, Broken hearted lover , Tec E- labels clean £ 185 Lester Tipton /Masquerades, This won't change/ How. Grapevine 138 E- labels clean £100 Billy Hambric, She said goodbye / I found true love . Grapevine 139 vg++ labels clean £45 payment by PayPal ( F&F) post extra. thanks for looking
  2. The Magnificent, My heart is calling / Main St. Dee Gee E- labels clean £175 Marie Knight , You lie so well . Musicor , this disc is cracked all the way thru but been repaired an plays ok. £30 ( £200 for mint copy ) Oscar Perry , Main string , Peritone E- labels clean £50 Sandra Brockington , It was you .Bengee E- labels clean £ 40 Bill Blacks Combo , Little Queenie .Hi vg++ labels clean £15 Fascinations, Girls are out to get you . Mayfield vg++ labels clean £20 payment by PayPal ( F+F) post extra . thanks for looking.
  3. Epitome of sound , You don't want me / where were you. Sandbag vg++ labels clean £275 Rita Dacosta, Dont bring me down , Mohawk wd vg++ labels clean £ 225 Beverly Ann , You've got your mind on other things. RCA demo vg++ labels clean £190 Beverly Ann, Hes coming home . RCA wd E- labels clean £125 Just Brothers, Sliced tomatoes. Music merchant 1002 vg++ a side label clean b side slight wear £110 Showstoppers , Aint nothing but a house party/ what can a man do. Partytime vg++ labels clean £75 payment by PayPal ( F&f ) post extra. thanks for looking.
  4. Gerri Granger , Breakdown. Bigtop wd E- labels clean £20 The Beas, Where do I go from you. Dee Gee wd E- labels clean £20 The Artistics, Hope we have / I'm gonna miss you . Brunswick vg+ labels a side clean wol on b .£15 Doc &The interns , Baby I know . Now vg++ labels clean £20 Troy Dodds , Earthquake. Beechwood E- labels clean £15 Allan Reuss, Zorba . World Pacific demo E- labels clean £10 Payment by PayPal ( F&F) post extra. Thanks for looking.
  5. The Admirations, Dont leave me. Onederful Vg++ labels clean £15 Willie Parker , Dont hurt the one you love. Mpac vg++ labels clean £15 Rufus Lumley , I'm standing . UK Emi vg++ labels clean £15 Outer limits , Just one more chance. UK Dream vg+ labels clean £10 Fred Jones/ Johnny Jones, Baby boy / Purple haze. UK Brunswick vg++ labels clean £10 payment by PayPal ( FnF) post extra.Thankz for looking .
  6. James Bounty , Prove yourself a lady . Compass E- labels clean £300 Steve Karen Band , Breakaway . UA wd E- labels clean £100 Vala Regan, Fireman . UK Atlantic E- labels clean £450 Jack Montgomery, Dearly Beloved/ Do you believe it . Scepter E- labels clean £250 Cobblestones , Trick me treat me . Mercury E- labels clean £400 The Traditions , My life with you. Barclay E- labels clean £200 The Capitols, Cool Jerk. Karen E- labels clean £20 payment by PayPal ( f&f) post extra. thanks for looking .
  7. Emanuel Lasker, Dont lead me on baby. Thelma E- labels clean £125 Kenny Carter, I've gotta get myself together. RCA wd E- labels clean £125 Charley Gracie , He'll never love you like I do. Diamond demo Vg++ labels clean £20 The Voicemasters, If a woman catches a fool/You've hurt me baby. Bamboo Vg++ labels clean £50 Teddy Vann orch. Coloured man. UK Capitol demo E- labels clean £20 The Happy Cats , These boots / Destroy that boy . Grapevine E- labels clean £15 The Young Folk , Lonely girl . Marvulus E- labels clean £15 payment by PayPal ( f&f) post extr
  8. Gladys Knight, You've lost that loving feeling . Tamla Motown UK demo E- labels clean £30 Brenda Holloway ,When I'm gone . Tamla ( us) E- labels clean £15 Brenda Holloway, Starting the hurt all over again. Tamla ( us ) E- labels clean £15 Velvelettes, These things will keep me loving you. Tamla Motown uk vg ( but plays ok ) label got some damage £3 payment by PayPal ( f&f ) post extra . thanks for looking
  9. Bob Relf , Blowing my mind to pieces . Transamerican vg++ labels clean £225 The Hesitations, I'm not built that way. Kapp vg++ labels clean ( but X on b side ) £150 Bobby Goldsborough, Too many people . UK United Artists. vg++ labels clean ( sticker removal mark on A side )£175 The Showmen, Our love will grow. Swan wd E- labels clean £150 Hank Soulman Mullen , He upset your dreams. Audel E- labels clean £150 Ernest Fitzgerald , Ace in the hole. Daniels vg++ labels clean £85 Hayward Lee , Its a sin to tell a lie , Scamm vg++ labels clean £30 Spencer , Search
  10. Doris Troy , I'll do anything. Cameo Parkway vg++ labels clean £200 Little Hank , Bang bang man. London demo vg - some biro on label plays with a few crackels £150 Barbara Mason, Keep him. London demo E- labels clean £50 Mike Vickers , On the brink .Colombia vg++ labels clean £150 Prince Harold, Baby you got me . Mercury E- labels clean £100 Rex Garvan, I gotta go up on the floor. Atlantic E- labels clean £75 Willie Mitchell , That driving beat . London E- labels clean £75 Mood mosaic , Touch of velvet , Colombia vg++ labels clean £15 Otis Redding , I
  11. Natural four, I thought you were mine . ABC E- labels clean ( bubble on a side ) £400 Eddie Holman , I surrender. ABC E- labels clean £100 Edward Hamilton , I'm gonna love you. Mary Jane E - labels clean £100 Barbara Mcnier , It was never like this . WB vg++ labels clean £60 payment by PayPal ( f&f ) .post extra . thanks for looking
  12. Leslie Uggams, Don't you even care. Atlantic E- labels clean £100 Joanne Gayles, Meet me half way. Bright star vg++ labels clean £50 Wonderlettes, So wonderful.Baja vg++ labels clean £40 Nancy Wilson , End of our love. Capitol vg++ labels clean £20 Pat Lewis , Look at what I almost missed. Solid hit vg++ labels clean £20 payment by PayPal ( f&f ) post extra. thanks for looking

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