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  1. Not seen that site before, or those pictures, so thanks for that.
  2. I don't recall anyone within the Mod scene at the time calling it a 'mod revival', that was the work of journalists and the music press of the time, and the name kind of stuck. It's much the same now, where a lazy journalist will use the term 'Northern Soul' and use 'The Snake' as an example of the music. There have been many discussions on here about what that term actually means, and of course it will mean different things to different people, but it's a catch-all term used for easy reference. No problems anyway pal; I agree with you that it's the music that counts. I was just giving a slightly different perspective from someone who was part of the 'mod revival' as opposed to someone else's perception viewing it from the outside.
  3. I agree with that Chalky, though there was, and still is, some overlap. Some Mods, myself included, love soul of most kinds, including 'Northern', but many don't, but there are many tunes that could be, and are, played on both scenes; they are not mutually exclusive.
  4. I think that's a massive generalisation pal. The Mod revival did have its own music (which wouldn't be to many people's tastes on the Soul scene), but what it did do was enable many of the 'revival' Mods to dig deeper into what the original scene was like. So whilst I might agree that the early revivalists might not have had any (much!!) originality, this developed quite quickly with new clothing styles and an appreciation of 'newly' found music becoming much more appreciated and understood. As with all scenes, the revival developed and evolved into something very different from the 1979/80 revival years, and was all the better for it in my opinion.
  5. Coal hole - or 'coil oil' as it was pronounced where I live No central heating (as others have mentioned) so 'bath' night was a Sunday - metal bath in front of the fireplace in the front room - great; except I am the youngest of 4 children, so i was always last one in; mucky water and cold by the time i got there Still, i wouldn't have any other way
  6. As a Wednesdayite, I'm obviously more than a little disgruntled at how this has all panned out. I'm certainly not naive enough to think that there is much, if any, loyalty left in the game (except by the majority of supporters), whether that be from club owners, players or managers, but the way SB has acted certainly shows that he doesn't have any, especially after the sympathetic way the Chairman treated him when appointing him. By allowing SB time to spend 'resting and recuperating' in the West Indies watching test cricket, after admittedly having an 'annus horribilis' in 2018, before starting his role with Wednesday at the beginning of February 2019, you might have thought that this might be repaid through a bit of loyalty to the club, however nothing surprises me really. Playing the 'Geordie' card and 'lifelong fan' card, after turning down the opportunity to manage them twice previously just doesn't wash with me. I won't hold any grudges towards NUFC; I actually quite like many of their fans I've met over the years, and it's probably them I feel most sorry for with the way Ashley has run them over recent years. Anyway, onwards and upwards!!
  7. I can't contribute any photos to this thread, but I've just been looking on the BBC website and seen the article linked below which include some stunning photos of the extreme weather experienced on the south coast last night. I thought some people on here might appreciate them also. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-48688194
  8. Here's one popular on the Mod scene
  9. I think @Godzilla on here owns/runs a record store in Scarborough. I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
  10. Oh I absolutely agree; we live in a global community and what has happened in English football has also happened across the globe and it won't ever go back to what it was like previously, and neither would I want it to. Like yourself, I follow a team with a Thai owner who has brought us a modicum of success over the past four years in comparison to the previous 15 years in the doldrums and that has been achieved with players (and managers) of many nationalities. I was merely reacting to the usual 'nationalistic triumphalism' of some of our press who obviously didn't see the irony in the images they used to represent this.
  11. Yeah, I had to laugh when I looked at the BBC site this morning lauding the fact that 4 English clubs were in the 2 finals. They had a photo of 1 player from each club in 4 quadrants; guess how many of them were English? Oh the irony Not that I'm diminishing the achievement; it's never been done before, and I guess that the clubs wouldn't be anywhere near as successful without some of the better foreign players.
  12. This is a great clip on YouTube which shows some of the above dances, and others, being enacted, along with a great sound track. Enjoy

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