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  1. Pow Wow in Sheffield had a great vibe, in both of the venues that I can remember going to. Remember going to an after-party at Club 60, which is basically an illegal drinking establishment (no license) in a downstairs cellar which you could only get to through a printing shop . The cellar was not in the best of upkeep and looked like what I can only imagine the Cavern in Liverpool would have been like in the 60s. Absolutely brilliant vibe in there; the only problem being I had to leave at about 5am to get home to take the son to play football on the Sunday morning .
  2. My first NS event was Clifton Hall, and i was always too scared to go up to a DJ to make a request (I was only about 15/16 at the time and didn't really know the names of most records). So a couple of years later I was at a local soul do and plucked up the courage to ask for 'Jodie's got to turn and go'. The DJ just looked at me, smiled that knowing smile, and said 'Yeah, I've got that'; turned to his DJ box and pulled out said record to show me. Safe to say, after that I knew what the record was really called and who it was by .
  3. And a brilliant book it is too. I can't recommend it enough for anyone with even a slight interest in 1960s music.
  4. I've recorded all the films to date with a view to watching them over the Christmas break. I've heard that the first episode has some nice Rocksteady tracks, if you like your Jamaican music from a few years earlier.
  5. Well, as a Wednesday fan, both myself and, I'm sure, Vardy will have enjoyed the last minute winner; it's just a shame the fans weren't there to 'enjoy' it also . There's a great photo from, I think, last season where he scored at the Sty; both his and the fans reaction was lovely to see
  6. I agree with your sentiment, however this and more is covered in Paul 'Smiler' Anderson's book 'Mods: The New Religion', where there's a wealth of clippings, membership cards, record scans, etc copied within, plus it's a fantastic read about the 60's Mod/early Soul scene around the country. Thankfully it's not just London-centric (though obviously there's a lot of focus on London and it's clubs), with scenes and clubs in other parts of the country covered. If you've not already got it, stick on your Christmas list; you won't be disappointed!!
  7. Not seen that site before, or those pictures, so thanks for that.
  8. I don't recall anyone within the Mod scene at the time calling it a 'mod revival', that was the work of journalists and the music press of the time, and the name kind of stuck. It's much the same now, where a lazy journalist will use the term 'Northern Soul' and use 'The Snake' as an example of the music. There have been many discussions on here about what that term actually means, and of course it will mean different things to different people, but it's a catch-all term used for easy reference. No problems anyway pal; I agree with you that it's the music that counts. I was just
  9. I agree with that Chalky, though there was, and still is, some overlap. Some Mods, myself included, love soul of most kinds, including 'Northern', but many don't, but there are many tunes that could be, and are, played on both scenes; they are not mutually exclusive.
  10. I think that's a massive generalisation pal. The Mod revival did have its own music (which wouldn't be to many people's tastes on the Soul scene), but what it did do was enable many of the 'revival' Mods to dig deeper into what the original scene was like. So whilst I might agree that the early revivalists might not have had any (much!!) originality, this developed quite quickly with new clothing styles and an appreciation of 'newly' found music becoming much more appreciated and understood. As with all scenes, the revival developed and evolved into something very different from the 197
  11. Here's one popular on the Mod scene
  12. This is a great clip on YouTube which shows some of the above dances, and others, being enacted, along with a great sound track. Enjoy
  13. Isn't there footage on YT of some of the RSG dancers doing the block? Sure I've seen it but work won't allow me onto YT so can't check til later. EDIT: managed to find it on my phone . Hope this link works: Can't really see any of the blokes feet to see what they're actually doing, but might give a flavour of their interpretation of the dance.

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