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  1. Chilli


    What a fantastic night. It's great to see this event really taking off these last few months. Absolutely packed last night, standing room only, top quality sounds, really busy dance floor all night. Well done to all involved.
  2. Chilli


    Cheers for the replies fellas Looking forward to Saturday, should be a good night!! Paul.
  3. Chilli


    I really enjoyed last months event and looking forward to more of the same this time around. I never got to go to The Hideaway but I've heard lots of good things about it, so really looking forward to Paul Welsby's spot. Does this mean an extra large helping of RnB or will Paul be playing more of a soul-orientated spot? See you soon Chilli
  4. Chilli

    Any youngsters fancy a footy trial

    I've seen this before. As usual, somebody is trying to be a bit mischievous and has cut and pasted just one section of a larger article to make it look like something else. This trial was aimed at goalkeepers, so a height restriction in these circumstances is probably justified. A quick scan of the SWFC website will confirm this.
  5. Chilli

    Reg D Hunter

    Bbc2 watch it now, quick!!!
  6. Chilli

    Soul Trousers

    Yes, Mallinsons was another of the tailors we used to use quite regularly, along with another tailors in darnall who I think is still going strong
  7. Chilli

    Soul Trousers

    George must have been working on Rotherham market for a number of years then because me and a few other mods from Rotherham used to have trousers tailored by george from bout 1984 through to about 1988. Thank god he never got our stuff mixed up with the Miami vice suits he used to sell to the "trendies" of Rotherham!!!
  8. Chilli

    This R&b Thing ?

    Ha ha ha, that's got to be the funniest post I've read on here for quite a while. Well done young man.
  9. Chilli

    Penny And The Quarters - You And Me

    Thanks for your help and links to further info. I must admit i thought it sounded "ealier" than a 1970 recording (if that makes sense); maybe that's what they were aiming for?? No wonder I'd never heard it before!! What a great story, and it does make you wonder how many more tracks are left out there unearthed. Chilli
  10. Just got round to watching Blue Valentine after Sky Plussing it yesterday and heard this fantastic track. Never heard it before and wondered if anyone had any info about the group or this track in particular, like when recorded, was it ever played anywhere, etc. Probably a bit too slow to have been a biggie anywhere, but just wondered. Chilli.
  11. Chilli

    Touched By The Hand Of Mod

    Just been informed by Al that unfortunately Steve can't now make it to this, but in his place is no other than Graham Wright, resident DJ at the institution that is "Moke" in Sheffield. Looks set to be another top night. Cheers, Chilli.
  12. TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF MOD PT 5 SATURDAY 13TH DECEMBER SKA / NORTHERN / BEAT / RNB / 100% VINYL RESIDENT D'J LITTLE AL GUEST D'J'S STEVE CATO ( ALL OR NOTHING ) £3.00 OTD 7:30-1:30 THE CHARTERS ARMS EASTWOOD LANE ROTHERHAM S65 1EG Looking forward to this. Hope to see a good crowd in and give Steve a good ol' Yorkshire welcome.
  13. Another top night of classic 60'S RnB, Soul,Jazz and Ska with a few choice Beat and Hammond Floorfillers. Resident D.J: Little Al + Guest D.J: Graham Wright(MOKE,POW WOW and NO WAY OUT) Doors open-7.30 till 1.30 Downstairs at THE CHARTERS ARMS Eastwood Lane Rotherham S65 1EG Door Tax - just 3 quid, for 6 hours quality music If you want a t..
  14. Chilli

    Touched By The Hand Of Mod

    Hello Bryn, Paul here. It's a lovely little club with a great friendly atmosphere and I'm glad you felt welcome and enjoyed the night. Numbers were a bit lower than the last two nights but hopefully that was just a blip since the feedback that Gareth and Janine have had has been overwhelmingly positive. I'll let Steve know about his potential burgeoning career on the lookalikey circuit, perhaps we may see him on the second serie..
  15. Chilli

    Pow Wow Club - Sheffield - Sat 21st Jan

    I'm looking forward to this . Haven't attended a Mod club do in a long time and I'm sure I'll bump into a few old mates from the Rotherham and Sheffield area that I haven't seen for a good few years. Chilli