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  1. Buy all these Sensations ! Cheap Soul 45s to add to collection, All sold well the time of release and well deserved as fab tunes. Just buy them and enjoy the quality.
  2. Delusion Ray Rodriguez on 45 is shit rare and a proper tune
  3. get this when you see it, a very strange one , really strange cause its great 60s soul that's been well overlooked
  4. You better be quick, cause this is good
  5. Its a forgotten masterpiece that just needs plays Its bloody brilliant
  6. Another hit from Chicago you can get for pennies, but a lovely tune to own and listen to Another side to collecting. Some of the 60s local hits have the sound but sold too many copys over there to be played over here collect it all
  7. And if you are collecting you must obtain easy quality hits like this for 5 pounds Its easy to get em at the min, just realise how good for a fiver they are
  8. I just bought this from Dee off here for 15 quid cause I love it If it was 300 and rare i would still be happy, what a tune loads of quality 45s like this out there bring back Guy Hennegan to the world
  9. I wondered why cbs decided to use the epic imprint rather than continuing with the cbs imprint for the last and seemingly early 70,s press, considering it had already had at least 2 pressing runs in 1967 on cbs. That was what was what was confusing me, it must have been in demand again to get the 3rd yellow press by cbs on the epic label, Was it the twisted wheel that created the demand? It is really is such a great 60s Soul record, everyone should have one !
  10. Hi I don't think it was re issued on cbs was it ? It was available for a couple of years due to its popular other side at the time. I imagine it had a few pressing runs. CBS first presses have the thick lettering and later runs have the smaller type face. That's how I always understood this 45 All originals just early and later pressing runs. I am kind of confused as to why there is a uk epic release , when and why. It was recorded in the uk when Donnie Elbert lived here I believe. That would explain no usa release. Kieth Mansfield arranged the Detours pieces of you around the same time on cbs which is another track I like a lot. its a great soulful atmospheric dancer imo keep hold of it and enjoy it ! Gaz
  11. Yeah ! That is Them, Thanks They were really good, released a couple of 45s , a cd ep, and track on one of Eddie Pillars compilations. Then ........ nothing........gone
  12. absolutely, the price of the post means you have to take that cost into the end thing. it matters on 15 pound tunes that now cost another 10 dollars to post no point in buying them anymore unless it something that is interesting
  13. @ Sebastian - your totally right, I never look at discogs ( I probably should shouldn't I ) I always check popsike and only ever saw the 2, so assumed it was a tricky 45. Still a fab tune !! Thanks Gaz

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