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  1. I haven’t the answers I just love collecting things I like I’m from a mod point of view to me if I like it, it’s Mod I won’t stop collecting records , I collect Jamaican 60s and also boogaloo things, along with soul and rnb but also British mod and soul things Everything I like is mod and if it isn’t mod if I like it becomes mod I couldn’t give a shit bury me a mod
  2. Or alternatively you can buy couple of 3000 watt DAS audio speakers and put them in the house in your record room this set up ensures ear blowing sounds in the comfort of your record room What’s not to like !!!!
  3. Thanks Chalky haven’t been on the scene properly / regularly since the 90s Apart from odd thing here and there. Just get my fix from collecting so expect the odd daft question from me now and again
  4. Is it getting popular and played again tho Chalky ? Hence £480 on JM this week ? Imagined it was one of those tunes that had been mostly forgotten since the 80s / 90s I don’t go out to events anymore, thats why I was enquiring . I think I only paid about 75 quid for my copy, probably 10 years ago. off craig Moerer. i deffo first heard it a 100 club , and from a tape swap with Alan Handscome around the same early 90s
  5. that’s where I first heard it early late 80s 90s used to be there regular at the time as I lived in Colliers Wood / Mitchum I know the meaning was played more at the time as far as I remember
  6. Rose St John , fools don’t laugh Fantastic record, sort of reminds me of Monique never let me go and Nothing in this world by Dottie and Millie I’m guessing this has started to get played at events ? was always my fav side of this 45
  7. Love the flip of Linda Lewis
  8. Linda Lewis - you turned my bitter into sweet . Polydor
  9. It also came out on uk island lp same version as uk single
  10. Here’s a better scan of the paradox this is my fav instrumental without question , just love it
  11. And a few uk decca things
  12. two as far as I know uk only
  13. I guess it’s time to compare the matrix stamp / information on the copy with both sides and the copies with the different flip If it’s definitely vinyl with proper moulded label and the matrix matches , that would be interesting.

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