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  1. i like it reminds me of ace mod tunes like this
  2. How did they get signed to Juggey Murrys New York label ? He doesn't mention anything about the early years. I like this 60s garage tune from that site I like this tune btw, I love
  3. Thanks Yank for your help So not much info about her Great little rnb tune I like. Got to be a few times more difficult to find than say little willie john? perhaps its too mod to be appreciated
  4. respect to dean simply respect great loss
  5. is the 50s version a different take to the blue 45 release
  6. Andy has answered all my questions concerning this 45 with the old thread. Respect again to Boba reading back, He knew A Fantastic 45 that is never going to be available cause its so good !
  7. Wow - Thanks So the Parliments on cabel and the Magnificent 7 have a line running here. Fantastic I will read the thread
  8. so much a top tune that seems to be forgotten ! Be nice to see if anyone knows anything about the band or the session etc.
  9. Its a proper northern tune i cant understand how a total top tune can get forgotten you cant get more soulful and 100 mph than this but i suppose you have to keep a few in your back pocket
  10. Tell me more I was expecting derek martin or someone to be behind the band i don't recognise any of the names
  11. I love 60s RnB Love it Does anyone know anything about this guy ? Never heard of Dossie Terry before, both sides are nice Mod RnB
  12. So for me this record evokes so many great memories from the late 80s very early 90s It remains a firm fave that I keep to this day. Overlooked and forgotten it seems but totally everything a 60s Northern Soul 45 should be. My question is who were they? I know the label is Juggy Sue Murrys and its from New York. Who were the Magnificent 7 And why is this 45 not a huge well popular dancer, Its a perfect NS record ?
  13. a top lp that is 100 percent Detroit 60s I am not really sure what a top rare soul comp could ever be, but this is close I think Rob has kicked the shit out of this fantastic everyone should get one

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