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  1. Just having a read of this and although not tv as such, it reminded me of 'No Surrender' the movie. Which if i remember correctly was also written by Alan Bleasdale. Anyway, it's one of my all time black humour favourites, and maybe you have to be British to love it like i do. Haven't seen it for years now though, it went when the VHS player did.
  2. The Yank....at least it's not buried in the mists of time, not here in the UK anyway. I wonder if Jamo had any say in which version went out for release.
  3. I hope you go through life making errors this good Ady, riding on the back of Chess' original one or not. I find it odd that the fast one was not the first issue, it's completely blows the slow one away.
  4. If it was played at venues when all is back to normal, i wonder how the dance floor would react. After all, that is the true test isn't it. And maybe the track is legitimate enough for this to happen?
  5. Yes Sebastian, I understand about it now. burt weedon must have got sidetracked from the original question. It threw me a bit when I read his post...and there lies the problem, when you want information, it comes around that you listen to everything. Thanks to you and Scootboy also. It's been interesting for me.
  6. Hiya burt, so can you lay a claim to the existence of the faster version.....it's very interesting for me....just love the motherf....r
  7. Great information Sebastian. At least the fast version finally made it's way into the world.
  8. That's interesting Joesoap, this link on YouTube, shows it on vinyl from 1971, and it's the fast version. This is the first time, and I've looked before over the years, that the fast version comes up at all on the tube. For me it's a nice tune anyway, all I read about it before seemed to sway towards the slow one that was released.
  9. Thanks marty57, it pleases me that it might have a more authentic pedigree. 3 cheers to Kent, if it was them who dug it up.
  10. I'm hoping someone can shed light on the history of that faster version of Jamo Thomas...Must I Holler. Is it one of those DJ remixes that did the rounds a few years back. I'm only asking because I sort of love the track, not particularly in a 'Northern' way because maybe it's not. Although I sometimes think it would have gone down real swell at one of the older nighters....it can sure be danced to.
  11. I never heard it played at Wigan, like you say 'not northern'. But in the period you are talking about, I think there were tracks played that would not have been considered suitable before.
  12. Ditto, sheep. That name does not ring a bell.....could be me also of course.
  13. Till the first last night.....like it.....I got bored of them, how many was it? In the end I don't think I went to the actual 'last' one. They had blown a gasket anyway, died a death, sunk to an all time low, blah blah.
  14. St. Ives surely was the best. Loved Wigan, but when the oldies room opened at Ives, there were individual people filling the place, all in their own world, or more precisely on their own planet. I never did get to have a go with Filon, but rest assured over the next 30 years or more I hammered just about everything, and they repaid me in kind. But I'm still up for a soul night or nighter, just take it a bit easier on the potions.......most of the time!!!!
  15. 1975, St. Ives, totally fcking blocked on G & Clears caps, didn't feel like standing up or sitting down, so tried a bit of dancing. Useless I was, but didn't realize it until some chick started laughing. That freaked me a bit, but then I couldn't get rid of her and my dancing improved bit by bit.

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