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  1. Looking for a copy please
  2. Just out of curiosity what’s a good price to pay for this ?
  3. Despenza issue please stay anyone know where how and if I can find one lol vg+ and above been advised minter is anywhere 800-1000 .
  4. Looking for a copy of I ain't got nothing but the blues VMP FANKS!
  5. jimmy


  6. I've gotta hear from you . Anyone do better than £100 for ex copy ? just thought I'd give someone a chance on here before I buy . thanks in advance jimmy
  7. Thanks for the offer mate but It looks like this record has rocketed up in price . I'll just hold out a bit longer got an offer on a NM one for a lot less . But by the sounds of it you should be able to sell it no worries just about now . thanks again anyway mate cheers atb jimmy
  8. Sorry about the delay getting back to you been working . How much were you looking for mate .
  9. Not got anything for trade I've got a billy wells this heart these hands ex- NM but kinda promised that to my mate but can ask if he still wants it. The rest of my spins have been hard sought out and don't want to part with them lol what about a price for it ?
  10. What's a fair price for this ? And has anyone got a copy ? cheers jimny
  11. Found a copy at about £400 can anyone on here do better ? just before I splash out !
  12. Hello im looking to try and get my paws on a copy of " I need your love "by the Dynamics please thanks in advance

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