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  1. Pee Wee,shuck And Huey On Flagg

    Soulbowl discovery (one of many) in the early 8ts. Very expensive it was too.
  2. sisters three- cu- keep off no trespassing

    I got it from Bob Cattaneo, from one of his now famous lists. I think i may have traded it with Guy at some point, but can't remember the finer details. At the time, the division of Bay Luv records grabbed my attention.
  3. Unissued Philly One-Off Acetate Auction

    Big O, i have this record on a frankford wayne stamped test pressing. Flip side is 'glad you're home' (my preferred side of the two)
  4. i have it, but ill have to dig in the shite box to find it.
  5. Eddie Parker Awake How Many Copies

    Eddie, Lewie's copy came from richard searling; the first copy we had seen in the flesh, when he bought it down to an alldayer. I think that most of the copies that people have seen, have been recycled between collectors, which makes it look like there are ...
  6. Andre Brasseur - The Kid- Original

    The congress original has a stamped 'R' in the deadwax.
  7. Updated Want List

  8. A Pat Brady spin in the terminal days of the Casino.
  9. Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes - LUPINE

    hi gilly, my copy of that Just Brothers is on Lupine.
  10. Cappy's Record Store Detroit

    Myself and tim ashibende went to detroit in 1979 and went over to Cappys record Mart. I still have the address details from back then and so i checked on google to see if it still exists and it looks like there was a fire at the property. Really sad to see ...
  11. Rodd Kieth

    Tim ash & myself found two rod keith records with the same backing track as 'like the lord said' but not that title you mentioned. He must have had some faith in that backing track. Guy certainly liked it!!
  12. VOICES OF EAST HARLEM £125...???

    Myself and tim ash got into the House of Sounds in Phila. and the first thing we come across was a skip full of Cashing In. Must have been a couple of thousand copies and we didn't bother buying any, even at 25 cents each. We had a look to see if there was ...
  13. which was your fave unreleased?

    I got one in the 9ts on a record trip. Great record and good memories of that particular allniter. Nice choice Gilly.
  14. Info on Voices please

    It predates the 8ts and stafford, as Soul Bowl listed it now and again in the 7ts. I got a copy off bob cattaneo from daly city on my first visit. He had so many obscure records with nice labels like the Blue Soul imprint.
  15. JM auction result Gloria Jones

    original acetate: where was the information on the auction to verify that it was authentic?