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  1. neckender

    Got-cha Making love to ya Sterling -vinyl

    andy, which release are you looking for? I have both, but one is a lot rarer than the other, mark
  2. neckender

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    Joel will like this.
  3. neckender

    Dave Box RIP

    Andy D told me that Dave was ill some months ago, but it was still a shock to see the bad news. Another top man who loved his Soul music. 2018 has been a bad year for losing so many of our friends.
  4. neckender

    Dave Clegg

    Ive met some fantastic people on the Scene and Dave was no exception. Always upbeat and positive and deeply appreciated Soul music. The Scene is a lesser place without him.
  5. neckender

    The constellations question

    It was a soul bowl £1 special and appeared quite often on their lists. I found 59 mint copies in columbus, so not that rare. But demand drives prices.
  6. neckender

    Ramona collins - you been cheatin

    A couple of decades ago, dave withers had a few copies and like chalky said, there were some differences in the intros.
  7. neckender

    Cappy's Record Store Detroit

    Myself and Pablo in Bob May's record shop in 1979. Tim Ashibende is also with us, taking the picture.
  8. neckender

    Most Bizarrely Pressed Record I've Ever Seen

    I have the Attraction's inst. too, but on the US press.
  9. and of course the matrix stamp.
  10. neckender

    News: Hank Hodge - One Way Love / Thank You Girl - Tramp

    not sought after as a reissue, but as an original.
  11. neckender

    Bobby Smith

    This is a Tim Ashibende discovery, around 1981. I can't remember which dj he sold it to; maybe gary rushbrooke, who we were quite close to at the time. As i remember, Tim wasn't that keen on it and was glad to part with it.
  12. neckender

    Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    I was at tim brown's place in the late 8ts/early 9ts (can't remember exactly when) and he told me that he'd just got one of the best unknowns for a long time and he played me the two sides covered up. It wasn't for sale; he just wanted me to hear it and i wasn't unimpressed!! I assumed Martin K had found it, but i later heard that it had been discovered by Craig Moerer and sent to Anglo American. Ill ask Craig to confirm this sometime, or someone else can.


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