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  1. Can't wait to let the New Year in on the best dance floor in thr region.
  2. Looking forward to a great night and spinning some tunes
  3. Rob Hicks

    northern soul + motown

    Looking forward to a great night with one of the best dance floors in the area
  4. It was a pleasure to DJ at Parklands in February, great venue with a superb dance floor, sure you will raise plenty for a great course on Saturday night, All the best for the New Year.
  5. Hi, just looking at your list, have you still got Sam Dee's - Fragile,,. Young Holt Trio - Ain't there and The Bamboos - Tighten up, thanks Rob
  6. What a fantastic mixture, listening on a cloudy wet Saturday with a cup of tea and sounds good, brings thoughts of a sunny afternoon with a cool pint listening to a few tunes, will be listening again, quality music.
  7. Looking forward to playing some tunes at this great venue with one of the best dance floors in the area
    Great night with a quality mixture of music, what a fantastic dance floor, definitely no talc needed here.
  8. Hi, if you still have the Mel Torme I will bag that one, Thanks, Rob
  9. Rob Hicks

    the polish club

    First one of the year and looking forward to spinning the vinyl, this will be a great night for anyone who loves Northern/Motown, with a great mixture from myself, Craig and Steve and the well renowned Yocky who always plays a great set.

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