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  1. Hiya. Anyone got a original copy VG+ or better of. The Traits. Too good to be true. On Garrison. Please pm with best price please. Regards Paul.
  2. I agree for valid information only. Not some of this crap....
  3. To admin. I think it's time this subject group was closed by you....
  4. Well said.... Getting ridiculous now....
  5. Thought I'd show you my Hermes gold watch...
  6. Just to lighten the mood a little. Any soulies in lockdown what's your top 10 Northern Soul tunes you are going to play at home this weekend. Lol. This is mine: All in my play box.... 1. The Tomangoes. I really love you. 2. The Jewels. We got togetherness. 3. Lee Andrews. Never the less. 4. Bunny Sigler. Follow your heart. 5. Mitch Ryder. Breakout. 6. Sheila Anthony. Livin in love. 7. Curtis Smith. Living end. 8. The Coasters. Crazy baby. 9. John E Paul. I wanna know. 10. Micky Moonshine. Name it you got it.
  7. I know pal. At least I got my fill Saturday at an all-dayer....
  8. There's going to be a lot of unhappy neighbors with all us Northern soul lot playing tunes at home this weekend.... Lol.....
  9. If my mind can go back far enough I'm sure it was an all-dayer at Doncaster Tiffany's. I'm sure it was to Dana Valery. You don't know where your interest lies...
  10. Hiya I'm looking for a copy of The Deletts. Look at me, on BlueRock. Pm with price and condition. Regards Paul
  11. If (Touch wood) it ever happened to me & I found out they'd be dangling over a cliff strung iup by there ball's. Or if they where female.... Er I'll leave it there.... And breath...

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