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  1. If (Touch wood) it ever happened to me & I found out they'd be dangling over a cliff strung iup by there ball's. Or if they where female.... Er I'll leave it there.... And breath...
  2. another pub bite's the dust.... At least I have my memories. Just..
  3. The venue was The Bowling Green in Newark. Did anybody else go there back in the day? I think it was run by Pete Ward & Geoff?. Lol
  4. Many year's ago I went to our regular soul night & everyone was invited to take one record & if they did it was played. At the end of the night I went up to collect mine (The Embers. Watch out girl) and it was not there. Had everybody looking everywhere. We found it in Soul Sam's record box. He played it thinking it was his as he had the same record & he put it in his record box by mistake. Lol. Hahaha.... Just another soul story....
  5. When I guest DJ at Northern Soul night or all-dayer & your only on for an hour each & I constantly worry someone nicking my record box. There could be 6/8 boxes or records on stage at one time. It's a constant threat....
  6. For sale. Frank Popp Ensemble. Leave me alone. RK45 Record Kicks & cover. Totally Mint...... £40. Please pm me for details. PayPal family and friends. Regards Paul.
  7. For sale ultra rare modern crossover monster. Myles Sanko. Forget me not. £80.00 Ono.. Legere records. NEW.... Never played Please pm me with offers. Regards Paul. PayPal family and friends...
  8. Steve. It's more buying really. When someone offers me a price I'd like to know if it's on trend.
  9. Hiya. Looking for a copy of. Tee Fletcher Happy loving you. On Shurfine label. Regards Paul
  10. Hiya what is the best up to date Northern Soul record selling & buying price guide. Wanted.... Regards Paul.
  11. Hiya. Looking for a copy of Tee Fletcher. Happy loving you. On Shurfine records. Pm please with price.

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