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    Prior's Well Soul Sunday

    It WAS as good as the first one and I'd go as far as to say it was even better! Certainly a venue not to be missed for those Sunday Soul sessions.
    EXCELLENT!!! My first time at NG4 and I'm certainly hoping it won't be my last. Well done to ALL the DJ's, but special mentions for Phil Kingswood & Paul Lightly. Superb sounds all night, that kept the dance floor bouncing. Anyone who hasn't attended this venue... DO IT!!! You certainly won't regret it!!!
  2. Sorry if I'm rambling on...It's an age thing, but didn't Eddie Law come from Retford or that way on? Retford seems to ring a bell.
  3. Anyone able to confirm who's still with us from that Palais list of DJ's.... Obviously, I am and I know Kev Roberts & Rob Smith are. What about the rest? Apart from Kev & Rob, I doubt the others would remember me now, (though I still remember all the names). Too many years off the scene, though I'm back in a small way now. See ya in the Cow Shed Jazz on B/H Monday and maybe The Priors Well on Sept 1st? Great event there the other week mate. Rammed solid! Great sounds, STRONG beer and a superb crowd!
  4. Sorry about posting that twice. I think it was either 1974 or 75, probably 75, though I'm not sure. I hope it brings back a few memories for some of you. Just checked & Easter Sunday 30th March was definitely 1975
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    Prior's Well Soul Sunday

    If it's only half as good as last time it'll be superb! Good ale, great crowd and fantastic music. What more could anyone want? Bring it on!!!
  6. Banner

    Prior's Well Soul Sunday

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Absolutely superb!!! This event just could not be bettered. Well done to Phil & Dave for putting it on. Next one is Sept 1st.
  7. Banner

    Prior's Well Soul Sunday

    I really can't wait for this event. A great venue near the Town Centre, but far enough away to avoid attracting none Soulies. Here's hoping all the old Mansfield soul fans turn up in great numbers to support this. I've a feeling they will and I anticipate it being a fantastic afternoon/evening.
    Wow, what a fantastic night. Solid Northern Soul downstairs and a dance floor full all night long. A great event put on by Phil. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it! Can't wait for another one Phil.
  8. Banner

    Corner house charity alldayer

    Yes Jazz, it was superb!!! Nothing more to be said... Simply terrific!!!
  9. Banner

    Corner house charity alldayer

    Not long now. I just hope people turn out in their droves to support this very worthy event. Come on you 'Soulies', it's all for a great cause.
  10. Banner

    Mansfield Summer Soul Reunion

    No doubt this will be yet another superb night, same as all the ones before! Great 'out of town' venue, magical 'knowledgable' crowd, cheap bar prices and top sounds. What more could anyone ask for? I can't wait! Well done Mr Kingswood!!!
  11. Banner

    Soul Sunday Corner House

    It doesn't get much better than that!!! SIMPLES! 3 until 9 and the dance floor was still full at 10.15 when time had to be called. I'm sure it could have gone on all night.
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    Soul Sunday Corner House

    Looking like this is going to be yet another "Belting" afternoon/evening at the Corner House...... Bank Holiday and really good weather is forecast. No doubt it'll be packed again, inside & outside. Great venue, cheap beer and top Northern Soul oldies... It's looking finger licking good.

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