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  1. Spot on mate!!! Why do some want to make the scene "Elitist"? If that happens it will most certainly die when we've all passed on!!! I too have been to the Shirebrook event and even DJ'd there. An excellently knowledgable crowd & run by very good people! Certainly not to be knocked. Soul music is soul music, wherever and whenever it's played. The "I'm more a 'proper' Northern Soulie than you" attitude doesn't help anyone, especially the young ones joining the scene..... I'll wait for the flak from those 'Proper', 'Elitist' Soulies.....
    Yet again, another fantastic event. Packed out as usual. As I've said before, this just can't be bettered. Next one March 29th folks.
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    Prior's Well Soulful Afternoon

    Missed the last one because of Man-Flu. Can't wait for this one. Has to be up there with the best events in the whole country. Great venue, superb beers, a fantastic atmosphere, great music and a wonderful crowd. Simply can't be bettered!!!
  3. REALLY, REALLY gutted that I can't make this event. At a wedding, which is very inconsiderate of the bride & groom to have arranged it on the same day! A great line up of superb DJ's & a great crowd. Hope it goes really well, which I'm sure it will. Get your pockets open people and give to this very worthy cause....£££££££££
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    Mansfields Big Soul Night

    Really looking forward to this. Honoured to be asked to do a guest spot. A great place & crowd!
  5. Banner

    Priors Well Brewery Sunday Soul

    Gutted, I won't get there today.... Sodding Man Flu!!!
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    Stadium Of Soul

    Should be an excellent event. Nothing else on for miles!
    Wow, what a top place!!! I thoroughly enjoyed EVERYTHING about last night. A TOP venue, a TOP crowd and Tony, Sandra, Steve & Jazz are absolutely TOP people!!! Very welcoming & friendly. If anyone wants a great night out, then this is the place to be. A charity All-Dayer here on Feb 22nd, so here's hoping everyone gets there to support this very well worth cause. Once again, thanks Jazz, Steve, Sandra & Tony for allowing me to spin a few records at your venue..... Immense people!!!
  7. Not long now. Can't wait!!! Really looking forward to it!!!
    Yet another fantastic event at The Priors Well.
  8. Pity I can't make tonight. Gutted!
    Well, I'd just like to say a massive thank you for the invite to spin a few discs. What a brilliant night!!! There's absolutely no way that it could have been bettered. Well done to all involved. A truly great night. Keep up the good work!!! Once again, many thanks!!!
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    Priors Well Boxing Day Blowout

    If the last 5 are anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of an event. It was rammed full on Dec 1st and I know quite a few who are going that didn't get to the last one. Normally the Boxing Day events in Mansfield have been astounding over the years and I can only imagine this will be even better, because this venue is far far better than the others we've had. It's certainly the dogs b*ll*cks. Great beer, a great crowd, superb music, friendly atmosphere and best of all.... IT'S FREE!!!
  10. I'm really looking forward to doing a session here. Hope I can do it proud and I'll try to fill my hour slot with some superb sounds.... 100mph stuff, so get yourselves ready
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    Mansfield Soul At The One Call

    Not long now. A great venue and I'm really looking forward to it.

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