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  1. Not rare and I know about the copies on Discogs etc, but want to make sure I get a copy which plays well (without sibilance) from an European seller. Had some bad luck with the one I bought recently. Thanks for looking!
  2. andn

    Shahid Wheeler - Just One Dance Before You Go

    hello! unfortunately i do not have a copy for sale, but am wondering if you know anything about the release? when was it released? has shahid wheeler done anything else than this, i.e. collaborations or such? cheers!
  3. *NOW SORTED* I’m looking for a VG+-ish copy, preferrably an issue. Sound quality before looks, the condition of the labels is not important. Willing to pay around £50 or fair market price, European/EU sellers only please. Shipping would be to Sweden. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a copy of the Venezuelan 45 / 7" promo of James Brown's "You Took My Heart", VG+ or better. Thanks in advance!
  5. andn


    I'm looking for a VG+/EX copy of: Demetri - "Got To Be Real" (willing to pay about £30) The cosmetics of the record/labels are not important to me, as long as it plays tough it can look rough. No sibilance/distorsion/hissing. Thanks for looking!
  6. looking for a vg+-ish copy of DEMETRI's "GOT TO BE FOR REAL" on stand-by records. it doesn't matter if it looks rough as long as it plays tough. cheers!
  7. *BUMPING* still looking for the record, anyone who can help?
  8. Hello! I'm searching for a decent copy of Bottom & Co.'s "Gonna Find A True Love", US or Canadian issue. VG is ok as long as it plays without skips or too much background noise. Sibilance/distorsion is not acceptable. No silly Discogs prices please. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hello! I'm searching for the 2007 7" / 45 "Bis" by Arthur Verocai on Far Out Recordings, VG+ or better. No silly prices please. Thank you for looking!
  10. thanks sir! i think those prices are way too high though, managed to find an unplayed copy for much less $$$.
  11. thanks sir! i've sent him a message!
  12. andn

    Latimore...'There's No End'

    love it! the latimore sound gets me every time!
  13. Hello! Looking for a fairly priced copy of "Get your point over" by Sebastian Williams on Ovide. VG+ or better, label wear and looks does not bother me as long as the record plays fine. Thanks for looking!
  14. andn

    Sebastian Williams, Shirley Wahls + more

    hello! do you still have the sebastian willams record for sale? best regards, anders!
  15. can't wait to get my hand on this one! big up to soul junction for this extraordinary release!


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