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  1. curtis, the brothers

    Hi , looking for a mint- copy . let me know cheers simon.
  2. Donnell pitman , loving explosion

    Hi , anyone fancy selling me a copy of this 45 if they have it , top price paid. Cheers simon , PM me if you can .👍👍
  3. Sy Hightower I wonder why/Go back baby

    hi , can I get a demo copy please , cheers simon
  4. Hi Do you still have this 45 cheers simon
  5. Deon jackson

    Hi all , looking for a copy of someday the sun will shine , drop me a line if you have a spare cheers simon.
  6. 45s wanted

    sage , im alive honeybees , what love can do sweet mixture house of fun and love top prices paid cheers
  7. A couple of wants

    Hi , in need of brenda and the tabulation , that's in the past. sandi & the matures , the world Sweet mixture , house of fun and love. any one fancies letting these go please get in touch cheers.
  8. Few Rare And Not So Rare For Sale

    Yes in the UK , how would you like to pay cheers simon
  9. Few Rare And Not So Rare For Sale

    Billy and clyde - A world of my own - Kent 33rd ann. - £40.00. Pictures - im gonna see you through - Southwest - £75.00. Deirdre wilson tabac - I cant keep from crying sometimes - Jazzman - £5.00. Bobby sheen - something new to do - WB issue - £75.00. ...
  10. A Few Rare And Not So Rare For 45S For Sale

    My Email should read simon_t@ntlworld.com there is a underscore between the n and t , Sorry.
  11. For sale - Spaceark - Do what you can do - colour world - £40.00. Anderson Brothers - I can see him loving you - GSF 2nd issue im sure.- £40.00. Dramatics - whatcha see is whatcha get - Volt - £20.00. Master force - Hey girl - Rain forest - £325.0...
  12. Natural High - That's Why

    Hi I have one of these what is your offer - ,please email me at simon_t@ntlworld.com cheers simon.
  13. 2 X Modern 45s Up For Offers

    Hi I will be taking offers on the following till friday night 12.00pm The power of attorney band - love for you - star island = mint- Crack stepping - what we gonna do with this feeling - get down = mint- How hard is this on a 45 !! . Ple...
  14. 7ts And Modern For Sale

    Hi I have the following for sale - Al Johnson - Im back for more - columbia - £15.00 Alicia myers - I want to thnak you - Mca demo - £15.00 Art wilson - i know we can make it - alexandra street - £15.00 Barbara lynn - im still the same - Jam ston...
  15. Split Decision Band "watchin Out" Network

    Hi I have one of these drop me a line or give me a call at simon_t@ntlworld.com or 07730 955633 with your offer .