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  1. Sweet, Deep, Group Harmony and Lowrider In-Demanders Alison & Calvin Turner - It’s Over Between Us (Lu Lu) Ex £60 Their other big in demand lowrider, on fist press! Lovely copy, clean labels. Another where the price is on its way up. https://youtu.be/nzvG0C3Pmv4 C.O.D.’s - I’ll Come Running Back To You / I’m Looking Out For Me (Kellmac) Vg (plays well, priced accordingly) £15 Sold Probably better known in the UK for ‘Looking Out’ but the flip is an awesome mid tempo, lowrider sound. Chance to grab a nice rarity at a fraction of its usual price. https://yout
  2. The Moovers - One Little Dance / I Love You Baby (Brent) Mint- £75 SOLD Superb group harmony double sider. Topside is a sublime semi known mid tempo dancer just begging for some turntable action. Flip is lowrider heaven. Hard to find in nice condition. https://youtu.be/a-kefxexNUY https://youtu.be/wIucyPxNR4c Wyle Dixon and The Wheels - Sad Times (Conduc) Ex £40 SOLD Under the radar Lowrider dagger that doesn’t show up often. Interest growing on this one expect price to rise as it gains exposure. https://youtu.be/SKDF4UhEdK8 La’ Shell and The Shellettes - M
  3. Alison & Calvin Turner - Yeah, Memories (Checker) Vg++ £100 (company sleeve) Sold Massive demand now for this simply superb lowrider tune. Copies have pretty much dried up on all labels and this one is set to continue to rise in demand and value. Don’t really want to sell this so please do not buy! Seriously an absolute bomb https://youtu.be/Ykx-WTy5EvY Falcons - Standing On Guard / I Can’tHelp It (Big Wheel) Ex (XOL) £25 How this is only twenty quid I’ll never know. Two absolutely phenomenal group harmony sides, hard to choose which is best tbh. https:/
  4. Don Hart and the Fyve - Soldier Coming Home / I Can Make It (Cool School) Mint- £50 SOLD A La Beat Production, and for the price probably one of the best double siders you can buy! ‘Soldier’ is a superb slab of mid tempo group harmony, flip it for a sought after lowrider rarity. Beautiful copy. https://youtu.be/IcRhr1Pygac https://youtu.be/ZgcC3xzYULQ Vivian Copeland - I Don’t Care (D’ORO) Mint- £50 Not the mega rare ‘Chaos In My Heart’ but every bit as good. Sublime mid tempo lowrider/crossover tune, arranged by Richard Tee and produced by George Kerr. Very muc
  5. Experts with Tommy Dodson & the Best Men - My Love Is Real / (Shing-A- Loo & Boog-A-Ling) Big Mama! (JO-BY) Vg++ £150 WOL (see scan) SOLD Fantastic in demand upfront funky northern double sider. Very rare first issue on JO-BY recent sales for similar graded copies on Discogs £180 and rising! Still under the radar for many. https://youtu.be/9JjTObbBM1Q https://youtu.be/_vrIMpOXo-0 Charades - You Better Believe It / Darling Believe Me (Harlem Hitparade) Mint - £100 SOLD Lovely copy of this underplayed and still only semi known group sound. One time Staffor
  6. Ambassadors- I Really Love You / I Can’t Believe You Love Me (Arctic) Vg++ £60 SOLD Monster lowrider top side with so much potential this side of the Atlantic, flip for a fabulous northern dancer. Most copies seem beat, hard to find in nice condition. https://youtu.be/lvxHLbCdOAk https://youtu.be/Y2zpgsPJYps Jimmy Holiday - Shield All Around (KT) Mint (looks unplayed) two faint X’s on label) £35 Why has this never been massive? Been on collector’s radar since Stafford but just never had the exposure it deserves. Full on group harmony backing to Jimmy’s sublime vocals
  7. Breton (Brenton) Wood - I Want Love (Brent) Vg+ (Faint WOL see photo) £60 SOLD Rarer first issue with misspelt name. Wood’s first release and an Absolutely beautiful lowrider favourite. Bubbling under and already reaching £100 in near mint condition. Best record here. https://youtu.be/Lr-pZEPR9ms Traits - Someday Someway / You’ve Waited Too Long (Contact) Mint- £50 SOLD £100 for vg+ copies elsewhere, this one looks unplayed! And has super clean labels (unlike most copies). Gorgeous male group harmony double sider, price can only rise on this one. https://youtu
  8. Classmen - Doin’ Me Right (Pearce) Mint- £60 (rarer issue copy with lovely clean labels) Blue-eyed group harmony heaven, on the much rarer issue copy in flawless condition. Book price in this condition £100. https://youtu.be/NWMGP2tL8MY PayPal as friends and family or add 4%. Postage £3.00 registered and insured, £1.65 standard first class. DM or email gspluck@aol.com to reserve or for more information.
  9. Traits - Someday Someway / You’ve Waited Too Long (Contact) Mint- £70 £100 for vg+ copies elsewhere, this one looks unplayed! And has super clean labels (unlike most copies). Gorgeous male group harmony double sider, price can only rise on this one. https://youtu.be/-iNqPcHCuHs https://youtu.be/zTEOYOlWGk8 El Dorados - Looking In From The Outside / Since You Came Into My Life (Paula) Mint £SOLD Looks unplayed, ‘Looking’ is an in demand group harmony lowrider, ‘Since’ is an under the radar funky northern style (sounds just right for now). Expect this to be a three
  10. Terry Felton - I Don’t Want To Have To Wait / Welcome Back (Revilot) Ex Sold Stunning and rarely seen deep ballad, highly regarded and sought after on the lowrider scene b/w terrific mid-tempo northern dancer. https://youtu.be/NCdHDeZCxu4 https://youtu.be/701Nczm_yKM Maurice Jackson - Forever My Love / Maybe Ex £Sold Rare and in demand northern/crossover topside listed at £150 on JM’s site, backed with a stunning under the radar lowrider tune. https://youtu.be/RijvankEJFA https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD41CA6 Jimmy Raye - Look At Me Girl
  11. Northern, Funk, Motown £3 each or 2 for a Fiver! All are vg+ or better US 45s Bobby Bland - Lover With A Reputation/Love Ruled The World (Duke) SOLD Bobby Bland - You’re Worth It All / Sometimes You Gotta Cry A Little (Duke) SOLD Archie Bell and The Drells - (There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown (Atlantic) SOLD Marvin Gaye - I Want You - (Motown) SOLD Jimmy Bee - Find Yourself (ALA) Nice early 70s funk mover SOLD Jimmy Bee - Outside Man (ALA) Early ‘70s funky dancer Freddie Scott. - Where Were You (Shout) Wonderful deep slowie Dells - Always Toget
  12. Marvelettes - My Baby Must Be A Magician (Tamla) vg++ £10 Fantastic forgotten Motown tune. https://youtu.be/AB0xKnFGCSY Marvelettes- You’re The One - (Tamla WD) Ex £20 Classic girl group Motown In gorgeous Tamla birth-sleeve! https://youtu.be/sv3IzEQye2Y Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown - Baby Take Me (Wand) vg+ £5 Fabulous upbeat dancer https://youtu.be/V-ugPcY3Z0U Jerry Butler - Baby I Dig You (Mercury) Vg++ £8 Superb mid tempo, popular with collectors https://youtu.be/xjr4IEBbJhA Josephine Taylor - What Is Love / I Wanna Know (Ma
  13. Maurice Jackson - Forever My Love/Maybe (Weis) Ex £80 Rare and in demand northern topside listed at £150 on John Manship’s site and elsewhere, backed with a stunning under the radar lowrider tune. https://youtu.be/ERWRqQgMryA Artus (Satterfield) - You Are Better (Axis) Mint- £35 SOLD Seen at £50 and over. Same backing track (and vocalist) as the rare and highly sought after ‘Right On’ by Bobby Black on the same label. Satterfield recorded as Bobby Black, as well as under his full name, on the Axis label. Fabulous under the radar, upbeat crossover dancer and former Gary R
  14. Little John – Just Wait and See/Donald Jenkins- Somebody Help Me (Mafmon) MINT- REPRO £15 80s pressing of these two Stafford monster tunes, credited to their c/up names (Jimmy Raye ‘I’m The Only One’ and Clifford Binns respectively). Bobby Mac – Shy Guy (Vended) MINT- REPRO £15 Stafford monster and now almost impossible to find on original 45, this is a rare pressing (I think 70s/80s) and possibly pressed for the Popcorn. Ringleaders – Grin and Bear it/I’ve Got to Find My Baby (M-Pac!) Mint £5 Two great unissued sides from one of the best male vocal harmony groups of

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