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  1. deebytoo


  2. deebytoo

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Good stuff there especially liked this couplet
  3. deebytoo

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Seen him three times I think, but only since his return to form in the 90s. In a BBC TV documentary I think he said he'd had writer's block for years after getting clean. In a radio show with Peter Hook he touched on what a mess he'd been, a low point being when he had half the Velvet Underground crashing with him which was very uncool and unglamorous because of the constant need to obtain drugs. He's back now and as good as ever, one of my faves is "it's going to get worse": "Euthanasia - that sounds good An alpine neutral neighbourhood Then back to Britain all dressed in wood"
  4. deebytoo

    Jeanette Williams - reissue?

    I've only seen photos of the boot but I think you're right. Makes a change to buy a reissue and get an original
  5. I bought a copy of "all of a sudden", described as a reissue, but I suspect it's an original. There's a boot described on 45cat that apparently has a hard-to-read matrix number and is a promo: this one has one of the clearest matrix numbers I've seen and is a stock copy. BUT it's mislabelled as "Mr Soft Touch" on both sides. The labels are moulded in slightly off-centre but that's the same with other backbeats I've got like the OV Wright pictured. What do you think? Is there another reissue apart from the booted promo?
  6. I bought Larry Williams and Johnny Watson's "a quitter never wins" years ago, always thought it was a boot of the promo (can't remember where I got it) - no red "A" on either side - it looks just like the example of the promo on discogs, but the one on 45cat is slightly different - main difference being artists names in UPPER CASE not in Mixed Case. Boot?
  7. Do you ever play the supposed A side? "One good reason" is much the better side!
  8. I haven't seen many Dynamo's on yellow label, does this one look right? Tommy Hunt - never love a robin / the biggest man Styrene with stuck on label, scratched matrix with a signature or plant name something like "Schrowerer" ! Yellow label looks like its got a circular band of black ink around it. Paper seems a bit shoddy which made me suspicious.
  9. Here's another I have doubts about. Promo on checker of "here you come running / never love a stranger". Very clean, shiny white except for a date stamp. Suspiciously clean for a 50 year old record. Scratched matrix numbers and what looks like a pressing plant symbol. Maybe some kind of reissue? If so the date stamp being in a different colour ink is a nice touch!
  10. Well that's good to know. I couldn't find any mention of a boot but I didn't trust my good fortune. Thanks all
  11. I picked up a copy a few months back but not sure if its a boot. Radio station promo, big pinkish red A on "I am the one", styrene (I think) with stuck on labels, and scratched matrix ZSP-117374 IF (though label says JZSP 117374) I couldn't find any info on boots of this. I've got a promo boot of Williams and Watson on Okeh and it's really, really obvious... smudgy print and wobbly thin vinyl. So is this one bonafide or boot?
  12. deebytoo


    do you still have the impressions by any chance?
  13. deebytoo

    Soul on Sunday

    Great news :-)


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