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  1. colouredman

    MINNIE JONES: Shadow of a memory.

    For Sale: Minnie Jones: Shadow of a memory: Sugar. Looks Ex to Mint minus; plays Mint minus. Lovely label; Beautiful copy and on vinyl too not styrene. £1000.
  2. For Sale: Enchantments: I’m in love with your daughter: Faro. Lovely mint minus, label and vinyl. £600. Beautiful Orange and white stock copy; rarely seen. Even a demo (far more common), went for $1000 just 4 months ago in January.
  3. colouredman


    OFFERS: Fuller Bros. Times a wasting Soul Clock. Rare DEMO. Great condition: Looks Ex. Plays Mint to Mint minus.
  4. colouredman

    Bobby Smith

    I’ll tell you the story about Bobbie Smith and how it came to be played. Back in the early 80’s I had boxes of junk records at my Mums. George Romanis (R.I.P), used to get oddball stuff off me and asked if he could come and have a look thru what I had. I actually used to refer to It as my ‘Shit Box’ coz to me everything in it was rubbish; rejects and totally none Northern. Bear in mind this was late Wigan / Early St..
  5. colouredman

    Soul Shakers

    =For Sale: Soul Shakers. I’m hip to you girl. Loma (Mint minus) Brilliant mid tempo West Coast northern, which will have its day. Len Jewell production; and one of the best. £75.
  6. colouredman

    Articles: HOF: Mike Terry - Pre Production Inductee

    I think I can add something to this which may be of interest. Way back in the late 70’s and thru to the 80’s and 90’s I was tracking people like crazy; artists, producers, songwriters etc. I was writing letters and making phone calls like a mad man! I have about 15 files full of letters from those years from many big name label credits; Charlie Calello, Sandy Linzer, Joe Hunter, Sammy Lowe, Jet Loring, Chuck Holiday, ..
  7. Artus Satterfield Don’t lie (slower version of Charles Holiday) London House Mint- £250 Kenny Carter I’ve gotta get myself together RCA. Beautiful Black issue. Mint - £200 Sheila Anthony Livin in love Buttercup issue. Mint -£130 Lillian Dupree Hide and seek D Town Mint - £125 Syng McGowan Loneliness is a pleasure Hope Mint - £100 Linda Jones I just can’t live my life W.Bros UK Mint- £100 Para..
  8. colouredman

    Joyce Bennet The New Boy

    Just for info; it came out also on a much rarer label called ‘Franette’
  9. colouredman

    Best live performance

    Eddie Holman at Lowton many many years ago. He was absolutely outstanding. Lowton was packed every time it was on, but sometimes with quite a lot of handbag dancers, who obviously didn’t have a clue who he was and consequently didn’t bother turning up to hear him perform. It was half empty as I recall, compared to ‘normal’ nights. Shame coz he was fantastic vocally and probably (for overall vocal range) one of the best s..
  10. colouredman

    my Northern Soul Moan

    Yre welcome; it was fun to do; I hope it made a few ppl laugh
  11. colouredman

    my Northern Soul Moan

    Lol, cheers
  12. colouredman

    my Northern Soul Moan

    Great poem mate, it’s clear you’re a wordsmith.......But I think there’s some things I’d have to disagree with. Your poem here, is mighty fine......As an alternative view though, here is mine...... No disrespect to you at all my friend......But the oldies newies thing will persist to the end What can you say about the oldies firm......Antiquated, dinosoars, like Keegans curly perm! There’s never been a..
  13. colouredman


    I managed 3 teams under Supporting People funding framework. It was a nightmare, and so typified housing and homelessness funding; tying managers and staff up in meaningless long winded box ticking and hoop-jumping exercises. I realised it was completely ‘mickey mouse’ when in an audit, my Asylum Seekers and Refugees Tenancy Support Service was criticised on a point about diversity!! Pretty funny when you think of the divers..
  14. colouredman


    I work in housing and homelessness too and have done for nearly 30 years, in both the Voluntary and now Statutory sector, so I think I’m qualified to say.....Homelessness is a complicated issue; it’s multi-layered. On the one hand you have the ‘Micro’reasons why people become homeless (relationship breakdown, abuse, drink, drugs, loss of job etc etc), but then you got the ‘Macro’ reasons (lack of affordable housing,..
  15. colouredman


    It’s simple: It’s called Supply and Demand! It’s the oldest transaction equation known to man isn’t it; no surprise there. A couple of things maybe worth mentioning here: 1. For the ‘inflated price’ commentators........Does anyone here ever complain when they sell that (now) rare record they bought in the 70’s (for 70’s prices!) for today’s market or (inflated)value? Do they agree to settle for a much lesser am..