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  1. colouredman


    Cheers Stevie, Ive already spoken to him. Thank you anyway Tim
  2. colouredman


    For Sale: Little Ann What should I do / O C Tolbert Kent 111 DEMO. Mint unplayed on Little Ann side. Mint minus OC side; beautiful condition. £115.
  3. colouredman

    Gene Chandler UK Action, Paramonts

    For Sale: Gene Chandler I can take care of myself. UK Action Mint. £120. Paramonts Come go with me Ole Mint minus £125.
  4. For Sale: Dee Dee Sharp: What kind of lady French BYG pic sleeve 45. Looks Vg plus plus, but plays pretty much flawlessly..mint minus. Sleeve is great apart from the usual creases. £150. Roscoe Robinson: Thats enough French Vogue E.P. Cover is great condition; vinyl looks ex to mint minus but audio-wise, apart from very slight very low level run in crackle it plays prettyy much mint minus to mint. £130. Don Thomas: Come on Train DJM Pic sleeve demo. Mint minus sleeve and record. £130. Laura Lee: To win your heart. Tamla Motown Green and white demo with Promotional sleeve. £150. Mint minus vinyl. Cover as in photo. The Formations At the top of the stairs. With group pic sleeve. Sleeve and vinyl mint minus. £50.
  5. colouredman

    Joe Bataan ‎– Under The Street Lamp

    Hi, i have this on a white demo. £100.
  6. colouredman

    Eddie Hill Nothing sweeter M-S

    Ive got one; £150.
  7. colouredman

    Willie Cooper & Webs-You don't love nobody 45

    Hi, I got a mint one; £130, on original label Whizz, not Dynamic.
  8. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Here’s a cracker! Probably never played since it’s heyday at the Casino. Sounds poor now but very atmospheric at Wigan and big. Kieth Daylight Saving Time and a couple more: Billy Watkins Ice Man Lord Thunder Thunder Sammy Sevens Everybody Crossfire Four Seasons I’m gonna change Jumpin at the gogo Wyncote LP Gloria Parker Nita Rossi Seems like a lifetime ago!
  9. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Johnny Bragg!! If ever there was a totally forgotten Wigan biggie this one is. Back in the day though Selectadisc couldnt get these knocked out fast enuf; a true monster!
  10. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Van McCoy magic.
  11. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Absolutely; Teen Turbans was a monster.
  12. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Yeah mate, I know; coming from a man who’s managed to go more off the topic of ‘forgotten monsters’ than anyone here, thats funny For me the ‘forgotten’ issue is largely about forgotten by the dancers and forgotten by the collectors. Some Wigan monsters are 4 figure records and still talked about and lusted and danced to (e.g Salvadors, Eddie Parker, Frank Wilson etc etc). But most of those I mentioned are not talked about or particularly danced to relative to their former huge status. When was the last time you heard Pennygold played, or Cherry People? Youd kill a floor with some of those records now. Try get a full floor to Nightowl.... impossible; collectors arent interested either but mid 70’s at Wigan that record was king; hence the ‘forgotten’ tag for me. Dont worry about it though Steve; drop another ‘green n clear’ n let it all float over your buzzing head!. Only jokin mate; its all good
  13. colouredman

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    In no particular chronological order, and a mixture of excellent, and the good bad and ugly from Wigan; all were big though, and some beyond huge! Some are just plain funny. Little Joe Romans (Still super rare) Night Owl (Nothing was bigger than this mid 70’s at the Casino!) Danny Monday (Likewise this) Wakefield Sun Trypt on love General Assembly Sensitive mind Detroit Landapples Ollie Jackson Day my heart stood still. The Jewells Construction Lamont Cranston Band Colouredman Gary Lewis My hearts symphony (I kid you not!) Baja Marimba band Along comes Mary Paul Peek Im movin uptown EJ Chandler Jackie Forrest Show me how to love Lindy Stevens Pennygold Decca Johnny Vanelli Lou Roberts (All) Deadbeats No second chance (Probably more speculation about this as a cover up than any other RS record ever.... rumoured to be the rock group ‘Whitesnake’ at some point!) Seeds Pushin too hard (horrible horrible record but huge for Russ) Trade Martin She put the hurt Cherry People And suddenly The Poppies Pain in my heart


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