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  1. colouredman


    All white demos and all great condition; Mint minus audio and Ex to Mint minus visually. George Smith I’ve had it Turntable WD £150 San Remo strings Hungry for love Ric tic WD £25 Ronnie Walker you’ve got to try harder Event WD £20 Harold Andrews since I talk to my baby HLS WD £40 Sandy Wynns How can something be so wrong Canterbury WD £30 Sadly Mistaken Golden Earrings Challenge WD £50 Kenny Carter I’ve gotta find her RCA WD £75 Chris Clark Whisper you love me boy Motown WD £30 The Socialites Yre losing yre touch W.Bros WD £50 The Lavettes No matter what you do to me Phillips WD £30 The Soul City I shot for the moon Mercury WD £60 Patty Livingston I’ve got my baby Dimension WD £30 Art Robbins I can’t stand to see you cry Vando WD £30 The Contributors of Soul You can’t help but fall in love Venture WD £25 Marie Knight Come Tomorrow Okeh WD £40 Jimmy Wisner Choppin around Atlantic WD £25 Lee Andrews and the Hearts Quiet as it’s kept RCA WD £40 The Poets The Hustler Veep WD £75 Mia Morrell I have a mind of my own ABC WD £75 Susaye Greene That’s the way my love is Tru Glo Town WD £50 Joe Bataan Under the streetlamp Uptite WD £75 Wendy Rene Bar B Q WD £150 Geridine Jones Love in /Spoil me Herb Art WD £100 Pic and Bill Don’t put me down Smash WD £40 The Kavettes I’m not sorry for you Okeh WD £100 Rozetta Johnson Chained and bound Clintone WD £50 Eartha Kitt Anyway you want it Musicor WD £75
  2. colouredman

    UK DEMO’s Jackie Lee, Steve Karmen, Earl Jackson etc

    Hi Martin; sorry mate only just seen this. It went to general notifications instead of PM. Payment would be by Pay Pal. My PP is: colouredman@hotmail.com Send as ‘gift’ /‘friends and family and include about £3 if u want Recorded Delivery or £6 if u want Special Delivery. Thanks Tim
  3. All UK Demos and all Mint/Mint Minus, some even unplayed. Jackie Lee Oh my Darling Jay Boy demo £50 Dean Courtney I’ll always need you RCA demo £30 Steve Karmen Breakaway UA demo £40 Beverley Ann You got your mind on other things RCA demo £30 Dean Parrish I’m on my Way (Very Rare UK demo) UK America £70 Brenda Lee Jones Yre the love of my life (As above) UK America £35 Sons of Moses Soul Symphony MCA demo £20 Leon Haywood Baby Reconsider Fantasy UK demo (Very Rare) £50 Jelly Beans You don’t mean me no good Right On Demo £30 Sheila Anthony Livin in love Route Demo £40 Harold Melvin Get out Route demo £40 Al De Lory Right On Capitol demo £20 Fantastic Johnny C Don’t depend on me Island demo (Super Rare demo on UK) £50 Earl Jackson Soul Self Satisfaction ABC Demo (Mega Rare Demo) £60 (looks ex plays m-)
  4. colouredman

    Detroit & Motown For sale

    Marvelettes: Finders Keepers / Kim Weston: Do like I do: TMG 1000 DEMO. Mint minus: £100. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: I care about Detroit: Standard Groove 13090 (1 sided). Looks VG to VG+ but apart from a crackle or two on run in, plays Mint minus. £75. Eddie Holland: Im on the outside lookin in: Motown WD: looks vg but plays mint minus: Black cross on left of label. £100. The Four Tops: Loving you is sweeter than ever: Motown WD double sided: Mint minus. £20 Kim Weston: Lookin for the right guy: Tamla WD: Blank on flip side: Ex. £25 Fantastic Four: Cant stop lookin for my baby: Ric Tic: Looks Vg, plays Mint minus: £100. Jimmy Soul Clark: Sweet Darling: Soul Hawk: Looks vg, plays Ex. £40. Edwin Starr: Girls are getting prettier: UK Polydor: Looks unplayed; absolutely pristine / Mint! £40. Lillian Dupree: Hide & Seek: D Town: Mint minus: £100 Darrow Fletcher: What have i got now: Mint minus: £150. Eddie Hill: Nothing sweeter: M-S: Mint minus: £150.
  5. colouredman

    MINNIE JONES: Shadow of a memory.

    Minnie Jones: Shadow of a memory: Sugar: Lovely condition: Mint minus, label and vinyl: £950. Vinyl copy, not the usual West Coast poor-wearing styrene.
  6. colouredman

    Minnie Jones: Shadow of a memory

    For Sale: Minnie Jones Shadow of a memory Sugar Beautiful Mint minus label and vinyl. £1000.
  7. colouredman

    Northern Compilation LPs

    For Sale: Northern Compilation LPs; most only played once: Rare Soul Uncovered: Charly,Mint minus sleeve and vinyl. (Ballads, Little Richie, Montclairs, Gwen Davies etc) £20 Rare Soul Uncovered Vol. 2 Charly, Mint minus vinyl and sleeve. (Sam Fletcher, Maurice Williams etc) £20. Rare Soul Uncovered Vol. 3 CharlyMint minus vinyl and sleeve (Sidney Barnes, Wade Flemons, Stormy, Lee Bates etc) £20 £55 for the set of 3. Capitol Soul Casino: Capitol. Mint minus sleeve and vinyl. (HB Barnum, JD Martin, Bobby Paris, Thelma Houston etc) £20.
  8. colouredman

    MINNIE JONES: Shadow of a memory.

    For Sale: Minnie Jones: Shadow of a memory: Sugar. Looks Ex to Mint minus; plays Mint minus. Lovely label; Beautiful copy and on vinyl too not styrene. £1000.
  9. For Sale: Enchantments: I’m in love with your daughter: Faro. Lovely mint minus, label and vinyl. £600. Beautiful Orange and white stock copy; rarely seen. Even a demo (far more common), went for $1000 just 4 months ago in January.
  10. colouredman


    OFFERS: Fuller Bros. Times a wasting Soul Clock. Rare DEMO. Great condition: Looks Ex. Plays Mint to Mint minus.
  11. colouredman

    Bobby Smith

    I’ll tell you the story about Bobbie Smith and how it came to be played. Back in the early 80’s I had boxes of junk records at my Mums. George Romanis (R.I.P), used to get oddball stuff off me and asked if he could come and have a look thru what I had. I actually used to refer to It as my ‘Shit Box’ coz to me everything in it was rubbish; rejects and totally none Northern. Bear in mind this was late Wigan / Early Stafford time, when the sound was about to change (to slower etc) but hadn’t quite done so. So to me, at that time Bobbie Smith bore no resemblance to Northern as we knew it hitherto. To me it sounded too early, not smooth, no instrumentation or breaks or high points, just a morose ‘going nowhere’ oddity. It was something I’d bought blind from Goldmine or Discoveries magazine hoping it would be as good as the Volumes on same label, but sadly, for me it wasn’t. I still think the same now. Sorry to upset people here but when you consider the credentials... Duke Browner etc it’s poor (Think Volumes, Magnetics, Lollipops, Duke himself etc), it’s a very poor record. Sounds like that we’re always my problem with Stafford; too many mediocre plodding mid tempo records with poor lyrics or no melody or obvious hook, too early, too slow etc, and way too morose. How many feel good happy records did Stafford throw up? Not many. Anyway I digress; that’s another story. So this one summer Sunday George came to my Mums. I pointed him in the direction of the ‘Shit Boxes’ describing them exactly so, and left him to it while I disappeared for a couple of hours to play a game in a Squash League. I returned to find (to my amazement) that George had managed to ‘find’ quite a pile of stuff, including the Bobbie Smith. I couldn’t believe it; I couldn’t believe that someone actually wanted to buy my junk records! By the way, every record in that box was automatically a quid! Incidentally out of the same box he also pulled Jimmy Seals Yesterday of our love’ so that’s where that one started out too. George then went on to sell it to either Gary or Guy I think, but it started life as a reject in my ‘Shit Box’!!! Lol.
  12. colouredman

    Soul Shakers

    =For Sale: Soul Shakers. I’m hip to you girl. Loma (Mint minus) Brilliant mid tempo West Coast northern, which will have its day. Len Jewell production; and one of the best. £75.
  13. colouredman

    Articles: HOF: Mike Terry - Pre Production Inductee

    I think I can add something to this which may be of interest. Way back in the late 70’s and thru to the 80’s and 90’s I was tracking people like crazy; artists, producers, songwriters etc. I was writing letters and making phone calls like a mad man! I have about 15 files full of letters from those years from many big name label credits; Charlie Calello, Sandy Linzer, Joe Hunter, Sammy Lowe, Jet Loring, Chuck Holiday, Sam Ward, Miles Grayson, Paula Durante, Billy Arnell, Laura Greene, Cody Black, Johnny Northern, Mickey Lane, Kenard Gardner, Herschel Dwellingham, etc etc; hundreds of em. Anyway top of my hit list was Mike Terry. Everyone was trying to find him. I remember many conversations with the likes of Gilly about his likely whereabouts. But no one could find him. Sammy Lowe was a great contact for me coz he had been in the music business so long, (right back to Big Band era etc), much like Joe Hunter who also later led me to many Detroit people such as Billy Kennedy etc. Anyway one day out of the blue in 1989 I get a letter from Sammy with the contact details for people I’d been asking about. I opened the letter and nearly fell off my chair! Coz bang smack in the middle of these other names sat Mikes, with a note from Sammy that he knew Mike well, not least coz he lived around the corner from him right there in Teaneck New Jersey! We’d all been looking in the wrong place! Anyway I then immediately wrote to Mike who sent me back a card with a little note about some of the Motown songs he’d played on. Mike said he’d played on about 90% of Motown hits. On a subsequent trip I visited Mike and his wife on the 10th of April 1990 at their home in New Jersey, and interviewed him. I have 2 x C90 tapes of the interview, which I’ll publish one day when time allows. Mike was a lovely guy, and his wife too. I of course asked Mike the obvious question about whether he had any records, acetates etc. He said not, which was a huge disappointment given that he’d played on so much. Mikes explanation of this was that coz he was a session musician, he turned up at the studio, did his bit and left, being pretty much unconcerned about ending up with the physical vinyl disc; he said there was just too much material to follow up on, as we know only too well. The funny thing was, the only record he had, was an LP by the Atlanta Disco Band which he’d played on, which of course I had less than zero interest in! I seem to recall him saying that he’d been living in Atlanta; maybe that’s another reason why no one had found him. He was an absolute legend and I’m proud to say I think I was the first person from our scene to ever talk to him, meet him or interview him. Sometimes even now I can’t believe I met him, but I have the photos as evidence. For any doubters check out my attached photos complete with the Baritone Sax which became so much an integral part of the sounds we love. The proof that this meeting took place a long time ago is that me (and Mike) still actually had hair lol.
  14. Artus Satterfield Don’t lie (slower version of Charles Holiday) London House Mint- £250 Kenny Carter I’ve gotta get myself together RCA. Beautiful Black issue. Mint - £200 Sheila Anthony Livin in love Buttercup issue. Mint -£130 Lillian Dupree Hide and seek D Town Mint - £125 Syng McGowan Loneliness is a pleasure Hope Mint - £100 Linda Jones I just can’t live my life W.Bros UK Mint- £100 Paramonts Come go with me Ole Mint - £140 Jerri Jackson I can almost believe Parallax Ex £100 Pat Clayton Someone else’s turn Silver Tip Mint - £100 United Four She’s puttin you on Harthon (Proper red Original) VG++ £75 Phil Terrell I’ll erase you Carnival Mint - £75 (Both sides superb mid tempo) 100% Pure Poison You keep coming back UK EMI demo (Rare demo; with company promotional insert) Mint - £150
  15. colouredman

    Joyce Bennet The New Boy

    Just for info; it came out also on a much rarer label called ‘Franette’


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