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  1. For sale: For Sale: The Puffs. I only cry once a day. Dore Demo. Vg+. £300. The Velvelettes. Lonely lonely girl am I. VIP WD. M- Never see one in this condition; Pristine. £250. Marge Dodson LP. A lovely way to live. Decca. (Includes ´BE YOUR BABY´). Very rare LP. M- £200. Ernie Marbray. Ain’t nobody’s business. Wee. Ex. £120. Free Special Delivery postage on all (if within U.K).
  2. Gilly youre right; he was a nice guy; friendly and always approachable. Also, unlike some Wigan dj’s he didnt set himself apart; he would always mingle in the Record bar etc. I especially remember him for playing the superb Lou Roberts ‘Everything you always wanted to know’. I admired the fact that he played good ‘under the radar’ records which werent necesarily expensive, such as Lenny Welch ‘you cant run away’, on Mercury, and Grant Smith and the Power ‘Thinkin bout you’ MGM. Theres too few djs around now like him; not afraid to play cheap records; putting quality above value. As quite rightly said....’an unsung hero of the Casino’
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  3. Hi Benjamin, Yes just seen your message and yes its still available. Tim
  4. For Sale: 37 x Mint/Mint- Northern Compilation LPs, mainly KENTs, but others too. 98% are unplayed! It’s basically an instant Northern collection cheap. £400. *Please Note: Postage is a whopping £67 so buyer ideally needs to collect / meet etc.
  5. FOR SALE: All beautiful Mint/Mint- originals: Sunday. Ain’t got no problems. Alteen. £150 Melvin Elling. Lonely Eyes. Stretch. £150. Para-Monts. Come go with me. Ole. £150. Wendy Rene. Bar B Q. Stax WD. £130. Free Special Delivery postage with all.
  6. For sale: Age of Bronze: Im gonna love you. Guava (Gold label). M- £350.
  7. For Sale:
  8. Slow? No its northern; midtempo northern. Put a search into Youtube; its there, take a listen to it; youll see its not slow.
  9. I have a Mirasound acetate/test pressing of: The Intruders; But you belong to me, which came out on Musicvoice.
  10. Im pretty sure someone told me once that PLATO is a super well known producer like Jimmy Wisner.
  11. For sale: 37 x Northern Compilation LPs. All are either M or (90%) unplayed. £300 Buyer would probably need to collect coz postage (Signed for, Tracked, and Guaranteed) is about £68!
  12. I have a beautiful condition one (label and vinyl). I put it up for sale here on Saturday: £160. Thanks Tim
  13. For Sale: In demand: Elliot Small: Im a devil. ABS. Unlike some, this one is one of the ones which plays relatively ok. Cple seconds of hiss on run in but after that plays well..... I’d grade as ex to M- visually and Ex (Possibly M-) audio, at any volume. £200.
  14. I have one which looks vg to vg+ but plays at least Ex to m- £100.
  15. For Sale: Absolutely pristine copy (not the usual battered ones); label and vinyl. NM £160.

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