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  1. Black Label sale. The Other Ones. The two of us. Knoll. MINT! (Huge Richard Searling biggie at tail end of Wigan). £300. Tommy Mosley. For her love. Uptown. NM. £150 (Overlooked Stafford class. Time for a reactivation; Superb) Intertains . Glad I found you/Need your love. Uptown. Ex. £100. Ann Byers. Dead end. Academy. NM £100. Gene Chandler. I can take care of myself/I can’t save it. U.K. Action. NM £100 (Two top class sides). Don Thomas. Come on train. U.K. DJM. Super rare Pic Sleeve Demo. Ex/NM. £100. Free Special Delivery Postage.
  2. FOR SALE: UK Rarities. Mary Wells. Can’t you see you’re losing me. Atlantic Demo. Ex. Autographed on flip side. £150 Tina Britt. The real thing. London Demo. Ex. £150 Gene Chandler. I can take care of myself. NM £100 Gene Chandler. I’m just a fool for you. Stateside Demo. NM £75. Free Special Delivery Postage.
  3. The Other Ones. The two of us. Knoll. MINT! Ex Richard Searling Wigan biggie. £300 Jack Hammer. What greater love. French United Artists. Ex. £200. Dee Erwin. I only get this feeling. Redd Coach. WD. Ex/NM. Rare first label. £150. Ann Byers. Here I am. Academy. NM. £150. The Puffs. I only cry once a day. Dore Demo. Ex. £275. Bob Brady. Goodbye Baby. Chariot. Ex. £100. Gordon Kieth. Look ahead. Calumet. Ex/NM. £70 The Styles. Baby you’re alive. Modern Demo. NM £70. Harold Hutton. Lucky boy. Checker WD. NM £65 Don Ray Sampson. Baby come back. E Record
  4. Kieth.....where do I start?......he’s a legend, he’s one of us, a Stokie from ‘Soul On Trent’. He’s a man who’s been there pretty much from the beginning and he’s still at it now. I’m proud to say I’ve known him since I was a young teenager still at school, when I walked into ‘ ‘Bews’( a toy shop with a record bar upstairs)one sunny June Saturday with some ‘birthday money’ to buy some records. I went thru the toy shop and up the stairs and there he was behind the counter with Colin. I didn’t know either of them, but I knew of them. I ordered 3 records; ‘Sweet Soul Music’ ‘6 x 6’ and ‘Free for
  5. FOR SALE: Prince and Princess. Stick together. Bell Demo. NM £200. Free Special Delivery Postage.
  6. FOR SALE: All Near Mint unless otherwise stated: The Other Ones. The two of us. Knoll. Huge record for Richard at Wigan. £400. The Puffs. I only cry once a day. Dore Ex £300 Tommy Mosley. For her love. Uptown. £150. Stafford monster. Ann Byers. Here I am. Academy. £200 Ann Byers. Dead end. Academy. £100 Chris Cerf. Sweet music. Amy Demo. £200 The Soul Bandits. Be good. Groove. £150 Dee Erwin. I only get this feeling / Wrong direction. Redd Coach WD £175. First label. The Tonnettes. I gotta know. Dynamic. WD / Red vinyl. £150 SOLD The Sty
  7. A mammoth and very thought provoking undertaking from my man, and a super useful additional perspective to the existing and typical ‘Top 500 / Value-based compilations. A list like this will always be subjective, always be fluid coz demand fluctuates over time, and always be open to suggested omissions and inclusions, but I think it pretty much nails it. Every time I thought of something I thought should be on there I went thru the list again and would generally find it, so for me, give or take, the list is as close as you could get. I think the thing to appreciate is that if you asked 100 key
  8. A lovely guy; one of the scenes true characters. Top man, and a Soul Man; always liked his company.......will be very sadly missed. R.I.P big guy.
  9. Hi George, Hope yre well. I have a super rare green stock copy, in ex/m- condition which I got from Miles Grayson in the early 80’s. What are you looking to pay? Take care Tim
  10. No probs Glen; understand completely. Take care mate Tim
  11. Eh up Glenn, hope yre well mate. Not sure if this is what you mean but I have the following: Jimmy Soul Clark. Inferno Test Pressing. £30 James Fountain. Cream Test Pressing. £50 Drifters. Atlantic Test Pressing. £50. Lou Ragland. Burn Test Pressing. £30 Tim (Ashibende)
  12. For Sale: The Other Ones. The Two of us. Knoll. This was a big record for Richard Searling at Wigan. Played there as The Players 1V. This is the rarer release; same number, same song, same label. Its absolutely Mint in every way; the label, the vinyl, the audio. Its impossible to find in this Condition. £400.
  13. For sale: Both absolutely pristine M- (Both look and sound unplayed) Prince & Princess. Stick together. Bell Demo. £200 Chris Cerf. Sweet Music. Amy Demo. £175.

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