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  1. colouredman

    SUNDAY: Aint got no problems

    For Sale: Absolutely pristine copy (not the usual battered ones); label and vinyl. NM £160.
  2. colouredman

    Gordon Banks - RIP

    A true legend; R.I.P; Maximum respect. Condolences to his family. His son Bob is one of us; a Rare Soul lover. A big heartfelt shout out to you Bob at this difficult time; our thoughts are with you and your family.
  3. colouredman


    Hi all, Dug out another Detroit photo treat: Freddy Butler. This photo was taken on 28/2/1991. Jacqui Kavanagh and I contacted Freddy and arranged a meeting. He wasnt hard to find; he had a plumbing business ‘Fred and Sons’. He wanted to take us out for a meal. So he picked us up at our motel, which is where this picture was taken. He then drove us to a restaurant. On the way he put on an ‘8 Track’ of his ‘Dab of Soul’ LP and at one point sung along to ‘Deserted’...... priceless! Great voice still. We met him again after that and I interviewed him with a dictaphone. Freddy was exactly as he looks here; fun, friendly very approachable and amenable and happy; a truly lovely guy. I recall him telling us that he regularly played golf with his buddy Smokey Robinson! Another Detroit legend. Enjoy Tim
  4. colouredman

    SUNDAY: Aint got no problems

    For Sale: Sunday: Aint got no problems. Alteen. NM. Absolutely pristine label and vinyl. I would grade as Mint except I only do that if unplayed. £175.
  5. colouredman


    Wrong section/ now in Sales!
  6. colouredman


    Art Tarus: I know the time is right. Exuma NM £300.
  7. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Yre welcome guys. Thanks for the appreciation. Mike deserves all the acclaim we can ever give him.
  8. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

  9. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Sammy was a lovely old guy; been around in the music business since the Big Band era. Jacqui Kavanagh and I had a few great meals out with Sammy and his son Sammy Junior and Laura Greene. Tragically he died in a house fire at his sisters in Alabama shortly after we last saw him. Another legend sadly gone.
  10. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Yre so right Jim; hes beyond a legend.
  11. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Thank you too Chris for the appreciation. Cheers
  12. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Thank you too Chris for the appreciation.
  13. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Cheers Andy, much appreciated. So many great sax breaks from Mike but My fave break from him, is in ‘Set my heart at ease’ ........ awesome.
  14. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    He seemed to be doin ok. The neighbourhood he lived in; Teaneck, was a nice area then as I recall; not a run down or low economy area. I dont think he was livin a life of excess or luxury, but doin ok. I’ll transcribe the tapes i recorded for a fuller picture of Mike and his life.
  15. colouredman

    MIKE TERRY photo.

    Heres another photographic treat from my archives; the legend Mike Terry. This photo was taken by me, on 10th of April 1990, at Mikes home in Teaneck, New Jersey. Jacqui Kavanagh and I spent that afternoon with Mike and his wife, talking about his life and times in the music business. I interviewed him at length that day, using a dictaphone and cassette tape, and was the first person to ever interview him about his Northern/Motown years apparently. Everyone had been looking for Mike but in the wrong place....Detroit; he’d long since left there. I found him by mentioning him one day(as a long shot) to a music business legend Sammy Lowe, who used to find music business people for me. It turned out Mike lived around the corner from him! Bizarrely, given all the superb stuff Mike was involved in, he only actually had 1 piece of vinyl to his name; an album by the Atlanta Disco Band. I left that one with him, lol. Oh and the Baritone sax you see here is the one he used at Motown and on all the stuff we know and love. Did I get to hold it??? you bet!, and photographed with it too, lol. I have a postcard from Mike, sent to me shortly after Sammy Lowe gave me his address, and I’d written to him. In it Mike says that he played on 90% of the hits that came out of Motown. Enjoy Tim


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