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  1. For sale: Marie Knight. Thats no way to treat a girl / Jack Montgomery Dearly Beloved. Kent/Town 102 demo: Mint minus: £100 Candy and the Kisses: Mr Creator Kent/Town 104 demo: Mint minus: £100 Bob Brady Goodbye Baby Chariot Ex to Mint minus: £150 Joe Bataan Under the streetlamp Uprite WD: Mint minus. £100 The Brothers Are you ready for this Italian RCA Mint minus: £50 Jerri Jackson I can almost believe Parallax. Mint minus £150 Bobby Black Right on Axis Mint minus £400 Fuller Brothers Times a wasting Soul Clock Mint minus £75 The Soul Shakers Get hip to yourself/ The cold letter Loma £75 Jeanette Williams All of a sudden Backbeat Mint minus £100 Mike and Ray If only you knew Giant Vg but plays ok. £200
  2. colouredman

    Dave Clegg

    Really shocked; had no idea. Top man; lovely guy and a real soul fan.
  3. colouredman

    Wanted!! Don Thomas / Salas Brothers

    I have a UK DJM demo with rare company promo information sleeve; or did you just want the US one?
  4. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Thank you; yeah its great to see who we’ve been listening to all these years.
  5. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Great photo
  6. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Thanks Graham Tim
  7. For sale: Lorraine Rudolph: Keep comin back for more: Jetstream: Mint minus. £100 Buck Rodgers Movement: Take it from me girl. 21st Century. Looks Ex, plays Mint minus. £100. Jerri Jackson: I can almost believe: Parallax. Mint minus. £100. Willie Cooper and the Webs: You dont love nobody. Whiz. Mint minus. £100. Eldridge Holmes: Lovely Woman. Deesu. Mint minus. £100.
  8. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Yeah he was a character Rob
  9. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Cheers Chalky
  10. colouredman

    SAM WARD Photo

    Another Detroit photo. This is Sam Ward (Singin Sammy Ward) of ‘Sister Lee’ fame, outside his house. Sammy was a real character; exactly as you see him in this photo; a real cool cat and a funny guy. Every photo Ive got of him is the same; smiling, happy and cool. He was fun to be with. When Jacqui Kavanagh and I got to his house, as we were knockin on his door, he pulled up the drive in some big old Cadillac. He saw us, smiled, then sat there for a good minute whilst proceeding to empty a bumper bag of chips straight down his throat. Jac and I were in stitches laughing; he then got out the car laughing too. I’ve got a great colour photo of him in his lounge putting a copy of ‘Sister Lee’ on his deck; but thats for another time. Enjoy Tim
  11. colouredman


    Yre very welcome
  12. colouredman


    Hi Chris, yeah thats right, and it used to make me smile privately when I’d hear of US guys I knew trying to find ‘Robert Kreiner’s’ in Michigan not realising that it was a famous Detroit/Motown guitarist super easy to find and living in Nashville!.
  13. colouredman


    Cheers Russ, Thank you. I never put it up digitally coz 20 years on Ive still actually got hard copies of the mag left!! I only did a run of 500 and still have about 100 left. Its easy to get the impression that theres a lot of interest in the background stuff, but my experience is that seemingly there isnt 500 people on the scene who would pay to read it. Unbelievably when i brought out that mag it was less than a fiver and still people wouldnt buy it!! Thats why i never did the follow up mag which was supposed to be the Nabay/Dena Barnes one, but I lost heart after the first one and never bothered. Its a real shame, but I think thats the reality; real deep interest isnt as widespread as we think it is.
  14. colouredman


    Thank you Steve Tim


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