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  1. Hi, are these originals? Andy.
  2. Been after an original for a short while now. Anybody selling? Andy.
  3. Helen Shapiro - Shop Around/He knows how to love me (Columbia Holland). Brilliant double-sider on a dutch release. A bit crackly on the intro on both sides, with some surface noise on the "He knows" side. No middle, good for dj'ing hence the price of 40 GBP (not inc. shipping from Holland).
  4. Thanks, I didn't know anything about this box set. Looks really good. Cheers!
  5. Not northern I know, but has anybody got a copy of The Poets -That's the way it's got to be (Decca)? Can't seem to get a copy anywhere. Andy.
  6. Yes it was. Late 90s I think. I have copy somewhere.
  7. Nobody loves me like my baby. Anybody fancy parting with a copy? Andy.
  8. On the back of the cover it has an Iranian address, so I presumed it was from there. All the tracks are from the film. And to be honest they're not much cop. Only the Gil Bernal track is great.
  9. Yeah it's nice. A bit poppier isn't it.
  10. Thanks. You're right about that flip side. It's great!
  11. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. It's an Iranian ep of The Heat of the Night soundtrack. It features a top northern tune by Gil Bernal - It Sure is Groovy! I've looked and can't find this tune on 45 anywhere. Anybody got any info, price etc. Cheers, Andy.
  12. The shake

    Soul at the Stad

    The second edition of Soul at the Stad. A Sunday afternoon of top soul 45s, good beer and good people. This time we have Helen and Soulfinger from the marvellous Soulful Amsterdam. Along with ourselves Dab and The Shake, it could be quite the beez neez. Admission is free. 2 until 8
  13. The shake

    Soul at the Stad

    An afternoon of northern soul in Utrecht, Holland. Situated in Cafe de Stad you can listen and dance to 45s spun by DJs Dab and the Shake with guest dj Anna Vodka. Entrance is free and there are lots of great beers. 2 - 8

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