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    Garland Green - Girl I Love You
  1. jayboy

    Harvey Averne LP

    quick query is this album LP official with never leaned to dance and going rate / any for sale. Neil
  2. jayboy

    Freddie North The Impacts + more

    PMd you
  3. First Heard this at the Yeomen Stafford before the casino opened Barry Morgan RIP
  4. jayboy


    Big lee Dowell - What i done wrong - M- £85.00 The Determinations - Bing Bong - King Promo - M- £100.00 P&P Standard £2.00 Neil
  5. jayboy

    Sunday soul At The Nelson Chorley

    O O Soul at The Nelson Chorley WS7 9HL outdoor event dance area 2.00PM - 7PM Stinny and Stewart playing Northern / Motown classy modern and crossover. FREE
  6. jayboy


    San Remo Strings - im satisfied - Ric tic WD M- £35.00 TD Valentine - Love Trap - Epic Promo M- £35.00 The Determinations - Bing Bong - King Promo M- £100.00 Denise La Salle - A love reputation - Blue Tarpon VG++ £75.00 The Chessmen - Why cant i be your man - Chess WD M- £45.00 Travis Wammack - Scratchy - Black Atlantic VG+ plays good - £20.00 P+P £2.00 Returns no problem Tha..
  7. jayboy

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    Demos look amazing on UK even rarity could be overlooked due to that red A spinnin and the chess demos so bland but desirable IMHO of course
  8. jayboy

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    OK just general item on this with technology should we be worried that all top tracks could be booted fooling everyone there are boots on ebay that the sellers say are not original but what happens when they get into circulation ??
  9. jayboy

    Lonnie Brooks, Estimations + more

    Somebody buy the Aretha tooooon
  10. jayboy

    Keep em dancing with these

    Chuck Wood - Seven days is too long - Big T - Ex £20.00 Kim Weston -I got what you need - US MGM Promo - VG+ - £12.00 Helena Ferguson - My terms - Compass Promo VG Plays ex - £20.00 Denise La Salle - A love reputation - Blue Tarpon - VG++ £80.00 Im so lucky BW Say it isnt so - The fascinations - Mayfied Promo ex+ £35.00 P&P £2.00 No Quibble returns Thanks for looking Neil
  11. jayboy

    A few Demos P&P included

    Fuzz - im so glad - calla demo - VG++ £25.00 Jackie lee - Temptation walk - shotgun and the duck Mirwood WD- Ex+ - £30.00 The Charts - Desiree - Wand DJ - Ex - £30.00 Billy harner - Irresistible you - US Kent demo - £7.50 Esquires - and get away - Bunky WD VG plays good £10.00 No quibble returns Thanks for looking Neil
  12. jayboy

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    Just remember some one selling a collection to buy a new car it would of brought a house these days
  13. jayboy

    Northern For A Monday

    Hi i will take Don & Juan if available. Neil
  14. jayboy

    The First NS Compilation LP ?

    Pretty sure i used to have this.
  15. jayboy

    Irma + The Larks,Nancy Wilcox + more

    Somebody buy the Aretha Franklin cllaaassss