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  1. Jayboy

    Northern and Motown

    Brereton Town Northern Soul and Motown (FREE) Sat 29-2-20 Rugeley WS15 1FQ contact 07949106794 Stew / Stinny / Ricky and Guest Wozza
  2. B Lynn - This is the thanks - is great just buy it
  3. Pat Lewis - Lets go together B/W Cant shake it loose Golden world Ex £37.50 Inspirations - Touch me, Kiss me - Blackpearl 1st VG+ £30.00 Ad Libs - Northing worse than being alone - Share WD Ex £42.50 The Chessmen - Why cant i be your man Chess WD - Ex £45.00 Phil Flowers - Discontented - Dot £20.00 Bob Meyer - Youve got to tell me - Lawn Ex+ £15.00 (underplayed) P+P £2.50
  4. Just buy it , i have it already Great album
  5. Brereton Town HC Northern Soul Night FREE NIGHT 30-11-2019 DJs Rick - Cotty - Double OO Soul and Guest Roger Hayward The Little Club with the big Heart Rugeley WS15 2HG
  6. Went for £104.00 someone thought it was an original ??
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392492680107 Aren't copies like these gonna be passed on at some time as originals ???????? Neil
  8. Speak to Pete Smith on this site
  9. Johnny Johnson I dont know why is a great mid tempo sound TOOOOOn
  10. Hi Are these official releases. Neil
  11. Ted Ford - Your gonna need me - Sound Stage 7 W/D Ex £150.00 - see photos of all Cindy Gibson - ill always love you - General Ex £35.00 Big Lee Dowell - What i done wrong - Cannonball Ex+ £50.00 The Tribulations - you gave me up for promises IR Promo - Ex+ £30.00 Standard postage £2.50. Thanks for looking Neil
  12. Only Jack Montgomery left others sold.
  13. Lou Johnson - R Winters - F Four On Hold

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