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  1. Hi Big thanks again to all who attended last months event making another good night of northern soul we played lots of requests great to hear them Keeping the dance floor busy thanks to the djs big Dave Andy and Paul Djs for this months northern Soul night are-big dave Pete Bailey Andy Cole and myself looking forward to seeing you there and Still Free Entry
  2. sav dev


    Looking forward to it gigs good to have a northern Soul night close to chesterfield on a Saturday night now that the avenue stop there Soul nights decent venue large room should be a great night
  3. NORTHERN SOUL night 8pm till 12pm FREE ENTRY resident djs Dave Manlove Sav de Vergori and Andy Cole
  4. What a super night of northern soul at are last event at hasland wmc inky social special .thanks again for your support to all who attended great atmosphere big thanks to are guest djs John Poole Johnny Wright Terry westhead and Gordon boler this month event will be are usually a. Cross the board music djs will be big Dave Andy Cole Paul Wright and myself
  5. NORTHERN SOUL night 8pm till 12pm FREE ENTRY resident djs Dave Manlove Sav de Vergori and Andy Cole
  6. Two original inky social djs will on the decks at hasland this Fridays inky social night playing a tribute to friend the late Nev Werrey JOHN POOLE assisted by JOHNNY WRIGHT
  7. Looking forward to it Steve should be a great all dayer , raising money for the charity’s and keeping the spirit alive of Tony
  8. Ok matey some good local soul nights around chesterfield across the board music and great for catching with old friend and people you knew from the past
  9. Thanks for comments inky social club is still there it’s a builder merchant now the car park and the clubs main buildings is the same as it was back in the late 70s
  10. Inky social event at hasland wmc Friday 12 th of July 2019 we will be playing tunes form the late 70s played by djs Johnny Wright and the late nev wherry
  11. In the photos later 70s inky social lads on tour with Nev at Peterborough
  12. Last months event was one of are best very busy dance most of the night thanks again for your support and is Very much appreciated by me Dave and Andy this months is a INKY SOCIAL event Dave with the help of ex inky social dj Johnny Wright have put a play list together form record played there back in the late70s by Johnny and the late nev wherry Wednesday night back then was a great place to hear all your favourite tunes plus new one and for making new friends which some are still friends to this day . And also sorting out Soul event to go to at the weekend dj on the night will be Dave Andy and myself plus terry westhead and Gordon boler still free entry
  13. NORTHERN SOUL night 8pm till 12pm FREE ENTRY resident djs Dave Manlove Sav de Vergori and Andy Cole
  14. Thanks for your comment gigs see you tonight
  15. Last months northern soul night was well attended again busy dance floor for most of the night with a good mixture of music from all the djs this months djs will be Dave, Andy , Tony and myself should be another great night . Free entry

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